Thursday, December 13, 2012

Update on Breivik's mail situation

Some months ago the media reported that Ila Fengsel had one person working full-time on processing Breivik's mail. The obvious intend was to create public dismay about Breivik's fan mail; at the tax payer's expense. Combined with complaints about letters from Breivik published on the Internet, by yours truly, this resulted in increased restrictions on incoming and outgoing mail as of August 8, 2012.

It's unclear if Breivik has a daily mail quota, or the available manpower to process letters has been reduced. Prison authorities are allowed to put a letter aside to be processed at a later date, and subsequently it appears hate mail and other irrelevant letters are given to Breivik directly, while letters from supporters are piled up. I draw this assumption based on Breivik's complaint letter where he mentioned he has only received mail from haters and Christians after August 8.

In theory the prison can keep a letter in processing indefinitely, without giving notice. So far only one letter has been officially seized by the system, and one letter has been censored before it was given to Breivik.

Time for some good news, Breivik is once again receiving letters from supporters, though there is a 4 months backlog. Breivik has also been given more information about what information the system will censor, primarily content relating to politics and his ideology, and subsequently he has resumed writing letters.

It's unclear how much time Breivik is allowed to spend behind his typewriter, prison authorities have hinted they won't allow him to spend 8 hours a day writing letters and working on his books, so not everyone is going to get a quick response.

The man responsible for the unnecessarily cruel treatment of Breivik is prison director Knut Bjarkeid.

Breivik has complained about guards letting him freeze in his cell, guards waking him up several times a night by shining a flashlight into his face, being forced to strip naked and be searched at least once a day, being injured when handcuffs are placed around his wrists when he's being moved between cells, and having been placed in complete isolation since the end of the trial.

The press makes light of this situation, but it's pointless cruelty that serves no purpose and is reminiscent of the treatment of political prisoners in second world nations. It is unlikely to discourage ultra-nationalists from picking up arms because the alternative is genocide, and it will only strengthen the resolve of the anti-totalitarians that Cultural Marxism will continue to deviate from its self proclaimed righteousness and turn into an ideology that won't be much different from Stalinism.


  1. Will you keep on publishing letters?

    1. If I get my hands on any new letters I'll publish them.


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