Friday, December 21, 2012

Moving to Wordpress

I'm moving this blog to Wordpress as per my own security and privacy guidelines.

Online Anonymity and Privacy

Blogger used to support https but without warning or justification it stopped providing this service some months ago.

As it's acceptable for the Norwegian authorities to send the child protection agency after minors who write Breivik letters, it's probably equally acceptable to send the child protection agency after minors who visit the Breivik Report on a regular basis.

To guarantee everyone's anonymity I'm moving to Wordpress which supports https, and this should be enabled by default if you use a browser like Chrome, or set your bookmark to use https instead of http as part of the web address. This way your benevolent government will have a harder time putting you on a watch list.

In addition Google's Terms of Service contains speech codes. These speech codes used to be reserved for universities where Cultural Marxism reigned supreme, but now they've been applied to the masses by Google, Facebook, and pretty much every mainstream social network in existence. Facebook is much more radical than Google when it comes to enforcing political correctness, but the chance of my blog getting nuked is lowest on Wordpress.

I've exported the entire blog, including the comments, though there are a few formatting errors I'll deal with when I have time. These are the new links:

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I'll still be posting blog updates on Google+ so that's probably the easiest way to stay up to date.


  1. You need a private server for this blog. My blog, Demokratbloggen, used to be on Wordpress earlier, but they shut it down,so for the protection of yout blog, use your own server for it.

    I made an art picture of the whole thing here:

    1. Did Wordpress shut down your blog for inciting violence?

      Regardless, I'm going to give Wordpress a try because it supports https, and they rarely shut down blogs as far as I know.

      I'll keep this blog up for now as I don't fully trust Wordpress, it did shut down a popular Counter Jihad blog a while ago.

      My main worry is Great Britain creating a database of regular visitors as most European traffic to America goes through them. They'll have a harder time doing so on https enabled blogs.

    2. They didn't tell me. They just blurbed about hatespeach or else violated their terms, wich is hard to understand what terms they have. They seem to have different terms each time.

    3. I'll use both platforms for a while then, or maybe I'll blog on Google+. There are a few other options I'm looking into as well.

  2. How long will you leave this blog alive on blogspot? I'd keep it a little while just so visitors and members can see from the above post that you've moved and you haven't just disappeared. :)


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