Monday, December 17, 2012

Breivik International: Dutch and Swedish translations

The Dutch translation team has finished the second part (out of three) of Book 2.

The author of Demokratbloggen has recently released a Swedish translation of Book 3 which
I've published on the Norwegian Breivik Archive, as Norwegian and Swedish are closely
related languages. The archive also contains a Swedish summary of Book 1 and 2 by the
same translator.

Updates to the Swedish translation will be published at Demokratbloggen as they become available.


  1. Angus, please could you re-post or direct me to a text entry you posted on this blog a little while ago that covered some safety precautions to take when online and precautions to take when using cafe and restaurant WiFi etc.? I think you posted the text piece in light of Cell two's letter to the Norwegian government.

    (I may have just accidentally overlooked it when scrolling through this blog to find it)


      You may also find this link of interest:


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