Friday, September 28, 2012

Flashback on Commander Breivik

Like Stalinists have freedom of speech in North Korea, and Cultural Marxists have freedom of speech in Norway, anyone with a dissenting opinion (like a Nationalist) has freedom of silence. And even the freedom of silence isn't absolute as Cultural Marxists will often exclaim how wonderful multiculturalism is, and look at you expectantly, desiring a happy sigh in celebration of our cultural suicide.

The Nazis had a more effective form of political correctness, where one would exclaim 'Heil Hitler' and the recipient had to respond in kind. The Nazis had the excuse they were engaged in total war against the world. The Cultural Marxists have the excuse that they are engaged in total war against their own people.

I'm not entirely sure what is more insane, declaring war on the world or declaring war on yourself, I guess the latter, but both require totalitarianism, oppression, and human suffering. 

As Swedes with political incorrect opinions have no freedom of speech they head over to Flashback, an online forum hosted in United States of America, securely encrypted using https, and for the time being protected by the American constitution which for the time being grants freedom of speech.

Flashback used to be hosted in Sweden, but in 2002 the owner was banned from ever hosting a forum in Sweden again. The forum was subsequently moved to Great Britain, and in 2010 was moved to the United States, possibly because Great Britain has turned into one of the most totalitarian Cultural Marxist nations after the 2005 London bombings.

Currently Flashback is the largest Scandinavian forum and contains one of the largest online polls measuring the level of support for Commander Breivik. It goes without saying that decent and law abiding Swedes don't hang out on forums like Flashback, so we're likely sampling the more progressive and radical elements of Swedish society.

The poll question is: Do you support Anders Behring Breivik's actions?

The poll has been answered by 5010 people, and of those 17.43% answered with: yes. This is extremely promising  and it's not a big surprise that this poll has been completely ignored by the media. Keen observers may have noticed that no European government has allowed an official poll to measure the level of support for Breivik among the population, obviously they fear the results.

The gender distribution is unknown, but as support is significantly higher among males it's safe to assume that 17.43% translates to 28% of the male voters, which is more than enough to start a revolution.


It's difficult to measure public opinion among women without intensive polling. It's known that of those who support the counter Jihad political platform 60% is male. As the message gets more extreme that percentage further increases. The estimate of 28% is based on the assumption that like Facebook, Flashback has a female majority, and that of those who support the Ethnic Nationalist platform 75% is male.


  1. 17.43% is the great result. Even if only half of these 17.43% are willing to take up arms, anyway that's something.

    1. And when that 17.43% of people take up arms, so will many more. I'll see you on the battlefield.

    2. Upon further examination of the demographics of Flashback my estimate appears to be incorrect. Flashback is male dominated with a lot of members holding anti-immigration views making it unrepresentative for Sweden. So the estimate is probably closer to 5% of the Swedish male population.

      All that's needed is about 10% to be able to confront political correctness, so we're halfway there.

    3. "All that's needed is about 10% to be able to confront political correctness, so we're halfway there." -

      "The numbers are increasing annually as more and more people learn to understand what is going on." (c) ABB :)


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