Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dealing with the mainstream media - Part 1

Giving an interview to the mainstream media as a resistance blogger can generate quite a bit of publicity.

I'll give some advice and provide points of discussion.

1. Most journalists are Category C traitors and if a journalists does not stay objective and attacks your ideology this makes them a Category B traitor. Make sure to inform them that high treason is a capital offense and that you'll follow his/her trial with great interest after the revolution.

This is no more a threat than stating that pedophiles should be executed.

2. Make sure to emphasize that terrorism is a direct result of cultural Marxist oppression and that a civil war is inevitable. We are in stage one and it is going to get worse.

If they make it personal tell them not to shoot the messenger, many Europeans are not going to accept that they're being made into a minority in their own nations.

3. Promote the Commander Breivik Report and it's collection of links, letters, and documents if you get the chance, or some other Breivik blog / site you enjoy.

We're engaged in a war of information, and you want to promote our network. If you fail to do so you're promoting their network by providing them with free content.

4. Don't prepare written statements, try to have fun, and simply be yourself.

If you think you'll be too stressed out do not do it, an interview isn't worth losing sleep over. Simply ignore the request and carry on as usual.

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