Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dealing with the Mainstream Media - Part 2

Based on recent experiences I'd like to retract my previous statement on how to deal with the Mainstream Media and I'd like to warn everyone to be extremely careful when receiving links in emails, as these may be from journalists trying to obtain your IP address.

Normally journalists protect people they contact as a source, but in this situation it's beneficial to them to get someone fired from their job and write a story about it. It's not like their audience wants to hear what we have to say anyways, other than a couple of carefully selected sentence that have been deemed safe for general consumption.

It's not beneficial to the European Indigenous Rights Movement to deal with the Mainstream Media, fortunately the Internet allows us to create our own network, instead of trying to be accepted as second class citizens by the mainstream.

The Mainstream Media itself protects its own interests and its own network, this is obvious when they refuse to link to the Breivik Report or other sites that do not support Cultural Marxism. We have the support of at least 10% of the European population however, we have the critical mass required to begin carving out our own niche on the Internet.

The idea is simple. Nationalist sites should link exclusively to fellow nationalist sites while avoiding direct links to the mainstream networks. Sites that are favorable should be promoted, while those that oppose us should be shunned. It's as simple as that, though getting the 10% to follow suit is unfortunately not so easy.


  1. You should create a facebook "Breivik Report" page and link your new reports there, so we all see immediately if there is something new ;)

    1. A facebook page would get deleted in no time, it's a very PC site.

      I've added the 'Follow by Email' widget, should be in the sidebar on the right.

  2. Angus, is it you who has created a 'Breivik Report' tumblr account?

    And, it was my understanding that Breivik was going to be held in Skien for 10 weeks and return to Ila at the end of November/early October. But I have now heard on news reports that he will be heading back to Ila permanently after today. Do you know anymore on this?

  3. I have no idea what's going on either. I've been telling people to keep writing to Ila fengsel and not to panic.

    The Breivik Report Tumblr account is mine. I'm trying out various social media.

  4. An other idea would be, we add you as a friend and you post it if there is any new. I am pretty sure a lot of people would support my idea.. i have a lot of likeminded facebook friends, that unfortunately don't know your site. :)

    1. I can fairly easily announce blog posts on Google+.

      I don't know how tolerant of the European Indigenous Rights Movement Google+ is going to be, but I know Facebook bans every network in support of 2083 or Breivik.

      I don't think people are angry enough yet to leave Facebook in droves and go to social networks that aren't anti-white.


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