Thursday, August 16, 2012

Breivik's Second in Command steps forward

Last Monday someone claiming to be one of the two single-cell resistance fighters that were under Breivik's command has send an email to several Norwegian politicians and news agencies.

As was to be expected the Norwegian mainstream media blurred out an image of a print out of the email, but the person identifies himself as a member of Knights Templar Norway. It's somewhat of a strategical mistake that he didn't send me an email as I'm more than happy to publish his message in full. On the other hand the blatant censorship is a slap in the face of the Norwegian people, so it's a win-win for us.

First of all I'd like to applaud this courageous individual, whether he's one of the two cell operatives Breivik talked about, or a resistance fighter who answered Breivik's call to action and cleverly follows the strategy of deceit and intimidation outlined in 2083.

Some quotes from the two page letter.
I hereby present myself as cell two and representative of the Norwegian resistance movement. Me and my soldiers, with all respect to our people, our culture and ethnicity, will warn all supporters of multiculturalism against the war we are now deeply engaged in. No longer will we tolerate your ignorance, nor your derision of our people.

Never before have we been forced to commit this type of acts against our own people, and we will continue along this path until we succeed in waking up the Norwegian and European people from their psychosis, and undoing the brainwashing of our brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers. Everyone must know, or will get to know, what this is all about. It’s about reading the historical and political facts and gaining an understanding of our general viewpoints.

Our Commander, Anders Behring Breivik, sacrificed his life and freedom for our people and our struggle. It will be unacceptable and inequitable to us if he continues to be ignored and is declared “insane” by the unjust and corrupt apparatus that is in power. If this is to be the case, all those who died by his sword will have passed in vain.
The full text might appear eventually, I'll be keeping an eye out for it. If any Norwegians want to help me with human translations of small Norwegian texts shoot me an email. According to some sources the letter threatens with the liquidation of Category B traitors.

Update: 2012-08-21 Most of the text is available now:

2012-08-13 letter from Cell Two to Norwegian Category A and B traitors

The Norwegian authorities now have the task to track down cell two, which can be difficult if this resistance fighter took this operation seriously and prepared well. As a thought experiment I'd like to point out the difficulties of sending emails like these without getting caught.

The most obvious approach is to use the Tor network. As email is send instantly it's possible for the Norwegian security agency to obtain a list of computers that were connected to the Tor network during that time period by accessing the logs of Internet Service Providers. This list might be fairly small if they can filter out regular users and focus on unusual connections.

Assuming they figure out the IP address the email came from it's unlikely that cell two send this email from his home computer. Each network card has a unique identifier, and the Norwegian police traced down the original ownership of Breivik's network card to a Swedish woman, who, of course, was 'unpleasantly surprised' when she got her five minutes of fame. The safest  way to go about it is to buy a notebook and a network card with cash, next log in at a business with an open wireless network, or hi-jack someone's private wireless network that hasn't been secured.

If you connect from a business it's likely that camera footage will be examined in the hopes of identifying a suspect, a clever resistance fighter will have screened the location on a prior occasion making careful note of the position of cameras in order to stay out of sight.

They may also figure out in what shop the wireless network card was purchased and keep an eye out for future use of this network card, possibly forcing Norwegian ISPs to alert them the instant the network card is used. As usb wireless cards are fairly cheap it has most likely already been discarded.

Worst case scenario cell two gets arrested, in which case he'll be treated to a show trial and placed in isolation so he can't radicalize fellow inmates. Given the timing of the warning it is possible that cell two is preparing an attack following the August 24 verdict.


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  2. "Cell two" used the Tor, as it's written in the VG. So I hope, police will never find the sender.

  3. And don't forget the advantages of hushmail and PGP. The police tried to crack Breiviks hushmails: no chance :D

    1. In this particular case Husmail wouldn't have been a huge advantage as there would be only one email in the account and the content is known to the system. Husmail logs IP addresses and will hand over that information if ordered to do so by the Canadian authorities.

      I think there are better alternatives than Hushmail if the goal is to delay the release of connection details as much as possible. It only took the system three days to confirm my assumption that the Tor network was used. Had a Russian email service been used it might have taken three weeks for a court order to work its way through Russia's vast bureaucratic bowels.

  4. He may of covered his tracks well but surely if cell two was thinking of carrying out an attack, he wouldn't dream of drawing the slightest bit of attention.

    Regardless, his bravery is most certainly admirable.

    1. If you know what you are doing, plan well, and discard your network card afterwards it's a fairly safe operation.

      Most resistance fighters will find themselves in a situation where they have to take a calculated risk, whether that's sending out anonymous death threats, or drying explosives in the oven to meet your deadline.

      One thing I wonder about is how many millions the system will spend on tracking down cell two.

  5. "If any Norwegians want to help me with human translations of small Norwegian texts shoot me an email." I am no Norwegian but do translation from Norwegian to German; if this would help you too, write me an email (btw., how should someone write you an email if you hide the email-address?)

    1. I switched from the Blogger to the Google+ profile last week and forgot to make my email visible. :)

      As it's somewhat hidden in the bottom right corner on Google+ my email address is:

      If you can translate from Norwegian to understandable / basic English that'd be great as well. As I speak a little bit of German I should hopefully be able to translate German texts to English more easily.

  6. I know, it hasn't to do anything with this topic, but i have a question about writing a letter to ABB.
    I read he's now in Skien Prison, because Ila Prison is currently under extension. Now my question is: Shall i write to him to Skien Prison or to Ila Prison (because i read that it takes up to 8 weeks till he gets one letter, and he will be back in Ila september/early october). Thank you ;)

    1. I've been telling people to keep writing to Ila, primarily to avoid confusion and because I'm confident that the mail will get there regardless.

      Keep in mind that the Norwegians treat their prisoners like royalty, they'll make sure Anders gets his fan mail. :)

    2. It doesn't matter where you write to. There are even some who write to Lippestad and he then gives the letters to ABB. Ila will send it to Skien and vice versa if he is back to Ila.


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