Saturday, August 4, 2012

And the hunt is on!

Apparently Breivik has encouraged a couple of individuals to visit my blog, this according to VG which has access to recent copies of letters Breivik wrote to fellow nationalists. The biggest surprise however is that they decided to stop pretending that there's no support for Breivik out there.

In the usual quasi-fascistoid manner they didn't link to the Breivik Report or mention it by name, but they did succeed in getting hundreds of Norwegians to google: breivik the clock is ticking, leading them to my little fan club, and yes, the clock is still ticking. Back in the early nineties European intellectuals concluded that Europeans would pick up arms around 2010, and that the second stage would begin in 2020. Anders Behring Breivik didn't pick the date 2020 at random, he was repeating an almost prophetic warning that was spread a decade earlier.

The civil war will come as surely as it came to Lebanon, Kashmir, the Maluku Islands, Armenia, Yugoslavia, and dozens of other nations who tried to live in peace with Muslims. In a mutual fashion World War II was not an example of racism being wrong, but that multiculturalism does not work, and inevitably results in genocide. Most Jews got the message loud and clear and moved to Israel to reclaim their homeland. One day Europeans will do the same.

It's unclear where the Norwegian media wants to go with this, but if I interpret their article correctly they are challenging Cultural Marxist radicals to figure out my identity, claiming that I've hidden my tracks extremely well. The media would of course not openly state: Hey find this dude so we can publish his name and get a bunch of anti-fascists to beat him up. Instead they present it as a challenge: Hey, this guy has hidden his tracks extremely well, what a shame *nudge* what a shame.

I assume Google will treat Norwegian requests to shut down my blog the same way it treats Chinese requests to shut down undesirable blogs, with a polite refusal. This being the case the Chinese system employs groups like the 'Red Hackers' Alliance' to harass Tibetan separatist bloggers fighting for Tibetan indigenous rights, and it looks like the Norwegian system wants to encourage the same tactic to harass European separatist bloggers fighting for European indigenous rights.

An alternative theory is that it was time for more Breivik news and they didn't have anything better to write about. Thanks for the traffic in that case.


  1. Just see it as a commercial! I did not know about your page before I read about it there!!

    Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Breivik referred to your blog and a few others in the letter I received from him a few days ago. Shall publish the letter, soon as I have completed my response.

    1. I guess Breivik is trying to create the required critical mass for his Conservative Revolutionary Movement by consolidating supporters around the handful of blogs out there.

      It's not so much that I'm not wiling to step up to the plate but that I'm carefully considering the available options before investing my limited amount of time.

      I'll keep an eye on your blog for that letter. :)


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