Saturday, August 18, 2012

A sixth letter from Commander Breivik

Last week I got my hands on a sixth letter from Commander Breivik, the second half of the letter is a duplicate of the July 2nd letter that was send to Lisa. For those wondering, yes, this letter was addressed to me.

Anders Behring Breivik Letter 12-07-02 to Angus
Breivik is of the opinion that it's fairly safe to write him, and I agree that's the case as long as you stay within certain boundaries.

Not long after 7/22 the Norwegian media decided to downplay the Oslo bombing, though it was mentioned on May 3, day 11 of the trial, that rebuilding the government quarters can cost as much as 1.3 billion Euro. I reported on this, but specific information was difficult to find.

In this letter Breivik includes two reports he wrote which contain more detailed information about his July 22nd attacks against the Norwegian government.

The 2011 Norway Attack: The Oslo Bombing

The 2011 Norway Attack: The Utoya Massacre

Breivik decided not to include a summary of the victims and their political affiliations without my explicit approval. Instead I'll link the overview of victims I published last year.

Detailed Oslo bombing and Utøya massacre victim list


  1. You plan to ask him for the full version of overview or censored one? IMHO the full version is preferable...

    A poster that I had printed in a recruiting purposes!


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