Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A fifth letter from Commander Breivik

One glaring omission in 2083 was the chapter explaining how to share letters. Fortunately Eastern European women don't need instruction on this subject, I guess 80 years of Communist indoctrination was good for something after all.

Anders Behring Breivik Letter 12-07-02 to Lisa

An interesting thing to note is that Breivik is numbering his letters, it's best to save and number the letters you send out in case a letter gets lost in the mail.

Breivik mentions the availability of a machine translation of his April 17 speech on the Breivik Report and the human translation from counter-currents. The translation from counter-currents used a lower quality source and is missing a lot of content however - just because the guy claims it's better doesn't make it so - and I suggest linking the translation on the Breivik Report as I'm in the process of fixing it up.

The most interesting bit of information is that Breivik stopped performing his salute because they kept both his hands cuffed to his belt. I double checked the footage and this indeed appears to be the case.

Breivik remains optimistic that he'll be declared sane. We'll see.

He mentions the three books he's planning to write, formalizing his education, the creation of the pan-European think tank called "Conservative Revolutionary Movement" which will be one step to the right of the current counter-Jihad movement, and a prison network which he talks in detail about in a previous letter which is available on the Resource Collection.

Breivik is looking for Russian publishers willing to publish his books. It's unclear if he needs help with other nations. I assume he'll focus on the English, Russian, and German markets as interest in Breivik is highest in North European nations.

Breivik is also looking to establish contact with radical bloggers who support his platform.

Anyone interested in joining a network of active bloggers that oppose Cultural Marxism should send me an email. For the safety of those involved who blog from nations with invasive speech laws, everyone interested should contact me using a gmail account with https enabled. It might be a couple of months before I launch this network. I will require proof that someone is an active blogger / writer / whatever to avoid a low signal to noise ratio.

Don't expect great things, the main purpose of the network will be its existence as an act of defiance. I'm not sure of a name yet. Maybe the Anti-Anti-Fascist Blogging Alliance.


  1. "the trial has been a fantastic marketing/propaganda tool" - He's absolutely right. I imbued with respect for his intellect and fortitude still more while I was reading the court transcripts. And I’m very glad that he’s in good spirits.
    About the salute - it’s very interesting. In April I’ve read, he stopped at the request of the victims’ lawyers. :)

    1. I double checked, and what happened was that on Wednesday April 18th Lippestad stated that Anders had been requested to stop giving his salute, and on April 19th the mainstream media reported accordingly when Anders was unable to salute his supporters.

    2. Well, I looked it up, the salute-thing, because I saw it live on TV and I'm remembering something different. Here is a video of the fourth day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Li7q0_fIoPE

      As you can see, he didn't do it, even after his handcuffs were unlocked.
      Howsoever, later in the trial his handcuffs were only unlocked when the jugde came in, maybe that's what he meant.

    3. It looks indeed like he had the opportunity on day four. Guess we'll have to take Breivik's word for it. Perhaps it was the court camera filming day 4, with the footage being given to the press when Breivik didn't salute.

  2. Anders is the 2nd coming of Hitler, the world has been pining for Hitler since his tragic demise. The Fuhrer lives on and in our souls and spirits entwined with his. However the world needs a new leader, a new inspiration, youth, talent, focus and steel and Commander Breivik is the one who fills the void of the Fuhrer and inspire generation after generation as Hitler did and continues to do so. If I may suggest respectfully, Anders is hot property, he needs to become a brand, look at Third Reich memorabilia, articles, speeches, they are still purchased globally, Mein Kampf still read and bought. Anders ideolgies can eclipse Mein Kampf and without being dramatic can become a new testament. Anders now needs to become a brand, If he self Publishes, all he needs is the ISBN code which is available any where, his speeches, posters, paintings, flags will propell him financially for when the revolution comes. Who would not like (or already does not) have a photo or poster of him on their walls, inspirational images like that of the Fuhrer and his generals, propaganda posters. Anders is an initiated Freemason, believe me, Masonic networks will join the cause. Anders is loved, idolised and worshipped, he is the Hitler and inspiration the modern world needs.


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