Saturday, July 7, 2012

Political Correctness

When Kim Jong-il died on December 17, 2011 the world was flooded by pictures and video of one of the largest displays of political correctness I've ever witnessed. Of course nobody in the mainstream media would dare calling it political correctness, which in itself is a display of political correctness, just like nobody in North Korea would dare to admit they cry out of fear instead of out of sadness.
Political Correctness in it's purest form
For centuries those with a disregard for authority and public opinion have been executed. Witches were burned at the stake, and assuming there's no such thing as witchcraft their only mistake must have been the crime of being different from the rest.

Nobody had to tell these North Koreans to act the way they act, this behavior feels completely normal to them and only seems retarded to an outsider. Of course we don't live in a full blown totalitarian state like North Korea, but the underlying mechanism is no different.

Political Correctness Light
I particularly like this picture where Breivik defiantly stares into one of the cameras while his lawyers and guards stand by, eyes cast downward, subdued, prostrating themselves in the name of Cultural Marxism.

If they had the money North Koreans would buy flowers and burn candles for their leader. As such political correctness can also manifest itself as a monetary gift.

Capitalistic Political Correctness
I'm sure hundreds of Norwegians have been pressured into buying flowers to show their love and devotion to the multicultural experiment. Like all had to believe in their heart of hearts in the priesthood and their ideology in order for the Gods to bring them rain and prosperity, everyone has to believe in their heart of hearts in the Marxist elite and ban out all racist and impure thought for the Multicultural Utopian experiment to succeed.

The thousands of flowers, and thousands of people singing a multiculturalist song might come across as a display of power, but it's nothing but a display of fear.

Unless we free ourselves we'll end up like the North Koreans, this because higher levels of political correctness will be required as the multicultural society becomes increasingly unstable 


  1. I wonder if Breivik knows how important he is? I know he tries to minimize his role and stress the message. It's all a bit Matrix, he's been completely 'unplugged', and what he's done falls outside the realm of personal morality.
    I think he has a tremendous capacity to inspire others to reject the system absolutely.

    Ofc rejecting the system doesn't mean palling around with ABB via letters. I hope many will heed his call.

  2. When you say "heed his call" I'm sure you mean spreading the word and arguing for his views in a peaceful manner.

    Since July 22nd the establishment will be looking for the tiniest hint of "hate speech" so they can make "an example" out of someone to show they're "in control".

    Never forget, you DO NOT live in a free country and you DO NOT have freedom of speech, no matter what they say. If you say the wrong thing, that could be misconstrued as having violent intentions, then you're likely to get seriously fucked by the system.

    So all of us must be VERY careful that we don't give the wrong impression, i.e. that we're committed to anything other than peaceful dialogue and legitimate legal protest.

    This holds true for everything, real world talk, phone calls, IM, Facebook, blogs, forums, everything. DO NOT give them an excuse to fuck you.

    With that caveat in mind, we certainly need to do more than write letters to ABB, but at the same time, he is an important figurehead.

    If they can break him psychologically it will be a MASSIVE propaganda coup for them. If regular letters make him aware of his importance and keep his morale up, then I think they're an essential part of the struggle.

    Just imagine being kept in the conditions he's in, totally isolated, no support and surrounded by people who despise you and think you're a nutcase. For YEARS with no hope of the situation ever changing.

    Can you imagine the impact supportive letters would have? I would say they are a psychological lifeline to the real world and are critically important.

    If they cut off his letters and start forcing drugs on him.... I don't think any human could withstand a lifetime of that torture.

    That's exactly what it would be as well, insidious, politically correct, Cultural Marxist torture.

  3. Just to back up my statement about this not being a free country.

    We've now reached a point in the UK where someone's political views can be a contributing factor in a decision to remove a child from a family.

    Maybe things aren't this bad yet in your country, but if you live in Western Europe it's highly likely your ruling class espouses the same ideology.

    If they can take a kid from a family because the parent's have the wrong politics, do you REALLY think you can say anything you like about Breivik?

    Be careful, if they can twist your words to make it appear that you condone violence, that's all they need.

    And you can bet they're just waiting for one person to make that mistake so they can prove they're "taking the threat from the far right seriously".

    Sorry to be so depressing, but I'd hate to see any of you getting fucked over just because you love your country and your people.

    We're living in dangerous times...

  4. not a day goes by that i not think bout the people id like to punch in the face for what they do to my country and my ethnicity..i see nothing wrong about expressing that you feel threatend. what do animals do when threatend and backed into a corner? they bare their teeth and growl as to say "i will not lay down and just let you take me without attempting to kill you 1st" even if they are out numbered and smaller than their attacker..I dont think that many people have the mental or physical balls to do what commander Anders did but im sure he would appreciate us bareing our teeth..The letters to breivik will be all he has to feel that something on the outside is happening and his responses are to help us politicly get out of the corner we are being backed into.The thing is what to do if we lose him to a mental ward?


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