Thursday, July 26, 2012

Norwegian authorities are planning to censor Breivik

Commander Breivik has been busy in prison the past couple of weeks, spending eight to ten hours a day writing letter to fans and supporters.

The Norwegian authorities initially tried to limit Breivik's correspondence by restricting his access to stamps, which normally would have worked as planned, but as loyalty inspires loyalty a couple of patriots send a large number of stamps.

The prison authorities were already withholding letters that expressed the intent to plan or commit acts that would disturb the peace, and as of today the prison authorities have been given the clear to take it one step further. Their main concern appears to be Breivik's attempt to create two networks, one of resistance fighters and political prisoners, and a second network of like-minded individuals.

As should be obvious, Breivik won't be allowed to speak his mind, which is why he wrote 2083 - A European declaration of Independence.


  1. This basically means that Breivik's letters are going to be politically correct, or he won't be allowed to send them. It's my impression he was already censoring himself to some extend.

    Writing letters to Breivik isn't going to free Europe, so I'm not overly troubled by this news.

  2. They cant keep the truth at bay forever, breivik is right :)

  3. I wrote to the Commander a while back & while I wasn't fishing for a reply I merely wanted to let him know that folk across Europe were thinking about.


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