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The Far Right on Breivik: Eivind Berge

I'm going chronologically through various articles written by the far right about Commander Breivik. Eivind Berge is not a nationalist as his fight against feminism completely and utterly dominates his thought universe. That being said he's not exactly an anti-nationalist either. He wrote an interesting article about Breivik five days after 7/22.

Anders Breivik: Paleoconservative Activism Or Beta Rampage?

While the KT is intended as a banner for various Nationalist ideologies to unite under, there is an argument to be made that there is room for anti-feminists. I expect this to remain a small group, and that most will become more outspokenly nationalistic once the tide turns.

It should go without saying that Berge (he's a Norwegian) will happily agree to a 98% Norwegian Norway if it meant the end of feminism, or in his own words, if it gets him laid. His grievances are a bit elusive, he points out that killing a woman while operating a car under the influence can get you a six years sentence, while having sex with a woman who is drunk can get you eight years if she has regrets doing so the next morning. Julian Assange is a great example of these bizarre Scandinavian laws, being charged for rape after two women regretted having voluntary sex with him. In addition it's legal for women to prostitute themselves, but illegal for men to have sex with a prostitute.

Due to these grave injustices Berge views the killing of cops as desirable because they enforce the anti-male laws which have been laid down by the totalitarian Cultural Marxist state. It seems somewhat excessive to argue in favor of killing cops because you can't buy sex legally. As Berge is obviously an intelligent guy it's my best guess that his aim was to attract an anti-feminist woman with his bold and daring militant statements, and if that's the case it worked as Berge confesses that he was on the verge of becoming a martyr for the MRM (Male Rights Movement) when a young Norwegian woman read his blog and developed a romantic interest.

While I don't disagree that the lower female sex drive gives women an obvious advantage, most men have allowed themselves to be turned into mindless wankers, chronic masturbators with a porn addiction and faint hopes of a random slut giving them a pity fuck. Like most junkies they're too concerned about their next fix to be overly concerned about the direction society is taking. Conservative Christians will point at their bibles and exclaim that God does not approve, but who cares? Hereditarians like me will point out that evolution does not approve of a generation of self absorbed wankers, and that there's but one God, and his name is Death. Nietzsche almost got that one right. And yes, it's safe to ignore the Cultural Marxist approved health warning that not masturbating is bad for your health.

Eivind Berge seems to have drawn the conclusion that it's all about the gratification of sexual needs, while the hereditarian faction holds the survival of the group as the highest priority. Based on his consumption driven views Berge appears to be an individualist and can be classified as an anti-Collectivist. On the other hand he has a strong group identity, that group being the male gender, and he admits he has brotherly views towards Muslims because of their anti-feminist attitudes. In this regard he's no different from anti-Semites with bleeding hearts for the Palestinian cause and a fondness for Muslims who share their dislike for the Eternal Jew. This seems a common theme among those who embrace a victim mentality.

I must applaud Berge's open hostility and militant attitude. Focusing solely on your desire for sex while your ethnic group is in the process of committing collective suicide is inexcusable however, besides, who needs sex when you're getting fucked by the system on a daily basis.

Berge briefly considers if Breivik is a raging beta-male. This because 90% of the men want sex with the top 90% of the fertile female population, and 90% of the women want sex with the top 10% of the male population, which leaves the majority of men sexually frustrated as females want quality rather than quantity. Cultural Marxists don't have a solution for this side effect of their feminist policies, so rather than giving themselves a headache trying to figure out a solution they instead make fun of sexually frustrated males. It's almost as much fun as making jokes about executed traitors. Under Nationalist rule natural law can be restored, creating a balance between the genders that will be more agreeable to the male sex drive.

While Eivind Berge is not an ideological brother of Breivik he admires the sheer brilliance of the operation, and has no tears for the executed teenagers, who like Breivik he views as his oppressors. Berge views the Knights Templar as somewhat grandiose and possibly fictitious, he is open to the possibility of civil war but not overly concerned with the subject.

I was initially going to ignore Berge as he's not a nationalist, but last Wednesday, July 4th 2012, Berge was arrested by the Norwegian authorities for inciting violence against the police. To some degree we owe Berge our support because he hadn't blogged for six months when Breivik awoke him from his slumber. If it hadn't been for 7/22 it's unlikely that Berge would have gotten in trouble for his outspoken opposition to Norway's Cultural Marxist rule.

Obviously the system won't be satisfied with Breivik's life sentence, it sustained too much damage to be satisfied with anything less than collective punishment, so it's highly likely Berge will be made into an example. If Eivind Berge refuses to bow down to the system during his trial he's looking at a prison sentence of eight years.


  1. I think linking this guy with Breivik is a massive insult, look at what he's written!

    "I don’t particularly have a dog in the Christian vs. Islam fight (maybe this shows bad character, but I would not be averse to convert to Islam if that was the way to get laid"


    We do not owe this guy any support, he's literally 1 wank away from becoming a Muslim!

    The Cultural Marxists must be over the moon, if this guy didn't exist they would probably invent him!! What a propaganda gift!!

    If the Nationalists took over Europe tomorrow he probably STILL wouldn't get laid! What right thinking woman would want this whiny little bitch to father her children?

    Do we even want his genetic material to be perpetuated? The Social Darwinist in me says no fucking way!

    Sorry Angus, you're doing fantastic work here, and you know I support you the whole way, but I think you've made a colossal error of judgement on this one.

    Consign this weak, pathetic, little girly man to the dustbin of history and never let his name be mentioned in the same breath as Breivik's ever again.

    1. Angus knows Berge is a douche...I think the point he's trying to make is that Berge is one victim of the intentional witch hunt Breivik hoped to provoke. Even though he is not a nationalist by any stretch; but still, his crime was defying political correctness. That is to say "it's all going according to plan..."

    2. Also keep in mind there are very few men of Breivik's caliber. If we only give support to those that have engaged in the perfect fight, it will be very slim pickings. There will be retarded Nazis, anti-feminist douches, and likely lonely frustrated teens who will all end up linked with Breivik.
      It might be analogous to the Zimmerman drama going on in the USA. American 'white nationalists' still feel a link and duty to defend the Hispanic Zimmerman even though he isn't exactly "one of them".

    3. Yeah, he's a victim of the witch hunt... I accept that.

      What I'm saying is that, on balance, it's hugely negative propaganda to link him with Breivik and can only hurt our cause.

      Like I said, the guy is 1 wank away from converting to Islam, so he's not just a douche, he's a potential traitor.

      He's willing to betray his country and his people for selfish reasons i.e. sex, and then he has the fucking audacity to align himself with Breivik, a man who sacrificed everything for us!!!

      So now the Cultural Marxists can say "ha, see, just a bunch of sad cunts who can't get laid!".

      He's sooo fucking stupid, that not only does he get himself arrested, he also hands the Cultural Marxists a propaganda victory!

      And now we're going to publicise and support this borderline traitor, just because he's against feminism and has been fucked by the system?

      There will be plenty of other victims of the witch hunt who deserve support and publicity.

      This is my last word on the issue I'm not going to pursue it any further. It's Angus' blog and he can do as he pleases.

      BUT I would seriously urge him to reconsider this post and think about the negative propaganda.

      When this guy goes on trial and starts talking about Breivik as an inspiration, you'll wish he had committed suicide instead.

    4. When will you know who "deserves" support? Will you wait for a perfect soldier of impeccable breeding who single handedly annihilates all MA100 political leadership?
      I would tepidly agree that Berge deserves a level of recognition for speaking out against the unnatural laws of the cultural marxist regime, although he's utterly fixated on a single aspect. But who knows? If he is indeed imprisoned for essentially thought crimes, his thinking and views may evolve beyond his preoccupation with getting laid, in recognition of Norway as a police state.

      Breivik has aligned himself with the NSU for example, who don't exactly strike the public as upstanding citizens of high moral character. Ostensibly they are common murderers.

    5. "he also hands the Cultural Marxists a propaganda victory!"

      I will disagree with this as well. For one, anyone of reasonable intelligence will judge this case based on facts, and recognize that Berge is likely a hard up whiner who is being punished for 'the crime' of rejecting radical egalitarianism. To say that he deserves a level of support is not to say he is a hero and champion for the right. We look at the event, not the personality. During Breivik's trial the media focused almost exculsively on his personal characteristics; that he was a supposed failure, reject, gaming addict, couldn't get a girl. Will we do the same? What is more important is the action, not the man. (This goes for Breivik as well)

      And I'd argue if anything this is a propaganda victory for the right- it shows the desperation of the regime. Their level of fear and panic is such they will arrest and possibly imprison a harmless hard up loser. I'm pleased with this development.

  2. Now I wonder about the intent of your bold and daring militant statements Angus ;-)

  3. "When will you know who "deserves" support?"

    Lets be inclusive and start working on the basis of who *doesn't* deserve support.

    This individual was willing to convert for his own selfish reasons. That goes against one of the most basic, core principles of what Breivik stands for.

    All serious movements must have core principles which can never be compromised. If we're willing to compromise on this, then we don't stand for anything.

    Asides from that core principle, if people recognise the real danger to Europe, I'm prepared to support them, even if their tactics are questionable.

    "What is more important is the action, not the man."

    The only "action" he's taken is whine about not getting any sex and tell the world he's prepared to commit acts of terrorism.

    He doesn't even understand what's really going on, otherwise his concerns would extend to more than just sex.

    Weakness, emotionalism, a lack of honour, a lack of loyalty to his own people and good old fashioned stupidity are evident in both the action and the man.

    Breivik is a visionary who they attempted to portray as a loser. Berge actually IS a loser who can't see past his own cock, and a potential traitor to boot.

    There will be plenty of other victims of the witch hunt to support in the coming years. I feel entirely comfortable abandoning this guy to his fate and don't want to be associated with him in even the smallest way.

    The fact Berge is an ardent anti-feminist and has got himself fucked over means nothing to me. The fact he admires Breivik's military and strategic capabilities is completely irrelevant.

    I think Breivik would be disgusted at this pathetic excuse for a man.

    1. I think Breivik is going to write him a letter and invite him into his prison network.

      Breivik wrote he was even willing to co-operate with muslims.

    2. Then someone should inform Breivik that this guy thinks raping Norwegian women isn't such a big deal.

    3. Eivind Berge doesn't support rape, though his words can be taken out of context to support such a notion, much like how Breivik's words can be taken out of context to support that he's insane.

      Berge is a radical anti-feminist and if I interpret his blog correctly he'd readily die to protect his girlfriend. Once he understands the danger of multiculturalism his militant mind set will figure out the rest. A year in prison surrounded by Muslims might be the best thing that ever happened to him.

    4. Having read his posts in more detail I see what you mean. He appears to be using reductio ad absurdum, whilst denying he's using it... bizarre. You really have to read almost all of them before you can break through the weirdness and get to the bottom of his beliefs.

      I think something strategically very good has come of this though.

      I wasn't aware that the laws in Norway regarding consent were so bizarre and insane, that isn't Feminism, at least not as defined in the UK.

      If he's going to be used as propaganda, A LOT (I can't emphasise this enough) of background context is going to be needed for people in non-Scandinavian countries to be able to get this at all.

      Men like me in the UK will just think "Well, I'm not Brad Pitt, but I do ok and the UK has Feminism as well, so what's the problem with this pro-rape freak??"

      I suspect it's one of those things where if you haven't grown up in the country in question, it's impossible to understand without an extremely detailed explanation of the context.

      That said, a year in prison and he will come out as a convert. The Muslims will intimidate him and offer him women as "war booty" in this life, or 72 virgins in the next.

      It's going to be hard for Breivik to come up with a more compelling counter-offer, especially given Berge's main motivation and the fact that Breivik can't offer him any protection.

    5. Maybe Breivik's legions of devoted female admirers will be compelling enough in his case, hah. Berge may decide his best chance at procuring a high quality female is by assuming the role of a defiant protector. Does one's motivation need to be pure?

    6. No, definitely not.

      Like I said, to a guy from a country where the laws on consent aren't so insane, it was impossible for me to understand what planet he was on.

      Now I understand Norway and Berge a little better, he isn't a deal breaker for me anymore.

      But I'm just trying to think of where this could lead.

      I mean if Breivik comes out in support of the guy and 1 year later he's a convert, it doesn't look very good does it?

      I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

      Speaking of which, has anyone had any updates from Breivik, I know one or two people exchange letters with him.

      It'd be great to know how he's doing now that the trials over.

    7. I doubt Berge will convert to Islam, as far as I can tell he just enjoys making provocative statements.

      If anyone received a letter from Breivik and wants it published you can email me a scan or transcript, my email address is in my profile.

  4. "Asides from that core principle, if people recognise the real danger to Europe, I'm prepared to support them, even if their tactics are questionable."

    By this I mean verbally support, not running around killing people!!

  5. Did anyone get a letter from Breivik? The trial is over and there is no more news!

  6. Sorry for Offtopic but i didn'T know where to show this collection of three rare awesome pictures of the Commander.

    (only ppl who got the link can watch the vid / only share it with supporters)


    The more I read about this guy the more I detest him.

    Apparently he doesn't think rape is a big deal? I guess he thinks it's an inevitable consequence of the decadent Feminist Western society?

    Hmmm, who else does that apply to? It does sound vaguely familiar...

    Help me out here guys, I can't quite remember.

  8. It's crucial to focus on the real enemy and create a broad alliance. As such it's counter productive to demonize people who are halfway there like Eivind Berge.

    1. I know a quote of the Commander on a internet blog.

      This quote is about the realtion to National Socialists

      It was something like:

      "We are not in the position to choose our partners. We must influence national-socialists, that they give up their anit-jewish, anti-christian and pro palestina ideas"

      We must act like the Commander said, influence other nationalist movements until they support our ideas.

    2. I agree with that 100%, if we could get rid of anti-semitism from the Nationalist movement, our beliefs and ideas could become mainstream more quickly than anyone could ever imagine.

      Europe is ready for them.

      I just don't think that argument is relevant to this individual, see my post below for a more lengthy explanation.

      Btw Angus, I appreciate you not censoring me even though we clearly have a major strategic disagreement here.

      Many people, even some Nationalists, would just close down the debate, this is one of those things that make us far superior to the Cultural Marxists.

    3. Everyone who supports Breivik can speak freely here, even if I vehemently disagree. :)

    4. If i may ask: In what points u exactly disagree?

    5. My main concern is that the far right assists the system by demonizing people who oppose the system. Particularly conservatives have the tendency to be squeaky clean and reject anyone who is tainted.

      I'm not really interested in changing anyone's ideology, I'd just like to stress the need to set aside our difference until we achieve victory.

      I don't necessarily disagree with anything. It's my belief that different people have different needs, I reject the Marxist notion that we are all the same and as such one ideology fits all.

    6. Yeah until the War is not over I kinda agree with you. But we need to keep the Ideology of the Manifesto surpreme. We can not allow that, for example National Socialists, are gaining major support in our ranks.

      The Commander don't want that, and i guess nobody of the Knights Templar (and followers of their ideology) wants that.

    7. This whole discussion raises a very important point

      I think we need a list of basic principles about what's ideologically acceptable and what's not.

      1500 pages is a lot, and I think there's some ambiguity in Breiviks writings about how people like us, who support his views in a peaceful manner, are meant to deal with people like National Socialists.

      If they won't give up their anti-semitism, what do we do? Take a hardline, or support them 70% with a disclaimer?

      In propaganda or public relations, whatever you want to call it, having a position that is perceived as contradictory is a very big weakness.

      If you want to persuade people, you need to have a clear, easily understandable argument. Breivik has marketing and sales experience, I'm sure he will understand this better than anyone.

      Perhaps someone should write a letter to Breivik asking for guidance, a basic set of principles that can be stated in as few words as possible.

      Crusader Nationalism is a new phenomenon, I think it's natural to go through this process to crystallize what we stand for.

      Only one man can help us out with that, and we need to act quickly in case his contact with the outside world is cut off.

      Could we have a new post to discuss this Angus? This one's getting pretty cluttered.

    8. I think most National Socialists will be content with the forced immigration of Jews to Israel. I suspect most Jews will leave voluntarily when the 2nd phase starts so I don't think it'll be an issue. Hardline Antisemitism is an American phenomenon where Jews have larger numbers and a lot of influence.

      I'm planning to write an article about the various nationalist ideologies that fall within the scope of 2083.

    9. Sounds good, but I'm not so sure about hardline anti-semitism being only an American issue.

      In Eastern Europe and Russia the Nationalists seem to have embraced all aspects of National Socialism.

      I've been watching a lot of documentaries about the skinhead movement in Russia. They seem to be the strongest Nationalist movement over there.

      One of their guys went into a Synagogue and stabbed a bunch of people, including a Rabbi.

      In another case a NINE YEAR OLD immigrant girl was murdered, I can't remember whether they beat her to death or stabbed her to death.

      Fucking horrific.

      The skinheads featured in the documentary were publicly stating that was an acceptable tactic.

      The documentary is on Youtube, I'm 100% certain this wasn't Cultural Marxist propaganda, I can find the documentary and provide a link if needed.

      Because of things like this, I'm beginning to think that Western/Eastern European Nationalists may have to solve their problems with separate ideologies.

      Crusader Nationalism for Western Europe, National Socialism for Eastern Europe.

      This is the kind of question we need to put to Breivik.

    10. White people are getting killed left and right by immigrants, of course Skinheads get a disproportional amount of negative publicity.

      I'm almost completely emotionless when it comes to all of this and prefer to look at the statistics. I've got very few humanist values left, and the concept of the sacred innocent child isn't one of them.

      I'm not sure if Breivik will be allowed to answer meaningful questions from prison, like I doubt he'd be allowed to publish a list of Category A targets.

      I think the best approach is to support all nationalist ideologies and worry about the specifics once victory is achieved.

    11. Breivik suggested an online forum in his letter to me. I was pretty lame about it, I should have told him it was a great idea. I just imagined that an online forum with his direct blessing & indirect involvement would be a magnet for monitoring, or alternatively would be immediately shut down.

    12. Breivik spared children of that age.

      If you want to get Nationalist groups to join together, condoning the murder of 9 year old kids as an acceptable tactic is going to be seriously counter-productive.

      In fact, it pretty much guarantees that victory will never be achieved. No-one is going to unite under this banner.

      This is not what Breivik stands for.

      I can't continue to be involved with this blog.

    13. I'm neutral on the matter of children being acceptable collateral damage, so I neither condone nor condemn it.

      If I understand Breivik correctly he gives the system until January 1, 2020 to surrender.

    14. Collateral damage would be something like NATO dropping a bomb on a tank and a 9 year old girl happens to get hit by shrapnel 50 metres away and dies.

      I'm talking about the intentional murder of a 9 year old girl in the middle of the street by a group of skinheads.

      What is your view on that?

    15. "Breivik suggested an online forum in his letter to me. I was pretty lame about it, I should have told him it was a great idea. I just imagined that an online forum with his direct blessing & indirect involvement would be a magnet for monitoring, or alternatively would be immediately shut down."

      I think you have to assume monitoring is happening now and that if they were going to shut it down, it would be down by now.

      I also assume everyone here is committed to exclusively non-violent activities, otherwise we wouldn't be having a public discussion.

      I really hope no-one who is publicly posting here is fucking stupid enough to be doing/planning anything. If you are, you're a very incompetent terrorist!!! :-D

      I would think that as long as Breivik's not giving out information related to "action" then it doesn't matter. e.g. Some of his letters containing ideological strategy are already on here.

      As long as he's not declared insane, and as long as the law doesn't change, he has the right to communicate.

      And as long as we stick to exclusively peaceful, persuasive strategies, then there is no risk to ourselves.

      It is possible to set up forums on darknet software, but it wouldn't achieve much asides from making it harder to take down. It certainly wouldn't prevent monitoring from infiltrators posing as sympathisers.

      I suggest in the next thread, everyone posts a bunch of questions about ethics/principles, what's acceptable to publicly support/argue for and what's not. Which groups we can publicly support/argue for and those we can't.

      We then reach a consensus on the most important questions we can't answer for ourselves.

      You can put those questions forward without mentioning anything about forums/internet. Just like you're asking his opinion about things as you normally do.

      Would that be ok with you, letter writing person? :-)

    16. No one has condoned anything. You seem very tender hearted, and unable to read a statement at face value without it invoking an emotional response in you. I hope you're a woman.

      I also remain unmoved. Just that- I don't condone, but I'm unaffected.

      When Breivik says 40,000 will die in the next attack do you think he means "40,000 BAD GUYS"?

      You seem to forget that he is a militant nationalist, and arguably the main intent of his manifesto was to radicalize men. This requires desensitization to the suffering of the enemy, and even to that of one's own people.

      There are many horrific things that await us in the coming civil wars.

    17. An important step is moving to decentralized anonymous communication. Breivik will play an important role, but it's important for people to step up to the plate.

      An important activity is to edit Islam related articles on Wikipedia with the goal to learn how to create properly referenced articles. 2083 provides various topics that need attention. Once you're proficient at editing you can move on to a site like wikiislam to create content that isn't going to be removed by Cultural Marxists and Muslims.

      I'd personally suggest trying to create a main article about Islamic civil wars on Wikipedia to showcase the 40+ fronts of modern day Jihad. I'll write a specific article with tips and tricks one day with a more detailed plan of action.

    18. "No one has condoned anything. You seem very tender hearted, and unable to read a statement at face value without it invoking an emotional response in you. I hope you're a woman."

      No I'm a man.

      I remind you again, Breivik spared children of that age on Utoya. Do you think he's tender hearted as well?

      Do you think he got a little bit emotional on Utoya and fucked up the operation?

      It's not about "emotion", it's about morality and logic and cultural values.

      Morality and logic is why Breivik spared those 2 kids on Utoya. Our culture is what we're trying to save.

      It should be obvious to anyone that supporting groups who murder 9 year old girls in the street is both immoral, illogical and goes against European cultural values.

      It's completely different to something like Hiroshima or the bombing of Dresden.

      I'm not willing to work with people who are "neutral" about stuff like this or who can't understand the difference.

    19. All I'm saying I have no relationship to the victim and remain unaffected.
      Of course it is a horrible crime, and I can only hope the perpetrators received the death penalty.
      Russians are a special breed.
      I think of Vikernes' essay, and his interesting phrasing that an animal cornered will eventually strike. It is a reaction.
      Extreme, despicable, unforgiveable acts like such serve to broaden the definition of far right. Everyone will distance themselves from this kind of senseless carnage, even most National socialists, but these occasional outbursts will persist - from those more primally motivated, and less ideologically pure or rational (Hans van Themsche, Baruch Goldstein for ex. - although the latter is nevertheless considered a hero by some). Eventually notions such as deporting all muslims from Europe become 'moderate'.

      How do you feel about Breivik's suggestion to target large numbers of civilian muslim women and girls during Eid celebrations?

    20. Breivik wanted to introduce "new brutal traditions". Obviously we just talk about it here out of interest, but he is not an ideologue or moral authority. He should have died during the operation, or been executed thereafter. I also consider his acts unforgivable, but I understand them and his intent.
      His is a call to arms, to martyrdom.

    21. The militant and political spheres have limited overlap, and morality isn't where they intersect

  9. I draw the line at people who are willing to convert and people who think rape is a legitimate response to Cultural Marxism.

    Something else that hasn't been mentioned; Berge was talking about murdering a policeman as his sole act of "resistance".

    Breivik thinks the police are brothers and wouldn't attack them unless they were in the way of achieving a larger objective.

    So is Berge really halfway there?

    Potential Muslim - Very bad, but let's be nice and forgive his ignorance...
    Pro Rape - Fucking atrocious, no excuse, death penalty time.
    Willing to kill police for no reason - Extremely bad
    Anti-Feminist - Good, but not great.

    If there's one thing that the left/right and the politically apathetic agree on, it's hatred of sex offenders and anyone who apologises for sex offenders.

    This is why the Oslo immigrant rape stats are such an important propaganda factor, it inspires hatred and disgust in all right thinking people, irrespective of whether they're left/right wing or apathetic.

    Is it really crucial to include this guy in a broad alliance? What do we lose if we don't?

    Are potential sympathisers really going to look at this guy's attitude on rape and then feel sorry for the fact he's a victim of the witchhunt?

    Will his case help them see the truth about Cultural Marxism?

    Perhaps we should have a poll or something, I cannot be part of anything that supports nonces.

  10. I saw the comment that breivik wrote that he would be willing to co-operate with muslims? eh? what? why would he risk trusting one?

    A message from Breivik just for us would be hate to see him stopped from sending letters.

    Im also wondering how often you get people trying to post up anti-breivik comments here Angus,,must be quite a laugh to read some.

    1. He writes in his manifesto about working with Muslims in his manifesto, you can refer to it for context and explanation.

  11. This guy seems like a simpleton, with somewhat of a narcissistic fixation... Not really interesting. But, of course, he should not be arrested. Freedom of speech also protects the simple-minded.


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