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Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Tuesday June 19 (Day 40)

09:01 The court is set.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-06-19 Live Report

Today Terje Tørrissen and Agnar Aspaas answer questions from the prosecution.

The existence of the KT is brought up again, Terje Tørrissen and Agnar Aspaas maintain there is no indication of a psychosis. A little later they quote Fjordman:
I have increasingly come to suspect that Western civilization is not merely under threat, but that it is in fact already dead. It probably died many years ago; we just didn’t notice at the time. The West is currently in such an advanced state of decline that a collapse of sorts can no longer be avoided. The established momentum is too great, and the ruling oligarchs are not even trying to hit the brakes. A collapse will happen. It is only a question of how we deal with this, and whether we manage to carve out a good-sized homeland for our people afterwards.
World of Warcraft is brought up, T and A confirm that thousands of people play WoW with the same intensity that Breivik did and that it's no indication of mental illness.

They read from Eirik Johannessen's report where it's argued that Breivik's perception of himself didn't match that of his friends. I disagree with this, and found it remarkable how well they aligned. Breivik's friends looked up to him, admired him, and it saddened them when he withdrew in preparation of 7/22.

T and A are asked other questions, and typically confirm that Breivik's behavior is within the normal range.

Aspaas mentions that some psychologists define 'normal' as what is culturally acceptable. They deny being aware of any bizarre delusions. The judge insists they clarify, but can't give any clear examples, other than that the fear of a coming civil war is a bizarre delusion, but she's informed that they do not consider this in the realm of bizarre.

Tørrissen mentioned he was concerned with Breivik's lack of an emotional response when confronted with the brutality of his actions on 7/22. As a result he had a conversation with Breivik outside the courtroom, where he was reassured that Breivik appearing outwardly calm is a facade he maintains in the courtroom.

They view Breivik's disregard for the law as a symptom of a personality disorder, but do not take Breivik's rejection of the system into account. Based on the assumption that Breivik is sane there is no better proof that he became a militant nationalist in 2002 than his tax evasion.

T and A get themselves into a bit of a tangle when the prosecution brings up the fact that Breivik was an exemplary employee prior to 2002 and everybody finding him to be a likable guy. They can't quite make this rhyme with a full blown personality disorder. The easiest explanation is of course that Breivik radicalized over the years with 2002, 2006, and 2009 as milestones.

This kind of nonsense continues for a while and I skipped most of it.

16:14 Commander breivik addresses the court:

I have a few comments to you and the court. And I have a question, actually, I wish to inform you that on June 22 I request that you set aside one hour for a final remark. I doubt that I will need that much, but it might be nice to have that much time.

Firstly I'd like to say that it's quite sad that the Norwegian juridical psychiatric scourge has managed to hijack the trial. The trial should have been about the victims and the political message, for July 22 is not about psychiatry, but Norway's and Europe's future.

So there are some points that the prosecutor has admitted. Prosecutors have placed great emphasis on how I portrayed myself as a person in the compendium, but had he read the compendium he probably would have seen that I tend to refer to myself as a foot soldier, a single drop of rain in the storm that is to come.

Regarding the claim that there's no context or necessity, not so long ago four Jihadists were arrested while on their way to kill more than 50 people in Copenhagen because of a caricature drawing. I have described the greater context in detail throughout 1500 pages, which is of far greater importance than a drawing. The argument is not valid.

I would like to refute the 200 points I spoke of before, but I have no opportunity to do so today. Fortunately there are many important points that have been taken up by Tørrissen and Aspaas.

Regarding the narcissistic personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder. This is a serious diagnoses which is typically picked up on by the people around you, and to some extent one will fail to function in society. When it comes to being antisocial, it was assumed by Aspaas that I systematically tormented other children when I was young, which is not true. What I have explained is that "Skøyen Killers" was a small gang inspired by the "Teenage mutant ninja turtles" when we originally started listening to hip-hop. I have never harmed or threatened anyone. Hip-hop is an arguably antisocial subculture which I've written about in the compendium.

We never really bothered anyone, though we could have come across as threatening on a couple of occasions. When it comes to tagging, the glorification of bad role models in the hip-hop culture is certainly negative. That's one of the reasons I wrote about it in the compendium. Other bad role models are "Sex and the City," which glorifies loose morals. Those who engage in the ideal of mindless sex do not suffer from a personality disorder, it's a failing system where people end up following antisocial subcultures.

In the case of Liberia and the company Diploma Services, it was at some point after 2001 that I concluded that it is impossible to resolve our problems democratically. Therefore, I decided to act contrary to the system, because I believed in a revolution. Therefore, all tax evasion and violations of the law after 2001 must be viewed in the context of July 22. Another point, other revolutionaries aren't diagnosed with mental disorders when they break the law. For example, Che and Fidel Castro financed their revolution with theft and plunder, it does not mean they have an antisocial personality disorder, it's a revolutionary way of thought.

When it comes to having a chip on my shoulder, it is related to culture. Cultures around the world have codes of honor like Japan and the Arab world. It is abnormal to not defend one's honor. When it relates to my cultural attitudes it's not a disease or a result of psychosis. In the case of tax fraud this is a consequence of my revolutionary way of thought, this includes my contempt towards others.

It's true that I have shown contempt for my own life. When I made the fertilizer bomb I almost killed myself on five occasions. I have never been beyond contempt toward others with the exception of July 22. There is no foundation for the diagnosis of an antisocial personality disorder. As for the manifesto being narcissistic and pompous, this must be seen from a marketing perspective. I also wanted to avoid a character assassination by the media. It's not a good source for determining grandiose ideas.

I have exaggerated my achievements and talents, like being the best in class and so on, which aren't necessarily true. These grandiose claims are related to July 22 with my conduct being aimed at inspiring others. As all of my considerations are related to 22 July there is no basis for a narcissistic personality disorder.

When it comes to being selfish, I have dedicated the last ten years of my life to my people and country. It's been about everyone else but me. The money spend on surgery wasn't for me but for the cause. I haven't been overly concerned with my appearance since 2005. When it comes to the desire to achieve a high status, I don't believe right-wing conservatives and national socialists have a high status, they are considered the scum of the earth, so that argument defeats itself in its absurdity.

Regarding the desire for admiration. If you want admiration you should do the opposite of what I have done. I am without a doubt one of the most hated person, which has led to my demonization, the opposite of admiration. If they had diagnosed me with masochism I would be more agreeable. What I have gone through after July 22 has caused me much pain. I have never been abusive in relationships.

My supposed lack of empathy is a matter of definition. The most emphatic action a man can do is to sacrifice his life to save his people, making it a question of perspective. Those who I consider to be my enemies will of course disagree that I love my people. It's perhaps not the most tactical decision to attack the second diagnosis, but I believe it's the right thing to do, we'll see.

There are two more points I'd like to address.

The first is, properly referenced in Aftenposten, that Torgeir Husby on March 18, 2009 made the following statement: "Criminal acts of psychotic individuals are characterized by poor planning, impulsiveness and violence." And in an opinion piece in Dagbladet on January 24, 2009 Husby stated "I believe a person who is criminally insane must appear to be psychotic to everyone."

Tor Aksel Busch said Friday that he was happy that we got two expert reports, so sanity can be examined in its full scope. Prosecutors have always seemed embarrassed and irritated that their most recent report concluded sanity. For weeks this trial has primarily been about forensic psychiatry and not ideology, and we must not forget that the prosecutors have asked for forced mental health care. Engh has worked hard to protect the integrity of the academics Husby and Sørheim.

And the way they have chosen to question the witnesses has shown that they are anything but objective. What motivates Bejer Engh and Holden is not all that interesting. It had been more interesting to hear about the motives of Attorney General Tor-Aksel Busch. He is perhaps the most influential person in this case, as he's the one who lays down the guidelines for prosecutors. He may be the true judge in this case and it'll be his judgement this coming Thursday.

It is surprising that the Norwegian press hasn't confronted Tor-Aksel Busch to a greater extent in that it is he who will decide the outcome of this case. Tor-Aksel Busch should explain to the court and everyone else why he has been working actively from day one to degrade and ridicule me in order to justify the demand to have me declared insane coming Thursday.

16:30 Commander Breivik finishes his address.

I hope the next KT resistance fighter refuses to talk to psychologists and the system protectors to avoid this mess. I wonder if they would stop Breivik if he would ignore the nonsense and skips straight to the propaganda. A more defiant approach might be preferable even if it means getting declared insane.

16:39 The court is adjourned


  1. I wonder if the prosecutors have thought about how it will anger Breivik's supporters if the have him declared insane,

    1. They've already built a special mental ward for him, I don't think they're going to let it go to waste

    2. I think that the option of building a special ward had been approved but has not been built,,the judges have the final say and im sure the verdict is not something they would leak.

  2. Have they actually built it yet? I thought they just had plans to in case he was found insane?

    If he's found insane he will obviously appeal, does anyone know if they could force him to undergo treatment whilst an appeal was underway?

    1. I guess I was wrong, I thought it was already built.

    2. I would think that they'll give him low dosage anti-psychotic pills before the appeal in January so he will seem like he did in the trial just slighly different in his composure and mannerisms, and then they'll use that as an excuse to justify the need to keep him in the mental ward. Then, as soon as that appeal is over, they will have another 3 years until he can appeal again so they will spend that time boosting his 'medication' so much so that he will be unable to function and work.


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