Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So you want to have a terrorist penpal?

Will I get in trouble if I write Breivik?

Are you stupid enough to write about your chosen path of joining the militant nationalist crusade?  Then yes, you will get in trouble.

It's best to assume a worst case scenario: getting flagged.  This can have consequences for your career (especially if you work in the public sector) and family life.  If you simply wish to express your support to Breivik, I'd suggest doing so anonymously, by not providing a return address.  In this scenario you can be relatively free in how you express yourself in your letter. If you are established, self reliant, and willing to defy the system regardless of the personal consequences, or wish to assist Breivik and engage in non-violent activism then give your full details, and expect a reply.

It's also possible that your letter gets leaked to the press, the chance of this happening is a higher for letters that contain criminal content and have a copy of it given to the police, as more people will have access to it.

Will the Norwegian authorities put me on a black list?

If you include your name and address with your letter you most likely will. Norwegian authorities have made it a priority to deport all foreign militant nationalists that support Breivik and have a criminal record.
It's unclear if the Norwegian authorities will contact your government for writing a letter to Breivik, they most certainly will if they believe it contains unlawful content.

Are you underage?

Then you likely live with your parents and are forced to write from your home address; this is very undesirable. The system loves intimidating minors and might take you in for questioning and / or confiscate your computer. Make sure your computer doesn't have anything on it you'd rather not explain to a police officer, with a little luck you'll get it back in one piece.

It's best to protect your reputation until you are established in the world.  Being designated as a far right supporter can affect your future options, both as a professional or as an activist (no indigenous resistance/anti-marxist/anti-islamist organization can afford a link with Breivik at this point).  Your parents may face repercussions as well.  Instead, focus on increasing your future earning potential and gaining influence, get involved with moderate organizations, or form your own.  And of course you can always send an anonymous letter.

Are you a girl or woman that is in love with Breivik?

You should know this is perfectly natural, I encourage you to declare your admiration and love for Breivik.  Publicly if possible, especially if you're cute.  Men need to know that women admire militant nationalists.  The Jihadists have 70 virgins waiting for them, let our guys be confident that they can look forward to having a few female penpals, or even a hot prison wife who will worship and revere them.  Writing a run of the mill love-letter is low risk as the authorities will label you as just another emotionally confused female.

Are you a serial-killer fan, an angry life-hating self-mutilator, or want to help him find God?

Feel free to write in your diary instead.

Do I need to include Norwegian return postage?

This will greatly increase your odds of receiving a reply, though it can be tricky to get your hands on Norwegian stamps. All monetary gifts will be confiscated with the exception of stamps.

Is it ok if I write my letter in English?

Yes, Breivik will receive letters that aren't written in Norwegian. It is however best to write your letters in English so Breivik doesn't rely on a potentially erroneous translation by the prison authorities. Breivik in fact suggests to learn English for international correspondence if you don't speak the language.

Do I need to give a return mailing address in order for Breivik to write me back?

Use the astral realm of the cultural conservative. Pure ethereal thought energy will transmit mail message.

Will Breivik write me back?

Hopefully!  But it takes a long time.  Make sure to share the interesting tidbits with the Breivik Report if you do get a reply!

What is the mailing address of the prison that Anders Behring Breivik is in?

Anders Behring Breivik
Postboks 150
1332 Østerås


  1. Multiple letters have also been leaked (?) to the media, so there is the possibility of being outed in this manner.

    1. I forgot about that, good point, and I've updated the article. As far as I know only letters with criminal content have been leaked, meaning the leak was at the police department and not at the prison.

  2. Haha, this is cool. I wanted to write to Breivik too, because he seems very intelligent and likeable. I just can't hate him.

    So he is just interested into people who are willing to kill people, too? Or also interested into people who just want to get to know more about him or who he really is? Is he just writing about his political views ore also "normal" stuff?

    And if you think he is attractive, telling him you want to do him, isn't he pissed after a while? :D I mean, he is clearly attractive, but I guess there are other chicks also who want to do him. To me he doesn't seem to be very interested into Sex. Or am I wrong? ^^ So why should you write it to him? I mean, why should you write him if you're not serious about it or it isn't possible? XD

    Sorry, if I'm not serious enough, but I hope you don't get it wrong.


    1. People willing to commit acts of terror would be foolish to write Breivik, he's looking for people who want to engage in non-violent activism, start political parties, help him with research for his books, etc.

      I have no idea if he's interested in exchanging romantic letters, but I'm confident that he'll want to boast about having 70 potential prison brides. Glorification of martyrs plays an important role in his strategy for freeing Europe.

    2. Sorry, I'm new to this, that's why I'm asking.

      He wants 70 prison brides? Did he say/write that? Sounds immoral. But if it is his wish. Not mine.

      Freeing Europe? Can you free Europe without violence? I'm not sure. :/

      Hm, one more question: Is it possible for him to go on the Internet in the future? I guess, it isn't allowed in prison. But maybe it is. Maybe in 10 years. Would be easier to be anonymous and write him.

      Thanks for your answer anyway.


    3. Based on the latest developments Breivik is primarily interested in building a prison network. You're correct that a peaceful democratic solution is highly implausible. Even then it's important to create far right political parties to spread propaganda and polarize the political spectrum.

      I assume Norway will change it's laws until it's virtually impossible for Breivik to do anything, so I wouldn't count on internet access.

    4. AFAIK, even when prisoners have access to internet they are not allowed to communicate through the internet. So even if Breivik ever gets hooked up he won't have access to email or be able to publish a website etc.

    5. If he's declared insane, along with forcing psychotropic drugs on him, they will also likely stop all his communications.

      They wouldn't want people on the outside fueling his "delusions" would they? That would be a dereliction of their duty of "care".

      However, an insanity ruling would majorly piss off the Norwegian public, as well as pushing the European Right even further towards extremism.

      I think they will probably find him sane but then make a new law that prevent "terrorist" prisoners from having any communication with the outside world.

      It's the least worst option they have as far as I can see.

  3. More important to write the Commander today, is to write him in future, in any years, that he feel we don't forget him. It is normaly that persons look for contact in the time the person stand in the line of TV, Newspaper etc... . But what is in 10 Years? O.k. - I think the situtaion in Europe will be more and more brutal for the people in Europe and on this way she don't forget the Hero. But I will write him first in any month, than I think will beginn a time of silence for him an than it is good for him to hear word of hope!
    Commander Anders Behring Breivik - we will never forget you!

  4. Writing is the very least readers can do.

    Support for the Commander is censored, however as both the twin evils of cultural Marxism & Islam people will look to Europe's champion crusader for inspiration...


  5. New ABB vid


  6. Hi, I was reading your article about writing to Breivik and didn't really understand what you meant with the next 2 sentences. I kind of have a feeling about what you are saying here, but am not sure.

    Use the astral realm of the cultural conservative. Pure ethereal thought energy will transmit mail message.

    Thank you for your answer.

    1. It was a joke, it seemed funny at the time.

    2. Okay, I see.

      But you know what's a bit ironic about this blog? That comments don't appear right away on this site, but are being 'screened' first. Isn't that exactly the reason Breivik did what he did? Because of not being able to get his message out there, because of the censorship of anti islamic views?

    3. I no longer believe in a democratic solution, as such I've decided it's futile to engage in debate, which is why I do not allow comments by those who do not support militant nationalism.

      This strategy is working extremely well on Youtube as it increases the impression that Breivik has widespread support when the entire comment section is filled with praise.

    4. *Entire societies* are set up to exclude nationalists from democracy. Look at Jorg Haider!

      In this context, I think a few blogs and youtube videos of our own is entirely reasonable.

      In my country, nationalists have been told for years that there is no democracy for them, no debate, no space in the public arena.

      We got the message loud and clear.

  7. I will write to The Commander! He deserved to know that he has many supporters!!!


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