Friday, June 22, 2012

A fourth letter from Commander Breivik

If I understand the content of the letter correctly Russian prisoners aren't allowed to write other prisoners, so Breivik is sending this letter to Anna with the intent for her to forward it to Breivik's Russian colleague, that is, a fellow inmate.

Anders Behring Breivik Letter 12-05-07 to Russian colleagues

The intent of the letter is to establish initial contact and work on the creation of a pan-European prison network for martyrs, ideological prisoners, etc. Breivik's in the process of contacting Beate Zsch├Ąpe of the German NSU (National Socialist Underground) terrorist cell, and Peter Mangs from Sweden. He has already established contact with some Norwegians prisoners as well as a prisoner from Denmark.

The goals of Breivik's patriotic prison network is to offer protection against attacks from Muslims, to focus on general education with particular attention to English writing skills, and creating an organization dedicated to supporting the wives and children of martyrs.

One issue he addresses is the naming of the organization, among many variations Breivik suggests: the European Brotherhood, the Holy League (after the Christian alliance led by John Sobieski in 1683 and the Battle of Vienna), Nordic Defence League and Nordic Defense Force.

Breivik is wanting more input on this, so suggestions are welcome. I brainstormed for a minute and came up with 'Brotherhood of the Iron Cross' which both National Socialists and National Christians should find agreeable. Another name that comes to mind is 'Brotherhood of the failed Suicide Mission', though a generic name like that would probably result in a disappointed Jihadist threatening to sue for not being allowed to join the club.

Breivik explains his views on National Socialism, stating he disagrees with 20% of it, in particular its expansionism and antisemitism, this because Breivik views himself as an isolationist. I guess I share this view, though I'm not sure if vehemently opposing Nazism and racism is going to accomplish much when you agree with 80% of it.

The Russian inmate must have asked about the Jews, with Breivik responding that he views 80% of the European Jews as enemies for supporting multiculturalism. He views 20% of the Israeli Jews as friends for being Ultra Nationalists. He acknowledges that the situation in Russia and the United States is different and that adaptations should be made.

It also becomes apparent that Breivik is a Nordicist and doesn't want much to do with Southern Europe. Having looked at the Free Anders Behring Breivik petition it becomes obvious that most of Breivik's support is concentrated in Northern Europe so the disinterest appears to be mutual. Language might be part of the problem, it's hard to tell.


  1. I have also a name suggestion for the european ressiatance movment:

    "The White Army of Europe"

    Why I would choose this name?

    Because white armies were always anti-scoialistic, conservative and united christians and nationalists.

    1. But "White Army" may have racial overtones, intended or not, so I don't think Breivik would approve

  2. Hi guys.How about "The New Templar" ..keeping the red cross with a white triangle behind it,,,or maybe "European Ethnic Defense"

    1. The Knights Templar got refounded already.

      Breivik is a Justicar-Commander of the Knights Templar.

      i suggest u to read

      it is chapter three of Commander Breivik's Manifesto, he describes there the Knights Templars Order and the duties of a Justicar Knight.


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