Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cultural Marxism vs White Marxism

I figured it was time to take a break from my somewhat pompous reports on the court proceedings and glorification of militant nationalism, and put on my intellectual hat for a change. While I agree with Breivik on most practical matters, and consider him an ideological brother, there are notable differences. The most obvious ones are that I am an atheist and a hereditarian, though I do consider myself a Cultural Christian, and I think it's important for the various nationalist factions to unite and work out our differences in a democratic fashion after the oppressive and totalitarian Cultural Marxist rule has ended.

Today I'd like to address the similarities between Cultural Marxism and National Socialism. Keep in mind I fully reject Cultural Marxism while I only reject parts of National Socialism.

Traditional Marxism aka Communism held the fairly straightforward belief that there was a rich upper class and a poor lower class. The Marxist viewpoint is that the upper class obtains its wealth by evil means, doing anything in its power to keep the lower class poor. The prevailing thought was that if this imbalance of power was to be removed and the poor were educated a new super people would be created. Russia put this theory to the test and the result was disastrous with everyone ending up living in miserable poverty.

As Communism was a clear failure the theory had to be refined. Rather than fixing the obvious annoyance, rich vs poor, the Cultural Marxists hand picked lesser battles that needed to be fought.

The most obvious of these was women's rights. Women were to be given equal rights, which is typically accomplished by transferring wealth and power from men to women. Indoctrination of men was part of the process, and traditional gender roles had to be deconstructed.

In order for women to go along with this they had to be convinced that men and women are equal in ability and that women had been done a great injustice throughout history. Most women readily accepted their newly discovered victim role. Their equality comes with a price however, instead of raising children they now need to obtain a higher education, work full-time, raise children as a part-time job, and enforce political correctness.

Why are women unable to excel in scientific fields? The answer is simple, it's because of sexist males. The thought that intellectual differences are the core of the problem is taboo. Let's look into gender differences in greater detail. We're heading into dangerous territory now even though I'm simply stating facts.

Women on average have 12% smaller brains due to their smaller size, though this is compensated by their lower body weight. Women do have an earlier growth spurt than men, and researchers make it a habbit to take gender based IQ tests on children aged 10-14 to take advantage of this, it also guarantees future research grants when your research has a politically correct outcome. The way the male and female brains operate differ as well, with men excelling at visuo-spatial and mathematical ability, and women excelling at arithmetic and verbal ability. IQ tests can be designed to focus on verbal and artithmetic ability, which is what happens in practice because a 'good' IQ test gives politically correct results.

A similar battle is being fought along racial lines using the exact same principle. People are taught that all races are equal, as such less wealthy racial groups are the victim of a great injustice. Like with gender differences the discussion of racial differences is taboo, but lets look at the scientific facts.

In the United States Blacks have an average IQ of 85, Whites have an average IQ of 102, East Asians have an average IQ of 105, and European Jews have an average IQ of 112. These differences are also expressed in average brain size, with Blacks having 5% smaller brains than Whites, and East Asians having 1% larger brains. This information is available on Wikipedia in the race and intelligence article, keep in mind that though there is no outright censorship in this article, a lot of confusing statements and studies have been added to mask the obvious.

A slightly different battle is being fought regarding homosexuality. Like society used to view left handedness as undesirable there are still elements that views homosexuality in a similar manner. The Cultural Marxists were quick to join forces with the homosexual community adding a solid 3% of the population to their coalition of victimized people. The hereditarian faction will not discriminate against homosexuals because we see homosexuality as a genetic trait, which is confirmed by twin studies, and as homosexuals in a tolerant society typically don't procreate this means that the number of homosexuals will naturally decrease.

In addition, homosexuals would be fools to support multiculturalism as the Muslims will put them back in the closet if they manage to take over, initially by harassment as is happening already, and eventually by making homosexuality a capital punishment as is the case in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Nigeria, and Mauritania.

Looking at the current situation in Western nations the situation can be described as 'white heterosexual male' vs 'everyone else'. But with Cultural Marxism being an extremely dominant ideology which seeps into every aspect of society the situation is more complex than that.

In a society where embracing victimhood is the norm you see the same thing happening among white heterosexual males, but what group clearly victimizes white males? When looking at racial IQ statistics it's clear there is only one group that is clearly superior, and that group is the Jews.

When American White Nationalists look at Jews they see the same thing that Feminists see when they look at white males. They see a distinct group that earns more money, has more power, and has more accomplishments. From an early age they've been taught that all are created equal, so the only obvious explanation is fraud, nepotism, and conspiracy. Feminists believe white males oppress women and non-Whites for its own advantage. White Nationalists believe Jews oppress white males, and generally classify them as parasites, exactly how classic Marxism views the aristocracy. The hatred towards Jews is real and intense, as is the hatred Feminists feel towards white heterosexual men.

In conclusion gender differences are minor and a fact of life, it's self evident that evolution has shaped men and women to compliment each other, as such a woman will rarely do well at taking on the role of a male, and visa versa. If a woman has the desire to do this it should of course be allowed, but society should encourage roles that come natural. Affirmative action is no different than forcing manufacturers to produce 50% left handed, and 50% right handed tools, this to encourage left handedness and create a more diverse society. Affirmative action is borderline retarded and is more oppressive to women than the traditional gender roles they sought to escape.

It's as pointless to eradicate homosexuality as it is to eradicate left handedness. Anti-gay sentiments only strengthen support for the Marxist cause.

Racial differences are unfortunately much more complicated. As Blacks in the USA have 5% smaller brains this means they will achieve lower levels of education and be a genetic underclass. Race mixing is an option, but this will mean a decline in average intelligence which would turn the USA into a second world nation, this would also be the equivalent of genocide, regardless if this is accomplished by systematic mass rape or systematic mass indoctrination by the media.

Black Nationalists typically blame Whites for Black poverty, much like American White Nationalists blame Jews for White decadence and decline. There is some truth in this, given the difference in average intelligence Blacks will always be 2nd class citizens when living amongst Whites, with Whites in turn being 2nd class citizens when living amongst Jews. More than a third of American billionaires are Jews, while there's only one Black billionaire, Oprah Winfrey. Some might include Tiger Woods, but he's one-sixth African and two-thirds Asian.

Another problem is that multi-racial / multi-cultural societies need a totalitarian government to oppress inevitable racial and cultural tensions, whether in the form of violence, only employing members of your own race, or the phenomenon known as White Flight where Whites move away from multi-racial areas. For a multi-cultural and multi-racial society to function the media has to censor countless inconvenient facts, like disproportionate levels of Black crime, the disproportionate wealth and power of Jews, or why there isn't a single East Asian in the music top 100. To stop society from disintegrating racists have to be dealt with harshly, and especially those who belong to the most populous racial group. As history shows, multi-racial societies, especially if combined with religious differences, always end in disaster, with blood flowing through the streets when tensions reach a boiling point.

The solution is fairly obvious, give each racial group its own nation, the Marxist experiment has been conducted and deemed a total failure. The American Libertarian experiment has been a total failure as well with the United States heading for the same faith as South Africa and South America, with the White population being outbred by 2nd and 3rd world populations who eventually elect oppressive communist states that ban free speech and the right to bear arms, creating the ideal conditions for genocide.

While encouraging important traits like rationality, honor, loyalty, and honesty, Breivik shies away from being called a racist even though the differences between the human races is the big elephant sitting in the room.

I belief it's impossible to destroy the Cultural Marxist ideology without attacking it's core tenet, that every child is a blank slate that can, with the right indoctrination, be programmed by the system into being a peaceful, productive, and diversity loving peasant.


  1. Why women unable to excel in scientific fields?

    It is also notable to point out that there are in fact now significantly more women than men in natural sciences

    The hereditarian faction will not discriminate against homosexuals because we see homosexuality as a genetic trait

    There is no strong scientific proof of this. This is another realm of 'forbidden science' that you acknowledge in other cases but not this one; to suggest that homosexuality has a non-genetic component (it could well be a mixture of environmental and genetic factors) is taboo - NO FUNDING FOR YOU! There is plenty to criticize with twin studies or examples of correlation. Until a gay mouse is cloned, the genetic basis for homosexuality is speculative.

    I enjoyed the post

    1. I base my claims of a genetic component on twin studies, where identical twins are more likely to both be homosexual than non-identical twins. Of course one can come up with some obscure environmental explanation for this difference, but this is where I clearly rule in favor of Occam's razor and lose interest in pseudo-scientific alternative explanations.

      I've seen literally hundreds of explanations for the Black-White IQ gap over the years, and have developed a negative emotional response whenever I hear vague pseudo-scientific Marxist mumbo jumbo that is in support of an environmental explanation as my brain has to take effort to process this crap, and invariably come to the conclusion that it's difficult to prove or disprove even though it appears to be pulled straight from where the sun don't shine.

    2. Disagree once more, it is in fact the marxists that are very intent on promoting homosexuality as genetic, yet at the same time saying "race is a social construct".
      The twin studies are WEAK, although I'm sure you've simply looked it up on wikipedia and took it as inerrant fact.
      I am not saying being a homo isn't genetic, just that at this point in time the evidence is poor, and being 'conservative', I'd hardly jump on the PC bandwagon to promote it as FACT.
      To invoke Occam's razor would be to say human beings choose to be gay.
      Saying the genetic explanation is the simplest is far from fact, there is not even a single speculative causative agent, it necessitates a reliance on complex theories of hormonal regulation or epigenetics.

    3. The Marxist are actually divided on this issue. In America it's PC to call homosexuality genetic, while in Europe it's PC to call it environmental.

      While the twin studies are weak they show a genetic component nonetheless, and I wouldn't exclude a psychological explanation as there is some evolutionary utility to a wide range of sexual attractions.

  2. If plan A fails, ie. becoming ABB's prison bride ;), I might well choose to become a lesbo. A lot of butch dykes are more masculine than most men you'll meet anyways :D

    "While the twin studies are weak they show a genetic component nonetheless"

    No, they do not SHOW, they suggest. To "show" would require a direct causal relationship.

    1. The Cultural Marxists on Wikipedia repeat 'correlation doesn't imply causation' ad nauseam. In the case of twin studies little is left to the imagination.

      And if the system decides to lock you up for glorifying terrorism I wish you luck becoming a lesbo. ;P

  3. Do you then envision a "Judeo-Christian" Europe, Angus? My country has a long sordid history with the jews, where tensions would eventually lead to the occasional "outburst" (aka. pogrom).

    1. I think Europeans will be done with multiculturalism and multiracialism after millions are killed in the coming civil war.

      I predict the Jews will leave Europe en mass when the shit hits the fan anyways. The few who are left behind should probably get some financial compensation to immigrate to Israel.

      In addition a Nationalist Europe should support Israel by creating bordering Christian Nations. This will stop the genocide of Middle Eastern Christians, and significantly strengthen Israel's defense by giving it natural allies against the Islamic states.

      Egypt's 10 million Christians can be moved east of the Nile, Palestinians can be moved wherever, Lebanon can be restored as a Christian nation, Kurdistan can be created to weaken Turkey, Istanbul returned to Greece, etc.

      It's going to be such a mess that relocating 20,000 Jews (if that many remain) to Israel will seem like a picnic.


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