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Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Thursday June 14 (Day 37)

8:59 Commander Breivik is brought into court.

The first psychiatric report will be today's focus.
The court is informed that the section on Breivik's childhood when he was 4 years old will not be read in court. This section has also been censored in leaks of the first psychiatric report and second psychiatric report, making this the only part of Breivik's life the system has managed to completely censor. 

9:24 Torgeir Husby and Synne Sørheim take the witness stand.

They start out by claiming they're mainstream psychiatrists. They admit knowing little about history and politics. I think it's an interesting thing to consider that psychologists get to decide on which perceptions of reality are normal, which perceptions are not, and that they get to do so with little scrutiny. It's important to realize that laws are mostly meaningless and judges can do whatever they want as long as it doesn't get them in trouble.

Sørheim mentions that Breivik said that KT is the highest authority in Norway when it comes to the mandate to kill. Breivik's rejection of the system remains a difficult concept for many.

13:05 Husby reads out a section about the interview with Breivik's mother that was censored in the first psychiatric report:

The police informed the committee that observandens mother the night of 07.23.2011 was admitted to Deacon home hospital. There are Husby department and was on vacation at that time. The experts returned from his vacation and it was prepared for the komperentes section chief that he would not participate in meetings where the full interest rate was discussed, it was also clarified that the experts Husby should not have access to patient records.

The expert Sørheim took a few days before the call to your doctor and through, he asked if she was willing to engage in conversation with the experts. The doctor reported back that komporenten was positive. The conversation took place at the office at Husby Diamkoonhjemmet. Komportenten was informed of his situation as a physician at Diakonhjemmet, and that he had no access to komporentens journal. Komporenten had no objections to this and was willing to call.

Komparenten met the experts alone. The conversation was of three hours duration. So begins the conversation. Komparenten said initially that she looked forward to the conversation because she thinks psychiatry is interesting. She said there had been a strain to be observandens mother. She was sad and upset over what she describes as insincere journalism. He was a planned child, and she previously had a daughter from a previous relationship.

It was a breach between father and observanden after one and a half years. Complete rate is not aware that it should be psyskisk disease observandens family on both mother and father's side. The family consists of father, mother and half sister. Observanden said she had the right to use apartment observanden age of 18. It was observanden about three and a half years they moved to the apartment on Lower Silk Straw. Complement interest rate can not remember that it was associated with a special concern in observandens behavior in childhood.

She says it was because the court Breivik's father wanted the boy to move to them. When we were in a period of SSBU. Observanden thrived. He began in Smestad school at the usual time. He was a good student, had friends and good neighbors, and it was a very good time. He was a kid it was easy to have good conversations with. In 1-6. class, it was never mentioned that he had academic or behavioral difficulties. There was no need for additional education or measures. He began at Rice middle school. There was nothing special, went with the newspaper and made it for many years. She knew that everything was in order and did not hear anything either.

Komparenten says observanden during adolescence were long and thin. This could be a complex for him. After being shown around the gym of his sister six years older, he began to exercise regularly. He trained just right, not true "rambo" as in winter. She was asked if he changed his circle of friends. She says she does not remember, but she remembers that he once was arrested for tagging. He began to buy spray cans and tag the age of 14, we were several parents who tried to reveal the purchase of spray boxes. So called police and said they had taken him. He got away with three thousand dollars in fines and community service.

She adds that he had to pay their savings to pay the fine. His father found out and was angry. He slammed the door to Breivik then. When Breivik was four years they moved to at. Half-sister had left home and need less space. After finishing school began observanden the Oslo Handel. The experts say observanden says he went to Hartwig Nissen school. This is how the mother is not correct. She says she remembers little from this period because she was seriously ill. Observanden moved to a commune in Frogner. Komparenten says she thinks it will go well in Oslo Handel before observanden came home and said he would drop out of school.

She remembers that he said had enough experience and would start for themselves. Komparenten says she was upset that he left school before graduating from high school. She was anxious and very upset and thought he had been so obstinate. Half that what he says to the police is a lie. He has not been in 20 countries. Half the time, remembers his mother that he worked in the Acta. He would save money and took night shifts as well. He started the company Behring and NN and perceptive think it worked well. They had offices and desks in the basement, but orders have colored and they had to close. He was doing something else. So he got a fight-owned and was going to make fake diplomas for customers over the Internet. Komporenten tells her after an operation in 1995 ... (...) He was incredibly kind and caring, she says. This was why he sought and received deferment of military service.

As far as she knows the extension granted several times until he was finally discharged. Komparenten was asked if she knew that he was politically involved in the FRP. She knew where he stood politically, but there was no burning interest. She said she had a boyfriend who observanden had a close relationship. In recent years he has been so strange moral. Had ideas that one should not have sex outside of marriage and stuff. He was so kind and always thought of me, he helped me with everything possible at the time and was outstanding. In 2002 he moved from collective to an apartment.

Komparenten says he still ran with diplomas, but it was a Republican who had caught it and he had to stop it. It went well at first, and he rented offices in the center. Complete Interest says she washed observandens apartment in recent years in Tidemann Street. Experts question how this happened. "Boys at that age is not particularly to clear and clean so I offered me." Observanden was during the time he lived alone more and more inside. He was doing things that are not carried out. Komparenten said observanden had between 15-16 to 21-22 years several girlfriends. They lasted briefly, but it was sweet girls.

As far as she knows have not had any observant boyfriend since 2001. When I asked, he said he was not ready to establish himself. Her mother says it was she who suggested that the observant could move home to her. I thought that it might be good for him to stay home and save money. He was very busy in front of your PC. The latter firm was declared bankrupt. This mother knows the circumstances, he had still some money left when the firm was liquidated. He would take some sabbatical. She was completely panicked and thought it was forjævlig. Observant asked her to quit whining, and he never contacted Nav. She says that observant almost was in his room, and he wanted to lie in bed in the morning, but when I pulled him up. He would write a book. (...) She saw him as polite, except that he isolated himself in the room.

Observanden stated that he would write a history book in English. She saw her son's involvement in writing as abnormal. He was a normal boy from 2006, but then he changed it. Most of all he changed in 2010. He was sometimes angry if he was interrupted. He became more and more introverted. He wrote a book that would be about Norway, the world and world view, thought komparenten. She saw him as eventually abnormally intense. He said I voted Labor, but I have voted Progress with help from him.

 From 2010, he was totally weird. He said I had to sneeze and would not come into the room to me. He was strict. Komparenten says she does not remember when it started but observanden said even he was not so pretty anymore. He began to talk about plastic surgery and new teeth. In the autumn of 2010 he said that the book was finished. He went to Germany where he attempted to sell it at a book fair. From winter it went too far komparenten says. He stood and let out all about politics. He was quite beyond and believed everything he said, joking. Komparenten are seldom able to give examples of how observanden was.

I felt the pressure, both companionship and contact with him were changed. We had had so much fun together, now it was just politics. He could not have a suitable distance to me anymore, would not come out, or sat beside me. One time he kissed me on the cheek. It was so violent. I started to annoy me over to his way. She says that observant the first year were growing concerned to avoid infection. He accused me of talking to many who could infect us. He ate the food in their room and handed the dishes in the door. He walked with his hands over his face and a period, he used a face mask before. She thought more often that his son was very strange and uncomfortable. I apologized and thought that he would soon be better.

In autumn 2010 she responded that he had gone il purchase of what he described as a bulletproof case. She grew what he wanted with it. He said that it was in case someone broke into his car. He was very passionate about it. She wondered much of what was in his room. He bought a shotgun and a rifle that also stood in his room. She told him that he could not stay at home with so much weaponry. She said he repeatedly put on what he termed as survival gear, and he said it was the hunting test.

Komparenten tells of observanden during the past year would speak of an impending civil war and komparenten could not. He spoke loudly and intensely I tried to avoid those topics. Komparenten says that just before Christmas 2010, a mass mail to observanden with bags heavy as lead. I wondered greatly and filled cellar. I found two backpacks with stone door in the spring of 2011 and four huge bins with lids behind them. Komparenten says she was angry and sour when she asked what he was going. Mother remembers observanden went in the red uniform jacket with emblems. Komparenten thought, "Now I give up, he does so many strange things."

The experts ask if she ever thought her son had been sick, or changed the way she did not know him again. - Ever since 2006, but the worst from 2010. He has lived in a dream world. He talked about Kristain 4 and the leader and everything. I thought that if he began to be completely crazy. I thought there must be something wrong with his head. She says that observant began to train, but that seemed excessive and totally rambo. He supplements in black bags in their room. In April 2011 he said he wanted to be a farmer. He was renting a farm. She stood surprised that he would become a farmer, but was glad that he moved out of the apartment.

May 7 he rented a car and was moving all of Rena. She looked forward to visiting him, but it did not. She met observanden in Oslo 2 June 2011. Nor when she received confirmation that she could come and visit. He was in contact with her ​​several times before he came to her the day before the attacks. He lied and cheated on me, she says, crying. She denies that she has seen him as a sad, she has never heard him talking aloud to himself. He should have had the sound on your PC very loud at times, but turned down when she asked him about it. He was very interested in sounds and talked a lot about it. He also talked about that he was afraid that the liver fails, something komparenten not understand. He was also concerned about spiders when he lived on the farm. He said that oozed from them and that it was a spider's hell. She describes another phone call where he said that there had been an undercover agent into the yard that would take pictures.

She thinks the stories sounded strange. Komparenten says in conclusion, looking back that observanden must have been insane so different as he was, but said: "I ​​do not think like that can happen, I think that I have not yet.

13:30 Husby is finished.

Sørheim mentions that Breivik invented the term 'Suicidal Humanism'. I personally quite like the term as Humanism appears to function as a pacifier to keep people from taking action, making it inherently suicidal.

Breivik confirms that he didn't join the military service so he could take care of his mother who was seriously ill at the time. Breivik regrets this in retrospect as it would have given him valuable skills and knowledge. It should be noted that Breivik states in 2083 that he didn't join the army because he rejects the system, but this is a strategical error in my opinion as we need as many militant nationalists in the army as possible to prevent the system from establishing a military dictatorship.

It reflects positively on Breivik's sense of honor and loyalty that he took care of his mother, and the same goes for his mother confirming that he had several girlfriends before taking an oath of celibacy and dedicating his life to the cause in 2001.

Sørheim starts summing up a list of statements by Breivik that supposedly proves that he is psychotic. Some statements are taken out of context, all in all there is little that is particularly strange or a clear sign of psychosis.

This nonsense continues until 18:05. Commander Breivik is not allowed to make a comment.

18:05 The court is adjourned.

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