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Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Thursday May 31 (Day 28)

9:02 The court is set.

Today the court will examine Breivik's drug use and his nationalist ideology.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-05-31 Live Report

9:05 The first witness is Jørg Morland from the National Public Health Institute. He will provide an assessment of to what degree Breivik was affected by drugs or anabolic steroids on July 22.

Breivik had caffeine levels equivalent to 6-8 cups of coffee in combination with two types of anabolic steroids and ephedrine. Breivik should have slapped on a 21 mg nicotine patch for an additional 15% performance boost, but you can't think of everything.

It's mentioned that Breivik briefly hyperventilated shortly after his arrest, this may have been due to his drug intake, and quite likely an anxiety attack in the realization that his life was over for real. He also lost half a liter of blood due to a cut in his finger, which is significant as well, though something the court, for obvious reasons, doesn't want to address.

9:45 Next witness is a police interrogator, Geir Egil  Løken. He has the following to say about Commander Breivik:

We have seen him for 220 hours. The main impression is that the defendant you see in court is the same we got to know during interrogation. He is a little more reserved when it comes to Knights Templar and the Norwegian cells. He would tell us 98 percent, but 2 percent, he would keep for themselves. In court we find that the defendant was a little more difficult to deal with than in questioning when it comes to Knights Templar.

The defendant is patient and persistent. Interrogations have been somewhat heavy. He has compared himself to us in a proper manner. The defendant is aware, courteous and have a good, coherent language. He is also conscious of caring for others in the interrogation room. Often we asked if he was tired, and he said no and that he was more worried about us. For we were too, tired. But he still never asked how it went with family, friends and his mother.

He was aware of how he was perceived. He started the interview by asking the interrogator if he had the unfortunate distinction of interrogating the biggest monster in the history of Norway since Quisling.

Aside from the statement above Løken mentions that Breivik estimates the number of KT members between 13 and 80. Based on my own observations this seems like a reasonable number, though many radicals place themselves out of the equation by immigrating to the new world. After 7/22 more people will decide to stay and fight, rather than packing their bags and getting the hell out, as Breivik's action is likely to inspire increased courage and loyalty in many.

He describes changes in Breivik's views, like on the necessity to wear a uniform in court, the importance of his manifesto, and placing a higher emphasis on his role as a foot soldier, rather than a commander. It's needless to say that Breivik's title of Commander is honorary and well deserved regardless of the existence of two other cells.

11:49 Breivik comments on Løken's testimony:

You mentioned "Laser Man", as I have said there is an assumption that he is a militant nationalist based on information available, and not an assertion. In the case, ie, the statement that there should be 15,000 militant nationalists in Norway, I specified that there are 15,000 who are likely to be militant nationalists. But I have not said that people are armed and ready. It is also a correct figure for the European 300,000. There are also individuals who are inclined to be militant extremists. The uniform of course I thought at first was totally unimportant in the grand scheme, but still important.

And rightly so specific, I do make mistakes like everyone else, and that word, the use of "expropriation", it was incorrect. So I make mistakes, just like everyone else. And I'm not afraid to admit it.

11:51 Breivik finishes his address.

Breivik doesn't mention his females fans, though this is likely because it's hard to differentiate between women who have a crush on him for whatever reason, and women who are his ideological sisters. Unfortunately most women are Marxist tools who fully embrace their designated victim role.

12:43 Senior Scientist and historian Terje Emberland is the next witness.

Emberland labels Breivik as a fascist, and begins to draw various parallels between 2083 and Nazism, with a particular focus on the requirements to join the SS and being a Knights Templar.

13:40 Breivik comments on Emberland's testimony:

Firstly, when it comes to fascism, this is a broad term, and as I described it, there is support for the one-party system and therefore there is left - and right fascists. I do not support one-party system, but need a transitional period of twenty years to introduce the concept of democracy.

When it comes to what you mentioned that I had said about the Nordic race, I have not used the word race, nor in the compendium. And I have also booked me on the use of the word, I have used the ethnic group and not the word race. I have not used the word Germanic - I've used the word Nordic. I also have reservations about using the word Germanic because it has relevance to another ideology that I do not support.

I have not argued for Norwegian superiority, but survival will be the consequence. For if nothing is done, the Norwegian ethnic group will be deconstructed within 150 years. And after 200 years there will be individuals with blue eyes.

When we talk about survival and supremacy. So conspiracy theories: The so-called Arabian theory is a theory, for it has been documented, including in my compendium. As far as I know, has not Emberland managed to refute the documentary evidence.

And, well ... The essence is that the Norwegian people have never been asked if they allow the country transformed into a multicultural society. The nationalists have been under pressure after the Second World War is not something I claim, it is a fact I am absolutely no national socialist. I support Israel's struggle against Jihadism. I think everyone, regardless of ethnic background, are brothers, so long as they assimilate, and as long as they fight the same. The very contrary to what was said then. Thank you.

13:43 Breivik finishes his address.

The funny thing here is that Breivik isn't all that authoritarian. Modern day Cultural Marxim is the full equivalent of fascism when it comes to the level of radicalism and authoritarianism. The level of oppression isn't as obvious, in part because civil unrest is relatively low, and the media doesn't report on government oppression.

Breivik is elusive about race as always, even though he stated he envisions Norway's population to be 98% Norwegian. It is however important to cooperate with non-European nationalists and promote the creation of nationalist nations after the liberation of Europe. We can figure that out after the threat of Islam and Cultural Marxism has been dealt with though.

14:08 The next witness, Tore Bjørgo, has studied terrorism and right extremism since the late eighties.

Bjørgo identifies three far right groups, Neo-Nazis who oppose the Internationalist Jews, the anti-Islamic immigration movement where ironically a lot of Jews are active, and Breivik's Knights Templar, the new crusaders. So according to the expert the KT is mainstream now. 

Bjørgo gives a generic history lesson on post WW2 nationalism while making some generic statements about Commander Breivik, seconding Emberland's conclusion that 2083 contains elements of National Socialism. He doesn't say anything insightful.

15:38 Next witness is Øyvind Strømmen a journalist who keeps track of far right online activism.

Like the previous witness Strømmen says nothing new or insightful. He draws the Nazi parallel and tries to downplay Breivik's support. Based on my own research roughly 5% of European males support Breivik, and that's a low estimate.

16:32 The court is adjourned for today.

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