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Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Wednesday May 30 (Day 27)

9:01 The court is set.

Today the main focus is the Knights Templar organization, Breivik's manifesto, and his purchases leading up to 7/22.

9:02 The first witness is the principal investigator Kenneth Wilberg from Oslo police.

Their conclusion is that Breivik had no help in planning or carrying out 7/22. This was common knowledge for anyone who read 2083.

The police have found no evidence that the KT organization exists. This once again makes sense as it's hard to prove that four guys met in a basement and shared radical political ideas. Based on Breivik's own explanation the Knights Templar organization as formulated in 2083 is his creation.

Wilberg admits that the system has been unable to create a complete overview of Breivik's internet activity. Breivik send his manifesto to 8109 e-mail addresses, but spam filters stopped many of them from arriving. Breivik says one of the email addresses belongs to a fellow KT members, the system has been unable to identify this person.

2083 was made available online the same evening.

9:49 Alf Claus from the NCIS will now explain the police's own analysis.

Claus explains all electronic information regarding Breivik has been placed in a database. They tried to match Breivik's movements based on his cellphone records with those of 220,000 other cell phones. They've observed a dramatic change in Breivik's behavior in the summer of 2006, and the summer of 2009.

These phases are described in 2083. In the summer of 2006 Breivik ended his financing phase and started his research phase after establishing a cover. In the summer of 2009 he began his preparation stage after finishing his weapons and armor acquirement phase.

Commander Breivik is currently in his trial phase. Once the trial is finished he will plan to escape from prison and go on a bonus mission, this may contain a list of category B traitors stored with a weapon cache, it's also possible he'll memorize the names and locations of category B traitors who survived Utoya and go after them, though I wouldn't be surprised if someone beats him to it.

As it's unlikely Breivik will escape he'll focus most of his efforts on creating propaganda material from prison.

10:46 Dag Uppheim from PST will discuss 2083 - A European Declaration of Independence.

The first part contains 284 pages, mostly reproduced articles, about the history of Islam.

The second part is titled 'Europe Burning' and is more structured than the first part. Neither the first nor second part incites violence.

Part three exists of 878 pages and encourages the reader to take part in the coming European civil war. He mentions that twenty pages detail the cultivation of sugar beets, hats off to the prosecution for trying to make Breivik laugh. Uppheim confirms that work on the compendium was started in 2006.

13:13 Breivik addresses the court.

It is very important to understand that in the introduction to the compendium it's mentioned twice that this is a draft, and this is something the witness can confirm, the word used is "draft", which is the draft in Norwegian, and I recommend others to further develop it, it's a starting point. Then there's another important question that is not addressed, who is the compendium intended for. Who is your target audience, the man in the street or someone else.

And the answer is that it is not meant for the man in the street, but the militant nationalists and sympathizers of militant nationalists. There are those who are in the gray area ready to tip over, the ones it is meant for is a relatively small group. And when it came to so-called peaceful Muslims, I mean not everyone is a sleeper cell, but I have written in the compendium that we will largely be dominated by orthodox Muslims for a so-called secular Muslim has no influence on the development of Islam.

There is also something that can be confirmed by the compendium. And I have not rewritten any items, such as it was an essay from [..] that was on the four sides, 0.2 percent of the compendium, I would have replaced an American word that was quite incomprehensible to Europeans, with one that was easier to understand, I have done so several times. The working title until 2008, as I have said in the interview, was "In Praise of the new Knighthood", and it was in 2008 that I changed the title to the European Declaration of Independence.

As I said earlier, I have written about 40 percent of the compendium itself. And the last point in the interrogation, I told about the coordinates of the [...] it must have a coordinating encoding scheme I have spoken to the police in the beginning. Beyond that, I have no comments.

13:16 Breivik finishes his address.

Having read 2083 I agree that it needs quite a bit of work, though the big problem here is that a level of trust and authority needs to be established before an improved version can be distributed with any level of success.

Anything relating to Islam is best dealt with on a site like and focusing on 1) A timeline of Islam 2) Casualties of Islam 3) Current civil wars involving Islam. By linking to an anti-Marxist and anti-Islamic wiki, book 1 and 2 can be reduced to 20 pages. Unfortunately there's no wiki I know of that attacks the very core of Marxist belief: the blank slate theory.

13:18 The next witness is Vidar Sæther who will talk about the Knights Templar Europe, KT Europe for short.

As mentioned in 2083 the bombing of Serbia in 1999 was a milestone in Breivik's radicalization.

13:38 Breivik traveled to Liberia and the United Kingdom from April 16 to May 3, 2002.

In Liberia he transfers $5000 to a Liberian bank account somewhere around April 18, the assumption is that Breivik was the victim of a diamond scam, but there is no hard proof to back this up. It looks like Breivik went on an exciting gambling trip that, all things considered, didn't cost him too much. To me it seems like a unique and exciting adventure to go to Africa and try to buy some blood diamonds, and cheaper than spending $10,000 to go swim with dolphins on Hawaii.

April 30 Breivik spends some time in London. The system is clueless what he was doing there.

Breivik visited Lithuania between January 20 - 21 in 2004. The trip to Estonia was between April 28 and 29 in 2004. He created bank accounts here and cashed a $20,000 check and deposited two $20,000 checks. The money was earned by selling fake diplomas.

The prosecution can't confirm whether Breivik did, or did not, meet fellow nationalists on these trips.

15:19 Breivik wants to make some brief comments.

When it comes to this equipment, and the rough diamonds, it was to support the cover, it really confirms what I have said all along. I spent 1-2 weeks creating this cover, and in comparison I spent about a month to create the cover related to Geofarm. Thus, it was a cover.

Yes, when it came to the Progress Party's views on the Kosovo conflict, it was actually the party split in the case, even if it went in favor of one direction, the party was on the far right in Norway, so regardless of what they should think about that it was there really is no alternative. Those who have followed in the political debate knows that both Kleppe and Simonsen, no Hedstrom was put out. And Simonsen was placed in one or another committee. If there are any members who identify themselves as strong attitudes towards immigration, if there is someone who will make a career in the party, they are very reluctant to speak about this at all, I was very aware of the that time. I had run two races for a while, I wanted to see how far I come to the City Council list.

When it came to 10,000 from NN. It was a loan, and he didn't know why I was going to Liberia. As a witness even mentioned, not meeting the Baltic compared to the London meeting. The internal network I am referring to are the three people I met in London. Richard as it was referred to the place has nothing to do with it, so I hope not the prosecution call him as a witness. Why the police should not have to investigate the 8100 contacts. Police have adopted a stance where they do not believe that I have had contact with others. For me this is wonderful because I do not have to worry about others being arrested. Everything in the manifest is true, and it will be confirmed within a year and three months, then there will be another attack.

15:25 Breivik finishes his address to the court.

Assuming the KT organization did not exist before 7/22 Breivik is taking a gamble here that someone will step up to the plate and commit an act of terror in the name of Knights Templar Europe. The biggest difficulty with an anonymous bomb attack is claiming responsibility, if a KT resistance fighter claims an attack using the mainstream media there is a good chance they will not report on it, and might even go as far as letting responsibility be claimed by some obscure terrorist organization instead. The best strategy to bypass system censorship is to repeat what Breivik did, email a statement to a hundred known sympathizers of militant nationalism.

15:26 Next witness is Anette Seip, who will testify regarding acquisitions made by Breivik.

The system identified 112 purchases from 90 sellers from 10 countries and claims there are no purchases relevant to terrorism being made before 2009, though Breivik bought a shotgun in 2003. The military uniform and police uniform are discussed. Not surprisingly Breivik did some rifle training at an Oslo gun club.

Breivik's face mask is brought to our attention once again, with new laws being passed Breivik will find himself in the equivalent of a communist era insane asylum if he's declared insane.

16:22 Breivik addresses the court:

The purchase is made uniform as it was very important. The uniform is absolutely not important, maybe a hundredth of it all.

The shotgun purchased in 2003 was purchased to create a track record for future weapons purchases. The shotgun was not a hunting shotgun, but a police or military shotgun with six cartridges. The purpose was for later combat use. It's not that my friends bought shotguns simultaneously. Only two of five bought right then, the other bought at a later date. Also in 2005 were additional weapons purchases.

The event was April 22nd 2011 and it was only a few days before I would move up to Rena. Usually only once a year, so it was the only opportunity I had to train with Glock.

I only used the face mask for 5-10 minutes. I called the doctor, I asked whether it was appropriate to use a face mask if you wanted to avoid getting sick. And when I got the answer that I could use it, but that if it was viral, it was not very effective, but if it were bacteria that could work. So it was that conversation.

16:24 Breivik finishes his address.

I'd like to point out that the doctor Breivik spoke to on the phone regarding the use of a facemask claims that Breivik said that he was using the face mask all the time. It's convenient that the call wasn't recorded. It's of course crucial not to get sick when working with a dead line.

16:24 The court is adjourned for the day.


  1. "Commander Breivik is currently in his trial phase. Once the trial is finished he will plan to escape from prison and go on a bonus mission"

    I wonder about this, I think ABB may instead focus on rehabilitating his image and becoming a RW academic, I think this may help his cause better in the long run than being RW Rambo.

    1. A RW academic, like Dr. David Duke PhD? I don't think it'll impress anyone.

      I think he's better off using his momentum while it lasts as there will be a full media ban on anything Breivik eventually.


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