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Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Tuesday May 29 (Day 26)

8:59 Commander Breivik has taken place in the courtroom.

Today four of Breivik's friends will take the witness stand.
9:12 The first witness has taken the witness stand after Breivik leaves the court room.

He became close friends with Breivik in 1990. They went to high school together. Eventually Breivik quit school and became a telemarketer, quickly becoming a team leader responsible for about ten people. The witness describes Breivik as an intelligent, entrepreneurial, and kind friend. He describes Breivik breaking off contact when he moves back in with his mother.

10:55 Next witness is also a friend of the defendant. 

He has known Breivik since 1995, he describes Breivik as industrious, meticulous, focused, and maybe a little self-centered. He worked with Breivik from 1997 until 2002 and speaks highly of him as a colleague. They shared housing between 2001 and 2003, he claims Breivik played World of Warcraft at night during that period, even though World of Warcraft wasn't released until November 2004. It upset him when Breivik broke off contact. 

13:29 Next witness is a 32 year old friend of Breivik.

He became close friends with Breivik in highschool in Oslo Handel, at 96-97. He describes Breivik as open, honest, loyal, determined, stubborn, and as Breivik himself liked to say, not quite A4. 

Breivik stated his nose was broken in a fight with muslims when he was 18 in his manifesto. Two years later he had cosmetic surgery because his nose was crooked. The prosecution harps on the fact that none of his friends can confirm that his nose was actually broken. Imagine that, you kill over 70 traitors and the prosecution's recurring concern is a broken nose 14 years ago, and a nose job 12 years ago.

Breivik's friends also entertain the idea that Breivik might be gay. This once again doesn't make sense, why would someone with the determination to bomb the government headquarters and personally execute 69 traitors be afraid to come out of the closet? If Breivik was gay he'd have been the biggest homo in Oslo.

15:18 The next witness takes the courtroom. She's the ex-girlfriend of Breivik's best friend.

She paints a rather positive picture of Breivik, mentioning he enjoys discussing politics and religion.

16:06 The next witness will testify. She was supposed to testify last week, and should be the last Utoya survivor to testify.

She fled in the initial wave of panic and swum to the shore, aided by a life jacket from one of the boats that came to the rescue.

She's afraid of policemen, loud noises, and is worried her identity will leak and someone will finish the job Commander Breivik started.

16:39 Breivik will address the court. As usual he's the sole voice of reason. Here goes.

Thank you. It is quite long. I have points on all the witnesses. I have four points on the NN. 10 points for NN [next].

It was a commentary on the word "Aryan." I'm not sure what that word means, can someone explain it to me? Okay, I will interpret it the way I think it is. Firstly, I have never used the word Aryan in my life, and will not use it in the future either. This is because it is associated with an ideology I do not support, National Socialism, and I've never used that word. And the reason is that I am a national conservative and nationalist which is a different ideology.

As regarding the procedure on the nose as prosecutors know full well that it was taken for two reasons. One was vanity, and because it was partially crooked after the confrontation, and that is something Holden is aware of.

The reason why my friends were not aware of it was that maybe it was not something I told them about. And as a general comment to my friends, none of them support my  ideological vision and I think it is important to emphasize. I noticed that prosecutors have described the erroneous references, but I will come back to those later. 

So on to the NN (33). I responded that he said I played a lot from early 2006. I played a lot in the spring of 2006. And both NN (32) and NN (33) in their explanations forget to mention that I had more employees between 2000 and 2006. And then there was another comment, where NN (33) meant that I did not let them in on my 30th birthday when they came to visit me. But it was a very different occasion, for the 30th anniversary of mine, so we ate at the restaurant, ten pieces. The incident he refers to, it happened in 2006, I think, and it was only once that happened.

And, with references to deprimerthet, I can say I've never been depressed in my whole life ever. And I got the impression that a picture has been painted of an inactive and anti-social person. It is not true. I've never been so social and hardworking as I was from 2007 to 2011.

The period from 2007 to 2011 as I worked on average ten hours a day and I attached a part. And there were a total of ten gatherings with friends during this time, but I understand that some want to tone it down in line with what they know.

And another factor was that when I played and spent one year, so I played organized and at times at a high level. At one point at the top level in Europe. And I had some management positions. NN (33) says that I claim that everyone in Europe was multiculturalism. I'm primarily to two thirds. Marxists and Leninists and the cultural side at least.

Then there were a couple of situations that the prosecutor was referring to. One was at Nichol & Son, it was these four Albanians who allegedly tried to rob me when I was in a vulnerable situation. In that situation there were four witnesses, there were five witnesses including myself, and I will come back to later, when I get that hour. When it comes to what happened at Bohemians, there was talk of a Pakistani who tried to rob me. The club was called something other than the Bohemians at the time. And I remember that maybe it was ny6ttÄrsaften, for we wore suits.

But it happened, but there was no one who witnessed the incident. But I remember I told, I do not remember if it was NN or NN. In general, when it rattled off and given a picture of my life from 2007 to 2011, I feel that it is a very unbalanced picture.

It comes out that I had several political offices, and I made great economic success. It underlines the fact that I was not depressed. When I have had the so-called my depression, I had a fortune of one year, which states that I was not depressed. It can be compared with a boat tour or a golfing trip, and was a privilege. I took a year off, and I greatly enjoyed.

I used World of Warcraft as a cover, and gave me the game legal. There was deception, and the impression I served for all. I understand that many may have perceived it that way, that was what I conveyed. I could not tell my friends that I was going to make a compendium.

A witness said that I had mustard in the anus of a cat. It is completely wrong. I have never hurt an animal, and no witnesses can confirm this, because it never happened. What I think has happened is an urban legend I had heard, where someone had put a firecracker in the ass of a cat.

One also mentioned that I should have used makeup. It is also incorrect. I have not been vain after 2006. I have been vain before, but that was before 2006. The only function of this powder is a concealer, which can be used to hide blemishes. I have not been feminine. There are quite a few men in Norway who use concealer when they are in town. It gives the wrong picture to say that it is feminine to use concealer. One can not call it makeup in the conventional sense. 

I have told them what I wanted them to know. I told a cover story for them to protect them. I would not have incriminated them. Had I done so had they been sitting here with me. I could not tell me to meet a war hero, or why I was there. That was why I made the story of blood diamonds. The same people that energy that I was in Liberia to buy diamonds, too, believe that I was a farmer at Rena. They relate to what I have told them. Holden tried to hype up this very play. There was much less important than it appeared. 

One came in that I might have felt unsuccessful and had failed. But when you are debt free and have a million in assets have all the prerequisites. The relationship to my father has nothing to do with 22 July to do. I have never had a father's longing. I have not really had too much care from up to four caregivers.

One of the witnesses commented that everything went apart in 2006. It's untrue. It was a planned sabbatical, and it was a planned Compendium-writing phase. It is important to emphasize that. 

But in the setting as a prosecutor angled it seems as though it happened over many years, but there was only one year. I have no further comments.

16:57 The court is adjourned.


  1. Greetings to Breivik From Iceland , Breivik you are a hero !

  2. It makes me mad that they pick at such things like video games he enjoyed,how he grooms himself and what his friends think of him..friends only know so much,the rest is just assumption.
    As for a "war cry" during his mission..Adrenalin!!
    I wish him luck from NZ


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