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Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Tuesday June 12 (Day 35)

9:00 The court is set.
Today five witnesses are scheduled to testify.

9:03 Randi Rosenqvist is the first witness, she observed Commander Breivik in Ila prison. She wrote three reports that are available on the resource collection.

She says Breivik is an exemplary well behaved prisoner. She does not believe Breivik to be psychotic, and compares Breivik's mindset to the one of a member of a sect.

She says she was concerned about Breivik's strong personality, and warned prison employees against being manipulated by Breivik. She says that contact with like-minded individuals is an important component of the radicalization process, which makes it likely that Breivik had contact with others ultra-Nationalists.

Rosenqvist argues that there's a rational component to the belief that killing 77 is a small sacrifice for saving Europe and compares Breivik to a general who has to make the same kind of decisions. It appears she's a conservative and taking a less political correct stand than other witnesses.

She doesn't speculate about the different conclusions of the 1st and 2nd report. It's my insight that political correctness was at an all time high following 7/22, creating the environment that allowed to declare Breivik insane.

She brings up the fact that no Jihadist has been accused of being psychotic. This is not surprising as under Cultural Marxism it's the most powerful group, white males, who must be deconstructed as part of the multicultural experiment. It's important to distinguish between genuine freedom fighters like Breivik, and those that seek to subdue Muslims as part of the multicultural experiment. As such Breivik has further destabilized the system by forcing authorities to focus on oppressing white males instead of stabilizing society by oppressing radical Islam. So far Breivik's polarization strategy is working extremely well.

Rosenqvist repeatedly states that Breivik acted out of a sense of necessity, to save Europe, and that long term visions are uncommon in people suffering from a psychosis. The warning of a coming civil war is something the court has tried hard to oppress, and few witnesses have dared to rationalize Breivik's actions.

She criticizes the first psychological report for not diagnosing Breivik individually making it unlikely the conclusion was reached independently by both psychologists. She confirms it's rare that two reviews have different outcomes.

11:24 Breivik addresses the court.

Thank you. I am glad that Rosenqvist confirms that I am not insane. When it comes to future medication, it is unfortunately not possible to medicate militant nationalism. (...) Perhaps the forensic commission shall consider it again. When it comes to dress in white and uniform, I included this in the propaganda strategy for rational reasons, as a propaganda strategy. My remarks about water boarding were predominantly intended as a joke, it was not because I actually believed it existed in Norway. I was aware on July 23 that water boarding was not used in Norway. If I have used it in retrospect, it was as a joke. When it comes to description of my daily mental state, I used the term "morale", not "spark of life."

So this is not the authority of an organization with a stamp and signature. But this is something all revolutionaries use in one form or another. When the prosecutor uses the word "authority", it is a very deliberate choice of words. It is the legal justification. The militant nationalist side uses the right to prevent the ethnic cleansing of their group as a justification.

Marxists use another justification. When Che Guevara and Fidel Castro took over Cuba they had their own legitimization in their struggle. Militant nationalists have another. This is not a case of someone being authorized by the organization, or having a general legitimation. In the case of the KT network, I said that it is not a large network, and I only had contact with six people. There has been no change in that area and I did not say I had contact with more than those six.

I hoped that Rosenqvist would not address the issue of Ila, because she thinks I accused her of leaking information to the media. She wrote an article in Aftenposten about this. What happened was that I communicated with her and someone else in that period. There was some information that came to my attention and I passed this on to my lawyer. My lawyer in turn wrote a letter to Ila about it and she has felt it necessary to take this up with the Director. So I tried to avert the extremely minor incident by asking her to talk it over with me. I have not manipulated or lied. I regret that the situation arose.

There have been some erroneous claims. Regards the allegations of conspiracy theories, it is not called a theory when it is documented. The fact that Norway is a multi-ethnic society, and the people had no say in this, is documented. To say that my worldview is a delusion is a display of the prosecution's arrogance.

Those who choose to call me a terrorist and mass murderer only show that they are ignorant. Bejer Engh, a beautiful Nordic woman, and Holden, a great Nordic man, should acknowledge that Nordics should defend their genetic heritage. When you insinuate that no one should be allowed to show me sympathy, it is an ideological statement.

11:33 Breivik finishes his address, and is reprimanded for talking about the prosecution. 

Breivik appears to over rationalize the legitimization of his authority. I have only one thing to say:

Anything that is right for a group to do is right for one person to do. 

12:30 Svenn Torgersen is the next witness, he has stated that the content in the first report doesn't support the conclusion.

I read the first psychiatric report and agree there is nothing in the report that supports that Breivik is psychotic.

This is common practice however, take the Minnesota trans-racial adoption study for example. This study was designed to proof once and for all that race was skin deep. The researchers measured the IQs of black, white, and mixed race children adopted by wealthy white families, the results at age 17 adjusted for the Flynn effect: Biological white children: 105, Adopted White children: 101, Adopted Mixed Race children: 93, Adopted Black children: 83.

Conclusion of the study: The results are inconclusive, and do not suggest there is a genetic difference in average intelligence between the Black and White population. 

In summary: Researchers are allowed to gather their statistical data, give a political correct conclusion, and collect a big fat paycheck. Someone ought to tell us how much these clowns were payed to write the first psychiatric report.

Back to Torgersen.

Torgersen states he didn't find a correlation between premises and conclusion in the first psychiatric report. He praises the second report for being of a much higher quality. He explains that believing in the validity of horoscopes does not make one psychotic.

He is asked if he believes that Breivik posing like a bodybuilder after being forced to undress indicates a psychosis. He answers that he would consider it a joke though he'd explore alternative explanations.

He says there is no validity to considering Breivik's childhood as none of the psychological assessment forms take childhood into account. He doesn't think Breivik has experienced any particularly traumatic events as a child.

He sees some narcissistic and grandiose traits in Breivik but doesn't think there's enough to pin point a specific personality disorder.

13:52 Breivik addresses the court.

To comment on what you quoted: "Because of my good looks .." it is from the manifest. Of course, I should have written it differently, and I regret that I wrote it that way. I've always been happy with my appearance, but of course it is wrong to say it like this.

In a country like Norway where the Law of Jante is very important, it is extremely inappropriate. Had I on the other hand, said this in California, Los Angeles, it would be acceptable under the cultural norms and as an expression of personality. I am strongly opposed to the Law of Jante, and I've always been. It was more a stab to the Law of Jante. It was stupid to write it.

I was ordered to take off my clothes, but when I first had to take off my clothes, it was just a joke that I flex some muscle right there to add to the excitement. It was not funny. I accept the criticism and it was juvenile.

If a bloody action shall be included in an evaluation, this means that all Jihadists are diagnosed with a personality disorder. First, antisocial, and then if they say they are knights who will take over the world on behalf of Allah, they will have a narcissistic personality disorder. Therefore equating political extremism to a mental illness. It should not be taken into account because it would qualify most as mentally ill.

Thank you.

13:55 Breivik finishes his address.

Of course Cultural Marxists with their suicidal multicultural experiment are political extremists as well. Fortunately some can be cured after the revolution by sharing a cell with their beloved Muslims or Africans. It's crucial for the Marxist elite to live as far removed from minorities as possible so they won't question the validity of their delusional world view.  

14:15 The next witness is Tarjei Rygnestad who heads the Forensic Commission.

He's on a commission that reviews psychiatric reports. They accepted the first report unanimously, and had major objections to the second report. Six of the seven people on the committee used to work for Sørheim who wrote the first report.

Breivik's belief in a coming civil war wasn't discussed in the meeting because there was no mention of it in the first report. Obviously these guys are a bunch of clowns covering each others backs.

15:46 Alpha Kallon is the next witness and on the video link from the United States.

He explains Breivik contacted his friend and wanted their services, which meant they took care of all his transportation needs like being picked up and dropped off at the airport and being driven around town. Kallon and his friend showed Breivik a couple of diamond stores and had a few drinks at a club. Breivik told him he didn't bring enough money to pay for their transportation services and would send some more money upon his return to Norway. He accepted the offer because Breivik seemed like a friendly and reliable guy.

They were in a small town and he has no idea what Breivik did after he dropped him off at his hotel in the evenings. 

16:40 Breivik addresses the court:

The reason for the trip was to meet a militant nationalist. In preparation for the trip I was told by my English contact to create an alias. It was "Henry Benson."

They did not know me as Anders Behring Breivik, they thought I was Henry Benson. I was also told to create a cover for the trip and it was that I traded blood diamonds. This was advice that I chose to follow. I was told that I must be very careful. If the Serb saw believed that I could compromise him, it could become dangerous. When I came down it was during the Liberia civil war and the rebels had surrounded the capital.

There were lots of refugees in the city. Very complex. Now I know not what Alfa means by "small town", but there are at least 500,000 people in Monrovia, including the refugees. The city was besieged and full of refugees. I had a mobile with me. I do not know if Alpha knew. Regarding the 5 or 6 retailers about diamonds, I can only remember that there was a meeting in a back yard and maybe we drove by a dealer. The reason I did not buy anything was that it was not why I was there. I met them only six times. The reason I got in contact with them was to support me if something happened. Alfa's friend Michelangelo was very convenient because he worked in a travel agency.

They had a poor overview of my whereabouts. I was worried that they would find out which hotel I was staying in. I was partly brought there. They had nothing to do with the Serb, they had nothing to do with July 22. They were not familiar with the Serb's identity and my contact with the two was limited to five or six occasions. I was in Liberia twice and can only remember that they brought me one of the two times. When it comes to money I had plenty. Police can confirm that I converted back the money when I came back to Norway, it was a fairly large sum.

So if I had wanted to buy I could have done so. His story strikes the cracks. He has obviously learned what Michels explanation was before this testimony. This does not match his first explanation, that was in VG. He says he used my money to travel around and look. I had planned another trip there and therefore transferred the money. I told them that it was to buy blood diamonds, but the aim was to smuggle the money there so I did not have to do it again.

But my intention was to avoid having to smuggle money there again, so I would have access to useful men who could give me access to money later. So I told them not to look for diamonds. Had the police asked my neighbor on July 21 what I was doing, he would have said that I was a farmer. It was the cover I gave him, and that was what he believed. These are two completely irrelevant witnesses.

16:45 Breivik finishes his address.

According to Wikipedia there were about 1 million people in Monrovia in 2002, making Kallon's statement that it was a small town an obvious distortion of reality. I'll reserve judgement on whether Breivik met an ultra-Nationalist or not, it has little relevance to 7/22 or the KT which Breivik is turning into an alliance of Radical Nationalist from various ideological backgrounds.

16:47 The court is adjourned for today.

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