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Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Wednesday June 6 (Day 32)

9:00 The court is set.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-06-06 Live Report

Five witnesses will testify today.

9:06 The first witness today is the Chief Scientist of Aftenposten, Hilde Haugsgjerd, who will testify about restrictions on free speech.

Haugsgjerd gives the usual evasive talk, using suicidal humanist positions while avoiding the topic of the rapid deconstruction of the West. She mentions they disabled the option to make comments online, most likely to silence the small but vocal group that supports Breivik. Equally unsurprisingly not a single large poll has been held to find out what percentage of the native European population supports the armed resistance.

Most of what she says is the usual political correct gobbledygook. Haugsgjerd represents a bunch of spineless traitors, and deep down inside she has to be aware of it. It will bring me great pleasure to see the mainstream media bosses prosecuted for high treason after the revolution.

9:30 Commander Breivik addresses the court:

I can comment on the posts first. I've probably made ​​all the posts except the first, I do not know for sure. There were a couple of things I hoped that she would publish, but it never happened. There has been a censorship of cultural conservatives after the 2nd World War II. With the fact that I raised earlier with Aftenposten, Norway being one of the few countries that do not have a newspaper that opposes multiculturalism. Not only Aftenposten, but all Norwegian newspapers conduct systematic censorship and demonization of cultural conservatives, and have for many years demonized the Progress Party. They have for many years explicitly censored cultural conservatives and immigration critics by referring to them as right-wing extremist and Islamophobes. There are many moderate-right voices being demonized.

The fact and the question remains whether it is undemocratic that Norway is in the process of an ethnic and cultural transformation without the Norwegian people having been given a referendum. There are questions no one dares to answer, and there are legitimate concerns with expressing them as one will be branded as right-wing extremist and subsequently be ignored. That's the problem, not only in Norway but throughout Europe. It is the biggest problem of European media companies. Aftenposten has a great responsibility in this connection. 

9:32 Next witness is Jan Simonsen, a former Member of Parliament for the Progress Party.

Simonsen takes a couple of minutes to demonize Breivik, then starts to complain about the Progress Party getting demonized by the media. A classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. If I didn't know better I'd say that Simonsen is secretly trying to make his followers lose faith in democracy.

At this stage of the game I have more respect for the Muslims and the radical left than the feeble minded moderate-conservatives who embrace Marxist totalitarianism to keep the sinking ship afloat. The part I like best is when they complain that 7/22 made their life more difficult, thank you Breivik.

10:22 Next witness is Raymond Johansen, party secretary of Labor.

He starts out by saying the trial has nothing to do with politics. I'm confident in my assumption that the cheer stupidity of this comment made Breivik smirk.

He goes on to say that diversity is fundamentally positive, and that it enriches us culturally and economically. In other words, he thinks white genocide is the best thing since sliced bread.

 I'd spend more time on this Category B traitor, but this picture says more than a thousand words.

11:00 Commander Breivik addresses the court:

It was taken up some points now from the party secretary. But he covered very few of the points that I think are the most important. Labor has been one of the Norwegian state bearing parties since World War II, and the question that has not been asked is what will the Labour Party do to prevent the Norwegian ethnic group from being deconstructed gradually until we no longer exists in 50 years, and blonde with blue eyes do not exist anymore.

We need special protection and that part will not exist as a group and there are questions that Labor has never answered. And we are becoming a minority in Oslo, and our own country. Also the long term impact is something Labor never explained in their party program. What will the consequences be of a policy of high immigration. What will happen to the culture, tradition and Christianity as a result of it. The way I interpret it is that the AP after the 2nd World wants to deconstruct the Norwegian ethnic group. And doing so they have declared war on Norwegian culture. I wish the Norwegian media and the Labor Party would implement some self-examination and deal with the problem. They try to discredit the dissidents rather than to deal with the difficult issues.

And I hope that Labour will do, show responsibility and that the Norwegian media also will do it. It is the impact of what would be the consequence of Christianity in fifty years. Is there any plan, or is it a lack of long-term perspectives?

What I was trying to say the place is that today's immigration is a choice. Japan and South Korea have taken the option that says no to immigration, and there is a choice you can make in this country too. And when it comes to World of Warcraft, what does that have to do with it, it has nothing to do with July 22. I understand that prosecutors would ridicule me, but I will not contribute to this by answering questions about World of Warcraft, for it has nothing to do with it. I do not want to contribute to ridiculing myself. 

12:20 The next witness is a police officer who invested Breivik's activities on World of Warcraft.

Breivik played a lot of WoW, nothing new here.

13:00 Commander Breivik takes the witness stand and wants to make a comment.

Thank you. There is something called e-sports which this game is a part of, trying to become accredited as an Olympic event, much like chess. This must be considered to be a top, at least at the level I played for a while. But anyway, during the criminal case against David Toska, as it emerged that he liked to play chess, and in the criminal case that began not when talking about chess and he played with, of course, it had no bearing on why he committed the NOKAS robbery.

13:04 Breivik finishes his address.

It looks like Breivik wants to add an Olympic medal to his list of awards and commendations. Rather than saying something critical, which I find surprisingly difficult, I'll instead applaud his ambitious nature. Breivik should probably come to terms with his new found celebrity status and accept the fact that if he picks his nose and eats the content it'll be world news.

After this brief address Breivik is questioned by prosecutor Engh about World of Warcraft. Breivik quickly gets annoyed and insists WoW was a hobby and that the prosecution is serving the state's interests by trying to portray him as a failed loser. I couldn't have said it better myself.

14:06 The next witness is a 26 years old student who played World of Warcraft with Breivik.

The witness was a fellow hardcore gamer who tells the same story we heard from Breivik's friends, that he was an exemplary person, calm, intelligent, conscientious, hard working, with good leadership skills.

14:41 The next witness is the psychiatrist who treated Breivik and his family during childhood, but Breivik's mother has withdrawn her consent.

There's some legal talk for a bit about how to proceed with the decision being made to deal with it the next court day.

15:02 The court is adjourned.

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