Saturday, June 16, 2012

Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Tuesday June 5 (Day 31)

9:00 The court is set.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-06-05 Live Report

Today five experts will testify.

9:02 The first witness is Ole Jørgen Anfindsen. He is a researcher at the NorskeVeritas.

Anfindsen mentions he's been pressured not to testify, quite likely because he knows that there are truths, damned truths, and statistics. Marxists do not like statistics, or any other objective approach to understanding reality for that matter.

Anfindsen says that the Norwegian bureau for statistics has been intentionally lying to the Norwegian people about the immigration numbers, with the immigration flow being three times larger than originally predicted. He argues that immigration statistics are falsified under political pressure, upon which the falsified numbers are used by the left-wing parties to claim that there is nothing to worry about.

He doesn't mention what percentage of Muslims import a bride or groom from the home country, which may be as high as 75%, whether SSB (Statistics Norway) lowers the number of Muslims by 25% like some European nations do because some of them are Christians, Atheists, or do not actively practice the religion, or whether the second generation is considered native and excluded.

Anfindsen confirms that Breivik's worldview isn't delusion and mentions that a Swiss psychiatrist has argued that declaring Breivik insane is the easiest way to guarantee a life sentence. Regardless, Rosenhan in his famous 1973 experiment confirmed that psychiatrists can't tell the difference between a sane and insane person.

11:01 The former leader of the Norwegian Defence League, Ron Alte, will testify next.

Alte resigned after disagreement about how to respond to 7/22 as NDL members wanted to neither denounce nor endorse Breivik. He mentions that the police often stops them from joining a demonstration, and if they join in that anti-fascists attack them during the event.

12:30 The next witness is Arne Tumyr. He is the leader of the organization Stop the Islamization of Norway (Sian).

Sian is your typical non-violent anti-Islamic organization that tries to educate the masses. Tumyr's testimony isn't allowed to be broadcast, and he complaints how that makes him feel like a second class citizen. Unlike Breivik he's going to whine about it instead of taking the fight straight to the oppressor.

13:07 Vigrid leader Tore Tvedt has taken the witness stand. 

Vigrid is your typical non-violent Odinistic National Socialist organization. Tvedt confirms we're at war and his organization is being harassed by the system.

14:34 Next witness is a philosopher and writer Einar Øverenget.

Øverenget states that Breivik's statement that 7/22 was cruel but necessary is little different from one of Hitler's speeches to his soldiers.

Unlike Adolf Hitler our beloved Commander Breivik has to tone down his message because anything too radical would be censored and might result in him being declared insane. As such all he can do is to tell people to read 2083 and to read in between the lines. | resist |

Øverenget argues that it's difficult to imagine that a person who made as many rational choices as breivik should not be held legally responsible.

15:24 The court is adjourned.

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