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Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Monday June 11 (Day 34)

9:00 Commander Breivik is led into the court room and the show trial continues.
The plan for today is to hear seven witnesses.

9:03 First one up is Kringlen who briefly observed Breivik as a prison health care provided.

Kringlen states that the first psychiatric report by Sørheim and Husby didn't take Breivik's ideological background into account, and that it's impossible for Breivik to be delusional and not showing any symptoms of this during the trial.

He finds the conclusions of the second report by Agnar Aspaas and Terje Tørrissen to be more agreeable with reality. This is backed up by hundreds of hours of questioning during which Breivik behaved in a calm and rational manner and Breivik's methodological preparations for 7/22 proof that he is fully functional.

9:37 Prosecutor Svein Holden takes over the questioning from Lippestad.

Kringlen argues that it isn't particularly relevant if Breivik acquired permission to carry out executions from the KT or decided to do so for himself.

On the subject whether the KT is real, a lie, or a delusion, Kringlen states that the first psychiatric report didn't try to establish whether Breivik was lying.

I think it's obvious the prosecution doesn't want to entertain the idea that the KT is a carefully constructed lie, as such presenting only two options 1) The unlikely case that Breivik is telling the truth 2) The unlikely case that Breivik is delusional.

The fact that Breivik hasn't confessed that he lied about the KT is probably because Breivik believes that it will make it more likely that people will commit acts of terror under the KT banner.

Ultimately it doesn't matter. Even if the other six persons exist their contributions prior to 7/22 are insignificant and not worthy of praise. Breivik is the ideological founder of the KT as he did at least 99% of the work, if not 100%, and all one has to do to be a member is to take the oath, pick up arms, and off a bunch of traitors or Muslims with minimal civilian casualties. The KT is real and an unstoppable force due to its leaderless structure, and I believe anyone who thinks differently will be proven wrong within a couple of years.

This is not a call to action, I simply disagree with the system that the KT is a fantasy, it became real on 7/22. There's no need to incite violence, as it's impossible to do a better job at inciting violence than the oppressive totalitarian Cultural Marxist rule the indigenous Europeans are forced to live under. There is no better motivator than the knowledge that thousands, if not millions, will die when the multicultural experiment leads to a bloody civil war.

9:52 Holden returns to whether Breivik began planning in 2002, 2006, or 2009.

Kringlen continues to refuse to follow Holden's lead, stating it doesn't matter that the decision to carry out the killings was made in 2006 or 2009. Half an hour later he once again states that Breivik is not behaving like someone with a mental disorder in court and that based on the low functionality score given to Breivik in the first psychiatric report he would expect massive psychotic symptoms. He suggests to look for explanations in the political realm.

10:53 The next witness is Eric Johannesen who works one day a week at Ila prison and spoke with Breivik about 20 times.

Eric Johannesen is almost 100% certain that Breivik is not psychotic, and thinks it's a combination of ideological radicalization in combination with grandiose notions. With this he means that Breivik is extremely ambitious. He states he thinks that Breivik tries to play a role, and fails to do so convincingly. He says Breivik changed his rhetoric from "we" to "I" when he realized Johannesen and his colleagues weren't leaking to the media. Johannesen doesn't think Breivik can be treated for his ideology and states he meets the minimum requirements for an antisocial personality disorder.

Two can play this game however, in my opinion Cultural Marxists meet the minimum criteria for an antisocial personality disorder by 1) failing to conform to reality 2) repeated lying 3) failure to think/plan ahead 4) aggressiveness towards opponents 5) reckless disregard of the safety of their nation 6) consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by failing to honor financial obligations like our large national debts and spending money on ridiculous social engineering projects. 7) Lack of remorse as indicated by being indifferent to, or rationalizing, having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from the indigenous population at large.

Johannesen is convinced that Breivik lies about the KT in order to create more fear. Another benefit is that if Breivik had declared himself the founder and ideological leader of the KT he would never have been allowed to call for a terrorist attack within 1 year and 3 months. I still find it strange that the media failed to censor this, though it's obvious they have yet to realize what they are dealing with here, the system is still in a state of denial hoping it will all go away if they pretend Breivik is just a fluke, that their experiment will work if people simply stop being racist. In 2083 Breivik calls for a terrorist attack every five years, this has now been lowered to two years.

Johannesen doesn't think Breivik has asperger syndrome. He compares Breivik to Hannibal from The Silence of the Lambs, a highly intelligent serial killer. The media highlighted this statement while they failed to report on the witness being convinced that Breivik is sane, meaning they're still preparing the masses for an insanity verdict.

12:12 Breivik addresses the court:

Thank you. As you know, I completely disagree with Aspaas, Tørrissen, Flikke and Johannesen when it comes to these alleged personality disorders. What is common to all four is that they include 22/7 in this calculation, and it's a big mistake. It should not. In these assessments, as is 22 July in the calculation. Taking away 22 July, falling to a certain extent these diagnoses. It is only secondary. I'm glad he thinks I'm not insane. When it comes to empathy failure are we talking about selective empathy. I show no mercy or compassion to the Communists and other multiculturalists, but I do towards nationalists, or those who share my worldview. This was covered in last week. 

When it comes to being deviant and not showing remorse for the atrocities, it is based on military training. This is taught every day to Norwegian soldiers heading for Afghanistan in the Rena military camp, it is common practice.

Regarding being rejected by Fjordman, the reason I got in touch with Fjordman was to get his email address. I have never been rejected by anyone in my life. I broke with the hip-hop environment when I was fifteen, but apart from that I have never been rejected.

And in 2006, it is assumed that I felt that I had failed, but as a matter of fact I was debt free and had one million in assets, making this a particularly bad starting point for such a conclusion.

Regarding honestly taking the personality tests there is disagreement on what I am. I say that I am an altruist, but all psychiatrists say that I am an egoist. They told me that I respond to the test as if I was Mother Teresa, but altruism can serve as the basis for misguided international interests. The reason I did not answer 25 of the questions is because they would put me in a negative light.

Thank you.

12:15 Breivik finishes his address.

Fjordman has turned into somewhat of a drama queen, claiming he denied Breivik's request to meet him in real life, that Breivik's "twisted" interpretation of his articles is what caused 7/22, and that he is somehow a victim in all this. I think Fjordman falls in the same category as Pamela Geller, a Jew who is worried about Islamization but couldn't care less about European indigenous rights. Looking at the translation of Breivik's comments at all I can see is that Breivik asked Fjordman to email him in case he wanted a copy of his book when he was finished.

13:04 Arnhild Flikke is the next witness, she had contact with Breivik in Ila prison and is a psychiatrist.

She is confident that Breivik is neither psychotic, suicidal, or delusional. She mentions the mustard incident with the cat, something Breivik says was a story he made up. I'd say it's extremely difficult to put mustard in the anus of a cat, it's disturbing how these psychologists can't separate fact from fiction, lies from delusions, and ideology from psychopathy.

14:32 Breivik addresses the court:

I am pleased that the Flikke does not think that I'm insane. There are two serious allegations that I have two personality disorders. Dissocial and narcissistic personality disorder. It prevents a person from functioning in socially to a great extent.

In terms of how I view myself, we have discussed a lot together. I have commented that much of it is directly related to the July 22 action. If I had failed and the car had exploded on the way to the Government buildings I wouldn't have been here. It may turn out that the action is important if it is emulated by others. So the picture that emerges is completely wrong.

This was a suicide operation that I did not expect to survive. How much attention I got after I was dead was of little importance.

Thank you.

14:53 Maria Sigur Jónsdóttir is the next witness, she was the technical director of the observation team.

The team was composed of 18 people with between 6 and 34 years of experience in the field. Towards the end of the observation 17 gave their opinion, with 16 concluding that Breivik was not psychotic, and one was unsure. She goes down a long check list of things where Breivik appears to function normally, and like other witnesses she indirectly praises Breivik's intellect.

It appears that most people who spend a long period of time with Breivik develop a certain degree of respect for him. 

16:16 Alexander R. Flaata is the next witness, he observed Breivik for 60 hours.

The most unusual statement he heard was that Breivik hypothesized that one day the human brain could be connected to a computer. He didn't observe any sign of psychosis. 

16:33 Next witness is Bente Sundby who observed Breivik for most of the 21 day period.

She didn't observe any sign of psychosis. Breivik's lack of interest in the notes she was keeping showed that he isn't paranoid either. All in all this adds up to over 20 people who observed Breivik declaring him sane, opposed to 2 people declaring him insane.

16:53 The final witness, Thor Egil Holtskog, is waived.

16:55 The court is adjourned


  1. Hope now that the trial is over Anders can stop being so modest and embrace his hero status

  2. It be over when we hear the judges verdict and i am looking forward to seeing the photos and footage..hopefully it involves big smiles from breivik.I hope you all agree it will be a time for us to raise a glass and drink to his victory

  3. Providing he is found sane then at that moment, I hope to see the biggest grin on his face than any other man , woman or child in the whole of Europe! He deserves it , it will cheer him up immensely, hope to see a salute looking straight into the camera ! I'll definitely raise a glass to him!


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