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Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Friday June 8 (Day 33)

9:28 Commander Breivik enters the courtroom.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-06-08 Live Report

One psychiatric expert will testify today.

The court has decided not to allow the child psychiatrist Per Olav Næss to testify as Breivik's mother withdrew her permission. This is about the period when Breivik was four years old, of which very few details are known, but the court states the generic information available should suffice. In summary, Breivik was difficult to handle at age four, the mother got help, things returned to normal.

9:51 Today's witness is Ulrik Fredrik Malt. He works at the National Hospital and is a professor of psychiatry.

Malt denies having seen the criteria for paranoid schizophrenia in Breivik, but does not rule out the possibility and takes a minute to praise Sørheim and Husby, the clowns who wrote the first psychiatric report. Malt also doesn't think Breivik suffers from a paranoid psychosis, characterized by delusions of grandeur, but once again doesn't rule out the possibility.

Malt suggests that Breivik may have a narcissistic personality disorder. Lippestad complains about Malt's speculation calling it an unofficial 3rd psychiatric report, which continues until it's time for the one hour lunch break. The list of disorders that Breivik is affected by has grown rather large, and apparently includes honor, courage, intelligence, determination, loyalty and perseverance, all undesirable traits under totalitarian Cultural Marxist rule.

After the break they bicker for another hour, upon which the judge decides that Malt can continue.

Malt takes us on a little tour where everything Breivik does is taken out of context and characterized as weird and strange, which reminds me of the first psychiatric report.

14:06 Breivik finally loses his cool and says that he finds Malt's testimony offensive.

The words high functioning autism and Asperger are dropped. He goes on to describe Breivik as someone with an emotional and intellectual schism, intelligent enough to understand the social rules and norms, but ultimately incapable of feeling true empathy. He concludes that Breivik has been tested for Asperger, resulting in the conclusion that he does not have it, though as usual he doesn't rule out the possibility that Breivik masks the supposed mental disorder.

Tourettes is next, which in some cases can involve pervasive thoughts of violence besides the usual tics. Not surprisingly it's possible for someone to completely suppress the tics, leaving the pervasive homicidal thoughts. While he has no direct evidence he basis the diagnosis in part on witness reports from Utoya, probably while maintaining a straight face. Breivik however has a hard time stopping himself from laughing out loud about the absurdity of it all.

There's a short break and Malt continues to take things out of context. He claims that Breivik may be good at masking his Asperger's and come across as a perfectly normal sociable and likable guy to everyone, until the pressure becomes too high. He says he cannot exclude the possibility that Breivik managed to hide a full blown psychosis for almost a year with no outward symptoms.

16:31 Breivik addresses the court:

I want to give my congratulations to Malt for a perfectly executed character assassination. In the beginning I was quite offended, but eventually I thought it was hilarious. The outlined premises outlined is false. It was alleged that I said that I am the commander of a large organization here. I've said from the very beginning that I have been in contact with six people. It was claimed that I said that I have conducted the largest operation since the Second World War, this it is not a grandiose delusion, it's a fact.

It has been claimed that I said that I want to become regent in Norway, this is a statement I have commented on earlier that is simply not true. It is a fictional statement and I have not said anything to suggest this. Then there is a claim that I said in March that the uniform was no longer something important. I have said it is important, but not in the larger context. It is important to realize.

In terms of narcissism, the main definition of the term describes a selfish person who is primarily concerned with their own interests. I am not an egoist, I am an altruistic person. It is plain stupidity to say that a person who has made great personal sacrifices is a narcissist. I have given up everything in order to serve my people, it's a ridiculous claim. I've never had deviant behavior as a child. The document you refer to from my childhood was an assessment of my mother, she had problems after the divorce. This is not uncommon as a divorce can be quite dramatic. It is said that I am obsessed with numbers, this must also be seen in context, although I am more concerned with statistics than most people.

It's not a fact that I wrote 4550 pages as seventy percent was written by others. Thirty percent was written by me. It is important to take note of this. Regarding the allegation of loneliness, I've never been lonely except for when I was isolated and had a full media ban. Aside from that, I've never been lonely in my entire life.

Regarding homicidal thoughts before I was 20 years. It gives the wrong impression. I had considered a politically motivated attack, but it is incorrect to place it in the same category as those of typical serial killers.

There was only one operation that I considered. For example, the introductory lecture was planned a long time ago. I wanted to complete the explanation, so it gives a bad impression of me when you use it as a starting point for a general description. Regarding empathy, it has been confirmed by many previous situations where I have shown emotions in this trial. Lack of empathy does not match what has been documented.

It's an unfounded assertion that I'm not capable of friendship, it's been opposed by the people I was friends with before who have testified. They were very close friendships as of the age of eleven.

I've never been depressed. There are claims that I was slightly feminine, that's not the case.

Dropping out of school to start a company is labeled as failure. I think it will offend many entrepreneurs to call this a failure.

Grunting at Utøya ... it has never been documented once. It's just a shot in the dark. Claims of vocal tics are also unfounded.  I wrote a well reasoned 38 page response that criticizes the first expert report. In particular the claim that I have the right to decide who should live and die, this is a general statement. When Che Guevara and Castro killed people in Cuba it was no different, people who call for revolution accept that people are going to die.

It is asserted that I have not had any long-lasting relationships. I had two for about six months since 2002. Keep in mind that from 2002 to 2006 I worked 12-14 hours per day, this leaves no time for a relationship. It is not because of my inabilities, but because of my focus on a goal. I have dated during this period and I haven't had problems coming in contact with women. The impression is given that I hate women. I love women, I hate feminism.

I've never had any problems dating women or becoming acquainted with women. So this is false information. As of 2006 I decided to plan a violent action and I didn't think it was the right course of action to establish a family with wife and child. The Stockholm bomber left a wife and child.

The claim that I was afraid my family would be tortured in also a distortion of the truth. What I was afraid of was that they would be lynched, as I was expecting over 250 deaths on Utøya. This would have greatly increased the emotional instability among the population, especially among the radical left and Muslims. It's not an irrational concern.

Based on the generic description of narcissism half of Oslo West could be placed in that category. The diagnosis is the equivalent of a blank check. Regarding Asperger. I managed a business with six employees from 2002 to 2006 with great economic success. It seems contrary to the argument.

It appears to me that Malt was here today to defend the psychiatric field. He should have said that many agree that those who have written the first expert report have committed professional suicide. This shows collegial loyalty. The first experts made up 200 lies in their report that I have documented. Malt was called to aid the prosecution and it is important to realize what their agenda is, to portray me as crazy as possible, to get me declared insane.

And the judge, in this case, should discard all psychiatric witnesses and disregard them, and place emphasis on the two reports that are available since this case is clearly about political extremism and psychiatry.

Thank you.

16:43 Breivik finishes his address.

As usual Breivik is the lone voice of reason in this trial. Malt is an intellectually dishonest spin doctor, though he did disagree with the diagnosis that Breivik is psychotic.

After Breivik finishes the judge concludes that he appears to be the only one in the courtroom who perceives Malt's testimony as a character assassination. I'm sure it's no different in North Korea whenever a dissident stands trial.

16:48 The court is adjourned.

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  1. It seemed like Malt was told to dig as much as he could to push the psychotic card even tho he said he could not see much wrong with Breivik.Would they be pushing to be thrown into a mental home if he had gone into the building with free poisoned sweets and fake flyers of support then left and blew up the bomb and not gone to the island?. It will b interesting to hear what his contact in Liberia has to say.


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