Saturday, May 26, 2012

A third letter from Commander Breivik

Firstly I'd like to thank the provider of this letter for supporting Commander Breivik and making his prison life a little less boring.

The letter, with details of a personal / private nature removed, is available on the resource collection.

Anders Behring Breivik Letter 12-05-07

Some highlights are that the Norwegian authorities have made it a policy to declare foreigners undesirable aliens if they are pro-Breivik or aid him in one way or another. I'm not sure if there is an official term for the policy, but it's kind of like racial profiling, so we could call it political profiling, where people with undesirable political opinions are investigated and prosecuted or harassed to the full extend of the law.

In other words, Breivik has single handled turned Norway into an apartheid state where nationalists are treated as second class citizens. As was the case in South Africa this will create a totalitarian environment where armed resistance is inevitable.

Breivik explains the situation regarding his interview. He confirms that he won't appeal if he's declared sane.

Anyways, read for yourself.


  1. Do you have the some more of the letter you can show me?
    Please send to my youtube account dagvn185

  2. Will he think I'm a bit weird if I put on my letter to him "I love you Brother" - It's not a love letter but I thought I should put that at the end. Would you write that? :)

    1. Are you male or female?

    2. If you're a desirable Northern European woman then yes, certainly.

      If you're a guy, then its slightly weird.

    3. I'm a female, but a very young female and I mean very young.

      Because of my age, would he still think I was slighlty weird?

    4. I think Anders will be uncomfortable corresponding with someone under the age of 16 unless they have the consent of their parents.

      It would depend on the rest of the content whether he'll find it weird, I personally don't think he'll mind.

    5. Try 13 years old?

      Can you type something below that you think he might find weird and I'll see whether what I put relates to it please.

    6. Girl, this is not a good idea.
      Your safety and well being is the most important thing.
      Anders probably wouldn't want you to get caught up in all of this. In some nations the police will show up at your school and take you in for questioning, it's a common tactic used to intimidate teenagers with nationalist sympathies.
      If you were to be "outed" as an extreme right sympathizer, this can seriously diminish the options or prospects that are available to you when you are older. Both professionally, and also possibly as an activist if this interests you. If you read Anders' manifesto, you'll notice that he stresses the importance of appearing moderate - you don't want to be flagged.

      An option available to you is to send the letter anonymously (no return address), or have someone send the letter for you.
      But this is serious context in play. Why do you want to write him? To express sympathies? If so do it anonymously. Realistically there isn't much you can do to help him at your age, although you can stay curious, educate yourself and join a political party when you're 16.

    7. I live in England, I wrote to him to tell him about the kind of support he is getting from around the world (although he is probably well aware of the support)
      I wrote quite a few other things aswell, but I'm not this desperate sadcase of a girl with no friends and loves mass killers who writes love letters to them, it was purely to express support.
      As someone said, I think the Norweigans are very liberal people, I don't think they would want to infringe on someone's rights like that.
      Umm.. I put my real name and real adress on the letter. Admittedly, I am starting to regret it, there's not much I can do now though, I sent it about a week ago with a first class stamp.

    8. Hi again.
      You sound very sweet, and quite bright, but this was a very poor judgement call on your part. I wrote the message about 'all the reasons people should write to ABB', but this message wasn't directed at 13 year olds, it was mainly intended for adult men who can possibly be of assistance to Breivik. And my assertion that it is unlikely that Norway will share correspondent's personal information was just a blind assumption, which should have been apparent. I also made the point that having some trouble come one's way is a distinct possibility, and therefore someone that has worldly ambitions should bear this in mind. Being as young as you are you likely don't even yet know what your ambitions will be, why take the chance of being put on a list and for example never be permitted to become a public servant, or take any kind of job that requires "clearance"? This is the kind of employment from where one can hope to wield influence, and attempt to change the system without being a militant nationalist.
      I write to ABB, but first of all, I am a European living in North America, and this distance already affords me more security. 2nd, I write under an alias from a rented post office box, so it would take serious collaboration (for ex. a warrant) between my country and Norway for my full name to be divulged.
      Whereas you live in the Europe, where there is already a higher level of co-operation between England and Norway on security matters, and you say you used your home address...So for your name to be put on a "list" takes very little bureaucratic wrangling, it can be done with a simple "click", so to speak.
      Do you realize that your parents might get in trouble as well? There are many cases of children being taken away by social services because the parents are designated as "Nazis".
      Breivik doesn't need fan mail, he mentions repeatedly in his letters that he is looking for activists. I'm sorry, but now I feel terrible about my original message in that it alleviated your worries and spurred you to act.
      I'm sure there is a lot you can accomplish and contribute, but given your current circumstances, WRITING SUPPORT LETTERS TO A TERRORIST IS NOT THE APPROPRIATE COURSE OF ACTION. Once again, serious context in play here.

    9. Worst case they'll take someone in for questioning, but that's all the power they have and there's no real need to worry when this happens, try to see it as an exciting adventure as it's scary but absolutely risk free.

      Among White Nationalists it's tradition to state: I have nothing to say.

      The Norwegian police have been running background checks on nationalists supporting Breivik entering Norway, and deported several who had criminal records.

      If the letter didn't contain anything illegal you'll be alright, though it's likely if you use your full name that you'll be placed on a Norwegian black list and have your background checked when entering Norway.

      Anyways, no real need to freak out.

    10. No, it didn't conatin anything illegal.

      I did get carried away with sending the letter to him and as such, forot about my own perosnal safety or the affects it could possibly have on my future. I was aware of the consequenes but I had a feeling of "f*ck it" and decided to send it anyway.

      My Mum said to me that if I felt I was old enough to send the letter then there was nothing she could do to stop me. She said she wants nothing to do with any of it.

      All the great leaders of the world know that if you can get children while there young, and entice them to their own way of thinking if you like, it will take some hard work for them to drift away from it. It can be illustrated like the Hitler Youth, or companies advertising dairy milk chocolate, once the children are enticed to it, they are sort of trapped by it in adulthood, do you undertsand what I mean, so God knows what I might be capable of in adulthood.

    11. "so God knows what I might be capable of in adulthood."

      Not much if your career options are severely limited because of the fact that you support a terrorist. This is the system at present, in 20 years who knows.

    12. If people keep acting cowardly they will have nothing left worth fighting for in 40 years. Europeans need to stop worrying about their careers, and start worrying about the very survival of their race.

    13. So you suggest that women pick up arms and right wrongs for themselves??

    14. Women shouldn't pick up arms, but they should try to look their best physically (hit the gym) and openly voice their support for militant nationalism.

    15. My main concern is this, do you think Anders will appreciate the sentiment? Like do you think he will acknowledge that I did have good intentions when I sent that letter even if it may seem a bit counterproductive now?

      That is what I really want to know.

    16. It isn't going to be a revolution of the proletariat. If she is unable to ever attain any position of influence she will be of no help

    17. He'll of course appreciate your letter. He's very isolated and I'm confident he immensely appreciates receiving information about what is going on from various sources.

      The media isn't going to report about the support Breivik receives on Youtube or about far right leaders who acknowledge Anders' sacrifice and the importance of 7/22, so yes, he needs those kind of letters.

      It's in my opinion important for women to openly support militant nationalism, but I'd wait till you are at least 16.

    18. I have been reading the comments to this young girl over the past few days and you all seem to have negative thoughts towards her sending that letter. You need to encourage her, she's only young and she seems to have more guts to show her support than most adults. For her age, she clearly shows she has a good understanding of the otherside of the political spectrum and doesn't just buy into what is being pumped into schools nowdays, and I assume she has a lot of ambition and vision, her abilities need to be harnessed in a positive manner.

      If Anders has sense, he will see the opportunity to mold her into a future conservative warrior.

      He himself says - "Another much underestimated task is procreation. By having as many children as possible and “moulding them into conservative warriors; to fight with the pen or the sword” will be the key to our future victory. We need a new generation who has been shielded from the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist indoctrination campaigns and we need brothers and sisters who parent these future Europeans heroes. If you are not willing to sacrifice your own life, then I would strongly advise you to make babies and ensure that they will be willing to sacrifice theirs when the time is right."

      Good on you girl!

    19. I agree in essence, but if she is outed and taken in for questioning this can be incredibly stressful and subsequently detrimental to her health. It's better for her to lay low until she is 16 than to burn out like Lynx and Lamb Gaede did.


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