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Rosenqvist Psychiatric Notes 2011-12-20

This is the third report by Randi Rosenqvist on Commander Breivik.

Rosenqvist Psychiatric Report 2011-12-20

The report starts out with an exchange that I can make no sense of.

Breivik explains that over 80% of the forensic psychiatric statement is a misrepresentation of the truth. Breivik denies envisioning himself as the ruler of Norway and sees himself primarily as a foot soldier. Most of it reads as propaganda (go Breivik!) and Rosenqvist remains a fairly neutral observer.

Sverre Riisn├Žs is discussed who spend 12 years in psychiatric care after the end of WW2. Breivik mentions a justice ministers named Mikkelsen who shared a similar fate, but I can't find anything about that.

There's no evidence that nationalists are declared insane in Europe, then again, the entire argument appears to be a straw man. Breivik mentioned that a couple of nationalists were declared insane right after WW2 which is true, which is then made out to be that he claims nationalists are being declared insane today, a claim Breivik never made. Attacks of this nature where Breivik is misrepresented and quoted out of context have occurred frequently and shows the willingness of the media to engage in demonization and character assassinations.

Rosenqvist discusses Breivik's appearance and finds everything within the normal range, she doesn't think he's psychotic, or a psychotic who's trying to appear normal.

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  1. I rather enjoyed this example of the MSM's approach, from Telegraph:
    "As the days wore on and he became unsettled by the prosecution’s questioning, white specks of dandruff flecked Breivik’s dark jacket, beads of sweat glistened on a face pockmarked by acne, and a motionless comb-over grew more slicked and gleaming."
    Lol! Everyone knows Breivik is Europe's most eligible bachelor!!


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