Monday, May 7, 2012

Rosenqvist Psychiatric Notes 2011-11-01

This is the second report by Randi Rosenqvist on Commander Breivik.

Rosenqvist Psychiatric Report 2011-11-01

She had a one hour chat with Breivik on November 1, 2011. This is basically a follow up on the first report.

She reports that Breivik is doing alright, that the interrogations, though exhausting, are easier on Breivik than isolation. He's been given a threadmill, though his request for weights to train with has been denied, of course there are always handstand push-ups.

She assesses Breivik to not be suicidal and is in fact amazed by his calm state of mind. She rationalizes this by arguing that the graveness of the situation has yet to sink in. The opposite is the most likely truth, the hardest part of the journal is over for Commander Breivik, the graveness of the multicultural hell hole that is modern day Europe has sank in years ago.

She believes Breivik thinks he will be one day considered a hero, and does not assess this as a psychotic delusion, though she finds it a questionable view on reality. Breivik believes he has the support of 15% of the Norwegian men and that this percentage will increase. She classifies his political views as an extreme ideology and not a psychotic reality.

She believes that Breivik may have been influenced by an anti-Islamic cult-like movement, it's unclear if she refers to the Knights Templar or the anti-Islamic nationalist movements in Europe.

In Rosenqvist's own words:
The experience of being isolated in prison have not affected his conviction of having a mission in relation to the entire Nordic indigenous people, a mission we all want to thank him for in a few decades.
 She observes that Breivik is very friendly and tried to make friends with her, complimenting her bourgeois conservatism. As such she suggests that prison personnel should be careful in their interaction with him. According to one news source the prison authorities dealt with this by using a buddy system, where Breivik will always be assisted by at least two persons.


  1. 15% of Norwegian MEN!!

    1. It's been corrected.

      Based on Dutch statistics 20% supports Geert Wilders, of which 75% are male making up roughly 30% of the male population. Of those 50% support Breivik's worldview which comes pretty close to 15%.

      Of that 15% roughly a third is militant, which is roughly 5%.


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