Sunday, May 13, 2012

Free Anders Behring Breivik

There is a petition to free Commander Breivik on the self proclaimed #1 petition site in the world.

Like anything in support of Breivik on a mainstream site it is likely to be deleted the moment it reaches significance, as happened to Breivik's fanclub on the Steam gaming site, and a fan page at, the Russian equivalent of Facebook, which had over 2000 followers.

All in all this petition is not that interesting due to a low number of signatures, but I figured to compile some statistics. I found a total of 246 non anonymous signatures. As was to be expected roughly 90% of them are from males.

While somewhat controversial I decided to group the signatures based on a combination of region and language, creating the Nordic, Slavic, and Mediterranean groups, among others.

Nordic Nations
Austria             3
Belgium             6
Denmark             4
Estonia             3
Germany            13 
Latvia              3
Lithuania           4
Netherland          2
Norway             17
Poland             12
Sweden             13
Switserland         2
United Kingdom     13

Slavic Nations
Belarus             2
Croatia             1
Georgia             1
Hungary             3
Macedonia           1
Romania             2
Russia             42
Serbia              1
Slovenia            1
Ukraine             4

Mediterranean Nations
France              4
Italy               2

European Colonial Nations
Australia           5
New Zealand         1
United States      54

Jewish Nations

Israel              9

Support from Mediterranean nations is very low, this may be due to inadequate English skills or a sense that they aren't a part of the Nordic struggle. We can always count on Americans to exercise their constitutional right of free speech.

Israel lets itself be heard as well. It remains to be seen if Israel will continue it's international support for multiculturalism and it's tendency to meddle in Western affairs. It should be obvious that the creation of Arabic Christian states is in Israel's best interest. The ten million Egyptian Christians will create a state east of the Suez Canal bordering Israel to the south. Lebananon will be a Christian state once again bordering Israel to the north. 

I included Poland as a Nordic nation due to its location. Support among Slavic nations is high which is most excellent, and I hope this indicates a strengthened sense of brotherhood among North European natives.

There were a few signatures from Muslims as well, I guess a love for terrorism runs in their blood.

The majority of signatures, about 80%, appear to be from males.


  1. This was a very interesting post, it appears that like ABB you enjoy 'categorization'.

    I'm not sure about the usefulness of classifying Baltic nations as nordic, both because of ethnic/language differences, but also because none of these nations are yet dealing with Islamisation.

    1. Poland has thousands of migrant workers who come back with stories about the joys of multiculturalism. The language barrier is a problem and there's a strong argument in favor of grouping by language group. Ethnically I don't think Poland differs much from Germany, it has roughly the same percentage of blondes.

    2. Obviously you've never seen 'slav-face'

  2. is still up and running


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