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Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Wednesday May 9 (Day 15)

9:00 The court is set.

Today we'll have 12 more autopsy reports. It's the usual ritual of a description of how they died followed by some kind words.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-05-09 Live Report

I updated the detailed victim list with the information that Torjus Jakobsen Blattmann was a deputy leader. Breivik claims that 42 of the traitors executed on Utoya were in leading positions. I'm at 39 when including board members, with each city typically having a board existing of 5 to 9 members. I'd probably make it to 42 with a more thorough investigation.

12:00 It's discussed whether witnesses can watch each other's testimonies, and whether Commander Breivik can be present. The conclusion seems to be that Breivik has to leave if the witness requests it.

13:30 Breivik is placed one row back in a less visible location from the witness stand.

14:05 Helen Brenna, secretary general of the AUF, takes the witness stand.

14:12 She explains there were two civilian security guards on Utoya, Breivik executed both of them.

14:30 She claims that she heard joyous outbursts whenever people were hit.

Commander Breivik may have done this to scare people so they would take a swim, it makes sense to deny this as the judge could use it as an argument to declare him insane. Other witness reports describe Breivik as calm and quiet.

14:35 She explains she thought there was no point in swimming because the Oslo bombing gave the impression that the entire nation was unsafe.

It's hard to think rationally under high levels of stress, it's an interesting thought that the bombing stopped many from trying to swim to the mainland. The same line of thought caused the ferry to take a one hour detour instead of going straight to the mainland.

14:53 Helen Brenna: The boat has scheduled times. So you can not just order a boat. But most are pre-registered. One is then checked against a list. Luggage will also be checked before you get to board the boat.

Nothing about this sounds like the cozy summer camp the mainstream media would like you to believe Utoya was. Breivik wouldn't have been allowed on the island if it hadn't been for his uniform, then again, he could have seized the ferry or a civilian boat.

15:12 Breivik is given the opportunity to comment on the witness, but is not allowed to address a witness directly. Breivik wants Brenna to explain AUFs ideological program, and it's unclear why his defense team isn't asking the questions for him instead. Brenna leaves the courtroom shortly after with no further testimony.

15:30 Next witness is Oddvar Hansen who rescued swimmers and shipped the first policemen to Utoya.

Hansen's wife heard shots coming from Utoya, so he grabbed his binoculars and saw several people in the water swimming the one mile distance to the shore. He got to his boat and was within range of the island in a couple of minutes. He pulled some girls into his boat before heading back, this after his boat got shot at.

Back on the shore he was asked by a system protector to help out, and ended up taking four system protectors to Utoya. Another boat held six system protectors, and on his way back to the shore he saw another boat carrying system protectors. While waiting for his uncle to bring him gasoline the ferry returned.

Traitors brought to shore from Utoya were scared when seeing the system protectors, nervously inquiring if they were real, this puts a smile on Commander Breivik's face as he listens.

16:22 Breivik states that he fired warning shots at the boats first, and would shoot to hit if they didn't move back out.

16:23 Next witness, Bjørn Magnus Jacobsen Ihler, takes place in the witness stand.

Ihler is an AUF member. When asked he confirms his pocket knife was taken from him upon entering Utoya. During the meeting in the great hall where the traitors were briefed on the Oslo bombing they were told that Utoya was the safest place to be.

When Ihler saw Breivik shooting people he ran into the forest, over a hill, and called his father. He moved around with some people, trying to be quiet, and picked up two young boys on the way. Both young boys stated they never wanted to return to Utoya again. I can only assume this made Breivik smile in approval.

He ends up on the southern tip and heads into the water and swims to a spot that provides cover as Breivik shows up and begins shooting. One of the young boys mentions that Breivik spared his life. When the cold gets to them they get back on land and wait.

Eventually a system protector shows up, frightened they are heading back out into the water when the system protector holds his gun behind his back and yells that the madman has been taken. Eventually they were transported back to the mainland.

Would one-eye be deemed insane in the land of the blind?

16:56 Bjorn Ihler says he had a nervous breakdown at one point and had to be taken to the hospital. He's frightened whenever he sees a system protector, his confidence has been destroyed.

17:02 Ihler says he studies in Liverpool and had to change apartments because his old apartment was close to one of Breivik's coordinates included in 2083. He had another nervous breakdown just before Christmas 2011.

17:11 Defender Geir Lippestad: You have previously said that on several occasions you saw Breivik on Utøya. Do you remember anything more about how you experienced it?

17:12 Bjorn Ihler: He moved controlled, and what I perceived as slow in many ways, calculated. The whole performance was very quiet, at least in terms of how the situation was. There was no yelling, there was no running, it was that he calmly lifted his rifle and started shooting.

It's clear that AUF has been dealt a critical blow and that the percentage of long term post traumatic stress might be much higher than 10%. It's unclear how many are worried they will be hung for treason when the Cultural Marxist reign comes to an end, this is definitely a question Lippestad ought to ask.

17:24 The court is adjourned.

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