Monday, May 28, 2012

Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Wednesday May 23 (Day 23)

9:00 The court is now set.

Today five survivors will testify.

9:03 First up is 15 years old Ylva Helen Schwenke.

She was shot four times, including shots in both legs and her shoulder. She zones out until help arrives.

She says she's not ashamed of her scars because that's the price she paid for democracy. Breivik smiles, probably like one smiles when dealing with a child who is still fully convinced that Santa Claus is real.

9:38 Next witness is 17 years old and remains anonymous.

She was shot in the arm and is doing well otherwise.

10:37 Next witness is 20 years old Tarjei Jensen Bech.

He ended up jumping from a cliff into the water, a ten meter fall, seriously injuring himself in the process. He's still doing politics.

12:34 The next witness wishes to remain anonymous. She is 18 years old.

She calls Breivik a moron and unsurprisingly isn't warned by the judge. She was shot while hiding out in the water and is likely to make a full recovery. 

12:59 The final witness is Andrine Johansen. She is 17 years.

She hides out at the pump house when Breivik shows up to play hook, line, and sinker and tells them he's a system protector with a rescue boat. A couple of traitors take the bait and get executed.

She says she's hit in the chest, then starts to make implausible statements, like describing how a friend throws himself in the line of fire, sacrificing himself to save her life, and that Breivik smiled and laughed while executing traitors. She coughed up blood until help arrived.

She has panic attacks, insomnia, and trouble eating red foods because they remind her of blood.

13:36 The court is adjourned.

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