Thursday, May 24, 2012

Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Wednesday May 16 (Day 20)

9:01 Commander Breivik has been seated in the courtroom.

Today five survivors will testify, three of them anonymous, hopefully out of fear that someone else will finish the job that Breivik started.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-05-16 Live Report

9:02 The first to take the witness stand is 17 years old Ingvild exchanger Stensrud.

Like several others she ends up hiding out in the cafe building behind the piano. Breivik jumps on the piano and begins to shoot, she gets hit in the hip and shoulder and plays dead. Breivik fails to give her a head shot, possibly because someone fell on top of her and she didn't move when he shot her in the shoulder. She stayed in the building with other survivors until the system protectors showed up.

She has recovered both physically and mentally.

9:40 Next witness is an 18 year old man.

He's in the cafe building as well and is hit in the arm and foot. He plays dead in a pile of corpses, someone else playing dead isn't as lucky and is shot in the head while he watches. After Breivik leaves he hangs out with a guy who got shot in the face, and Ingvild who testified before him.

His foot is permanently damaged and still hurts, and he hasn't worked since. 

10:24 One of the witnesses who would testify today was moved to May 29. Thus remain two witness statements for today.

10:37 Next witness is 20 years old Glenn Martin Waldenstrøm, he makes Breivik leave the court room.

Waldenstrøm was in the cafe building with the previous two witnesses. He sees Breivik enter the building, and claims that Breivik looked confused, which is a rather poor way to describe Commander Breivik's "I'm going to execute me some filthy traitors" face. Seconds later he's shot in the face and hangs out with Ingvild and the guy Breivik played footsie with until the system protectors come by to take care of them.

He's got 10% vision left in his right eye and hasn't physically recovered, a mild punishment for high treason. 

12:28 The next witness is a 22-year-old woman.

She's in the cafe building and sees a Breivik when she looks out of the window. She stands in the doorway when she's hit in the foot, after which she jumps through a window and runs to the water, just in time to see the ferry leave Utoya. She decides to play possum until help arrives.

She hasn't fully recovered and will have surgery this fall. Emotionally she's doing well.

13:03 The court is back to discussing to what degree the proceedings will be censored.

13:20 Commander Breivik comments that there is no danger in allowing his comments to be recorded because the media won't broadcast anything that is politically insensitive.

As his 36 page letter wasn't published in full this seems to be a correct assessment, though I doubt they trust the Eastern European press which has yet to be properly house-trained.

13:20 The court is adjourned.


  1. Some of the cultural marxists are pretty tough bastards!

    1. From what I've gathered it's difficult to kill someone with a single shot unless you hit them square in the brain, heart, or neck.

      Breivik's success is in large part due to administering 56 head shots.

  2. If you assemble your own bullets,drilling a small hole in the projectile and filling it with mercury from a thermometer and sealing the hole with candle wax means no one im told :) my guess is a small explosion on impact


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