Thursday, May 10, 2012

Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Wednesday April 25 (Day 08)

8:58 Commander Breivik is escorted into the hall and the show begins.

9:02 The autopsy report of the Oslo bombing is reviewed, it's fairly boring stuff, most of the victims died instantly.

10:15 One of the witnesses explains he's still afraid of loud noises.

Post traumatic stress typically vanishes after three months, but for roughly ten percent of the population the stress response lasts multiple years. While Commander Breivik's plan to let most traitors on Utoya drown failed, there will be about 50 survivors who will experience long term post traumatic stress making it unlikely they'll pursue a career in politics.

12:00 Breivik is asked his opinion about the testimonies so far. His response is that violence is the last resort, and that July 22 is only the beginning.

12:11 Breivik explains he originally thought Husby and Sørheim who wrote the November 29 psychiatric report to be objective and professional though he noticed they were fishing for specific information. He wasn't allowed to read the document until December 15 and the police wouldn't give him the conclusion, though a fellow prisoner shouted it to him while he was out in the yard.

12:14 Breivik's letter criticizing the report is discussed. Breivik mentions the three editors who received it censored it to a large degree. 

12:26 Breivik says the report intentionally omitted pronounce to make him look inarticulate.

12:46 Breivik says most of the report is fictional, and that the psychiatrists had taken content from police reports.

13:00 Breivik discusses five possible motives for the psychiatrists to be unobjective. These are lack of understanding of his political views, fear of association (aka political correctness), economic dependence on government contracts, a desire for revenge, and government pressure. Breivik thinks the last two motives to be unlikely. 

13:15 The use of forced psychiatric treatment for political dissidents is discussed on several occasions. The prosecution argues it never happened, and Breivik is unable to source his claims. This information would be very hard to get your hands on, but it's reasonable to assume that anything Marxists do will be copied to a lesser degree by Cultural Marxists.

It's of course clear that in the case of Breivik forced psychiatric treatment is considered. Anti-psychotic medications cause brain damage, and long term use inevitably results in the development of tardive dyskinesia, which causes involuntary movements. It's a particularly cruel form of torture to force these drugs on a sane person, and only a fool would believe that Commander Breivik is psychotic.

13:30 The second report is discussed where the calls were recorded on tape. Breivik says he disagrees with the conclusion (narcissistic personality disorder), and that declaring him fully sane would have been career suicide for Tørrissen and Aspaas.

13:40 Breivik maintains that someone who is willing to sacrifice their life can't be a narcissist. What follows is all rather boring as the prosecution is trying to make it seem like Breivik is a weirdo, and as the sheeple know, the opinion of a weirdo doesn't matter.

Just as friendly reminder, Breivik is the originator of one of the greatest solo acts of terrorism and propaganda in history.

14:59 Breivik says he considered political violence for the first time when he was 19. On July 22 he woke up thinking it would be the day he would die.

15:52 Breivik: - Part of the reason was that I wanted to use the forensic psychiatric report as propaganda. I knew it would be conveyed, or leaked.

It was my impression as well that the psychiatric report was mostly propaganda. The psychiatrists were total morons for not understanding this.

16:01 Another long court day comes to an end.

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