Thursday, May 24, 2012

Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Tuesday May 15 (Day 19)

8:58 Breivik enters the courtroom.

Today four traitors who survived Utoya will testify.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-05-15 Live Report

The first order of business is whether Breivik's comments to the witnesses will be allowed to be broadcast.

9:06 The first witness, a 15 year old girl, is waived. A written statement is read instead.

She suffered from a fractured shoulder blade and injuries to the right lung. She also suffers from mental problems.

9:16 The next witness is Marta-Johanne Svendsen.

Like many people she ran for the forest during the initial surge of panic. She was shot through the arm as she reached the forest's edge. She sought aid in the schoolhouse, which Breivik eventually approached and fired two shots through the window before walking off. She stayed there until the system protectors showed up.

If I recall Breivik's statements correctly he didn't enter the building where 47 people hid because he wanted to avoid getting ambushed.

She reports her elbow is completely healed, and that her post traumatic stress vanished after about three months, which is the normal recovery time for most people.

Lippestad asks if she knew that Breivik had taken off the door handle. She was unaware.

9:44 Next witness is Ina Rangone Libak, 22 years old.

She was in the cafe building when the shooting started and hid behind a piano. Breivik jumped on top of the piano and started shooting, hitting Libak in the hands, chest, and jaw before she ran out of the building.

A friend finds her, picks her up, and runs off with her into the woods and down a cliff. The people she ends up hiding with manage to stop the bleeding and keep her warm. At one point Breivik walks passed heir hiding spot, and either doesn't see them or pretends he doesn't because he's out of ammunition. A couple of minutes later Breivik surrenders to the system.

She was discharged from the hospital after a month and suffers from anxiety and nightmares but appears to be doing alright otherwise.

10:34 Next witness is Even More Ă˜ien Kleppen and was working for Norwegian People's Aid, which is a sister organization of the labor party.

Kleppen is on the mainland when Breivik arrives and takes the same ferry ride to Utoya. He notices the unusual length of the assault rifle's magazine. Kleppen describes Breivik as very calm. He heads to the main house and drops of his bags, then he hears shooting.

Kleppen ends up barricading himself into the school house. At one point Breivik tries to open the door. Eventually they are escorted out of the building by system protectors.

Kleppen is still on sick leave and suffers from nightmares and anxiety.

13:14 The next witness is an eighteen year old man.

He watches a person in a grey sweater walk up to a system protector and offers to shake his hand in welcome. Then all of a sudden something strange happens, the system protector draws his gun and shoots the Cultural Marxist in the grey sweater in the head, people start running as panic ensues.

He ends up on the southern tip and joins Breivik's private swim school with a friend.

After 100-150 minutes his friend turns around, unable to go much further, and starts swimming back to Utoya. His friend never makes it back and drowns. The witness continues swimming until he reaches the mainland.

He feels guilty about abandoning his friend but is otherwise doing well.

13:36 The next witness is Julie Size Held Iversen who testifies by telephone, she's 17 years old and currently resides in the United States.

She gets shot in the left leg as she runs off, and soon after starts swimming towards the mainland. About 100 meters off shore she looks back and watches a fellow traitor getting executed. She's picked up by a row boat eventually.

Her leg injury was minor and she's doing well.

14:00 The court is adjourned after Breivik states he has no comments.

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