Sunday, May 13, 2012

Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Thursday May 3 (Day 11)

8:57 Commander Breivik enters the courtroom and we're ready to rock.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-05-03 Live Report

9:03 Simen Brænde Mortensen has taken the witness stand.

This guy was a guard on the ferry and a local AUF chapter leader which makes him a Category B traitor. He was responsible for checking passwords and having an overview of who was on the island at any time.

He's fooled by the fake police ID and gets the ferry to come by to pick up judge, jury, executioner, foot soldier, freedom fighter, single cell terrorist, Commander of the Knights Templar Europe Anders Behring Breivik. Soon after the shooting begins.

9:32 The captain of MS Thorbjørn takes the witness stand.

He drops Commander Breivik off on Utoya and watches the first traitor getting executed by means of a shot in the back of the head, his wife, fellow category B traitor Monica Bosei, was executed shortly after. He panics and runs back to the ferry and heads out into open water with a handful of people and decides to drop them off two miles north of Utoya. By the time he returns Breivik has been arrested.

The traitor/coward claims his actions were justified, but had he stuck around he'd have been able to take the Delta team to the Island half an hour earlier and subsequently have saved over twenty lives.

Commander Breivik has stated previously that it was a strategical error to let the ferry get away.

10:41 Now the police captain Goran Dyvesveen from the NCIS and the police superintendent Trond Sand Braaten and Southern Buskerud Police District to witness the forensic investigation of Utøya.

They mention Breivik brought handcuff strips, possibly to aid with the planned decapitation of a category A traitor.

11:02 POB Dyvesveen: In total there were 1036 cartridges in boxes and trays.

11:36 One of the civilian rescue boats was sunk by means of six bullet holes in the hull.

13:07 It's mentioned that Breivik was wearing a Knights Templar cross around his neck.

13:26 Police Superintendent Morten Støen talks about Gungnir and  Mjølnir, the names Breivik gave to his rifle and pistol.

Mjølnir aka Thor's Hammer is a Glock 34 equipped with a green laser pointer, a typical magazine holds 17 bullets but Breivik ordered magazines holding 30 bullets.

Gungnir, aka Odin's Spear is a Ruger Mini-14 Rifle equipped with a reflector sight, bayonet, and a green laser pointer.

14:45 The final witness is Ingelin Killengreen who was the head of Norway's police force in 2011.

Killengreen mentions that several people in her department lost children on Utoya. This confirms the original rumors that a portion of the youths on Utoya were the children of the political elite.

Killengreen mentions that the new government building may cost up to 10 billion Kroner, roughly 1.3 billion Euro. This would award Commander Breivik the Distinguished Saboteur Master Commendation: Gold sword for property/infrastructure damage and/or production halt loss of at least 1 billion Euro.

She comes across as the typical career bureaucrat, quick to claim it's not her area of responsibility when asked why people can still drive past the parliament.

15:24 The court is adjourned for the day.


  1. Guess Breivik was wrong about the majority of police/military forces supporting the 'guiding principles' of KT. Several victims being children of members of the department implies a high concentration of traitors in the police force.

    1. She's no longer the head of the police force. I think she was talking about the new department she was assigned to, the Ministry of Government Administration, Reform and Church Affairs.


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