Monday, May 28, 2012

Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Thursday May 24 (Day 24)

8:59 The defendant Anders Behring Breivik is led into the courtroom.

Four traitors and a Muslim get to tell their story today.

9:02 First out of the witnesses today is 21 years old Mathias Eckhoff.

He gets shot in the thigh at the pump house. He swims into open water and is picked up by a boat.

9:37 Next witness is 21 years old Mohamad Hadi Hamed, from Brumunddal.

He's brought to the stand in a wheelchair after Breivik has left the court room upon his request.

He runs off in the initial panic and is shot while doing so, but in decent shape when he ends up at the pump house. When Breivik shows up there and begins shooting he assumes the fetal position covering his head with his arms. Breivik walks up to him eventually and shoots him in the side, arm, and leg. Hamed takes a deep breath and pretends to be dead until Breivik walks off.

Hamed is still recovering and one arm and one leg had to be amputated. The main reason he didn't want Breivik to see him was out of fear that seeing him crippled would make Breivik smile. It just might.

11:26 The Next witness is 16 years old Einar Bardal.

He's on the west side of Utoya when he is hit in the face and the knee. He's fully recovered physically.

13:02 Next witness is Cecilie Herlovsen, who is 17 years old and from Sarpsborg.

She is shot in the wrist, shoulder, and jaw. Her arm had to be amputated as a result. 

13:36 Next witness is Ingela Heie. She is 18 years.

She gets shot in the arm, pretends to be dead, and gets shot in the head. She regains consciousness in a pool of her own blood.

She has frequent headaches and lost her sense of smell.

14:30 Commander Breivik enters the court after the break and will address the court.

I have two brief comments on what we talked about yesterday, and comments to the judges. Claims that I cursed on Utøya. I have not done so and what I said was misunderstood to mean I was looking for Eskil. I did so to stop people from running away. It's also untrue that I have laughed or smiled while on Utøya.

So I have two pieces of information to the judges. One is that it has been commented that I did not show emotion in court, and this is intentional. But it is worth noting that I use a lot of energy doing so. Although I experience things that move me, I'm good at hiding it. When I come home to Ila, I am very exhausted and today I feel almost mentally damaged by the witness statements.

Also, I have a final point. Before this trial started, I had considered criteria in case of an appeal, and my main objective of this trial was to convey what I wanted to convey ideologically. Now it's the case that my comments were not broadcast, but the text was still disseminated, and as it has been until now, I feel there's been the required minimum exposure. There is really no reason to appeal at all, if I am considered sane.

So, with that settled, the question whether the case should be appealed or not, is up to the judge alone.

14:36 The court is adjourned.

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