Friday, May 11, 2012

Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Thursday April 26 (Day 09)

9:00 The court is set without Commander Breivik.
9:05 Føsker, one of the survivors of the Oslo bombing is being questioned. He got tossed around by the blast and was worried someone would finish the job when he heard someone approach.

Obviously the guy is making up this 'fear of execution' because execution sprees weren't in the spot light until July 22, besides, bombers typically don't stick around. The guy comes across as a political correct tool, worked for the justice department for 30 years, most likely a category D traitor, acceptable collateral damage. As should be expected the motives of the witness aren't questioned, while Breivik has to suffer through an hour of questioning for every little tidbit.

9:32 Commander Breivik enters the court room.

They let Harald Føsker answer questions for a little longer, nothing of relevance. 

9:55 Next witness is Anne Helene Lund, who was at the reception on the first floor of the high-rise.

What follows is another one hour tearjerker from someone who decided to work for an authoritarian regime. Ignorance is not an excuse. She made the bed she lies in.

11:39 The first witness after the break is Wilsgård Sissel, who was portrayed on July 22 with a bloody face.

She gets to whine for 30 minutes. No mention of white women raped by imported Muslims.

12:14 The next witness is Line Benedikte Nersnæs who was in the tower block, on the 11th floor on July 22.

She ended up with a piece of wood stuck in her head after the blast. She's looking forward to going back to work and continue her quest to help the Cultural Marxists destroy Norway.

12:40 The court is adjourned.

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