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Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Monday May 21 (Day 21)

8:59 Commander Anders Behring Breivik is brought into the court room.

Today four traitors and a Muslim will testify.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-05-21 Live Report

9:03 The witness Hussein Kazemi takes a seat in the witness stand.

Kazemi came from Afghanistan in 2009 and it didn't take him long to join forces with those who encourage his people to wage genocidal demographic warfare against the indigenous Norwegian population.

When the panic breaks out he runs off into the woods, and meets up with a bunch of traitors, this is when someone points out he's been shot in the leg. He moves south and eventually Breivik shows up, after which he heads out into the water and gets shot in the leg once more before he hides behind a rock. At the hospital they discover two bullets in each thigh and one in his ankle.

He says he isn't doing well mentally, Lippestad fails to inquire if his mental problems may be due to his parents being first cousins. Kazime says Breivik had a calm and gentle voice, which combined with his calm demeanor made it easy to be fooled.

Breivik's talent for trickery pales in comparison to the millions of people fooled by Cultural Marxist propaganda each day.

10:00 Breivik leaves the room so Hanne Hestø Ness can take the witness stand. This can be seen as a humiliation, but it's a clear victory as it displays the mental weakness of the witness.

She's in the great hall when Breivik enters and begins executing traitors. She is hit by several bullets and her best friend lies on top of her preventing her from moving as Breivik moves on. She claims she screamed at Breivik in anger, but I bet she pissed her pants instead.

She's hit in the neck, arm, and hand, and one of her fingers had to be amputated. She's still recovering mentally and physically. 

11:00 The next one is 18-year-old Martha Smith Fevang, Breivik remains absent for this testimony as well.

She comes across a system protector during the initial panic and watches a guy getting executed at close range. They run off and gather at the love trail when Breivik eventually catches up with them and executes traitors left and right. Ten traitors are killed and Smith receives a head shot which she survives. Pro-tip: Always double tap. When she regains consciousness she crawls into the woods to hide, where she finds help and ends up getting bandaged.

When asked she said Breivik was very calm and determined. She can no longer dance due to her injury.

12:49 Next one up is 18-year-old Martha Gustavsen Ødegården.

She climbs down a cliff along the south side of Utoya when she's shot in the thigh, followed by a shot in the back. She makes her way into the water and chills for an hour until she's helped back out.

She spent five months in the hospital and still has to use crutches. She has frequent anxiety attacks.

13:34 Last witnessing today is Renate Tower.

She survived and wants some pity for losing some friends, all in all there's nothing of interest in her story.

14:20 Breivik reads the various leadership positions those who have testified have.

I checked the word for word transcript from to see the full comment, but 'word for word' apparently means that anything that is inconvenient to the system gets skipped or summarized. With some perseverance I eventually found Breivik's full statement.


Breivik: During my testimony I mentioned that I wanted to explain to the judges a few key points on how I became radicalized. In addition, I wish to convey an overview of political motivated violence carried out by militant nationalists since 1978 and I was told that I should have time to explain this and my question is whether you can dedicate an hour to do so in the near future. 

Judge Wenche Elizabeth Arntzen: We will have a meeting tomorrow and then we shall look at it. But we do not take this now.

Breivik: When Breivik get the word again, he begins to read from a sheet. 

Breivik: It is that some of the witnesses who have met here and have not informed their political positions in the Workers' Youth League, so I thought I could quickly go through it now. I start with Frida Holm Skoglund, who is vice chairman of the AUF in Vestfold, Ina Rangone Libak, County Secretary for Labour Youth in Akershus.

Judge Wenche Elizabeth Arntzen: Breivik, what significance does this mean?

Breivik: No, that is, the impression they give when they come here, it's that they weren't political at all. But many of these are very experienced political activists and it is something that in his statements, not stressed, and I feel that it is important to emphasize that.

Breivik: Julie Iversen, former local team leader in Halden, Ingvild Stensrud, AUFs delegation leader for those from Telemark, Elise Waage, county leader of AUF in Østfold and women's political contact in Sarpsborg, Hanne Hestø Ness was vice chairman of the Nord-Trøndelag AUF. That's all I have so far.

Breivik: There have also been allegations of a battle cry, or something I should have said while I was on Utøya, which has been interpreted as a battle cry. And I have commented before, it was the following: "You shall die today, Marxists!"

Breivik: There were tactical reasons for this, as I have explained, and I see that it has been interpreted, but it was certainly what I said on two occasions. Beyond that, I have no more comments. 

14:22 The court is adjourned for the day.

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