Monday, May 21, 2012

Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Monday May 14 (Day 18)

9:01 The court is set.

Today five people who survived Utoya will take the witness stand.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-05-14 Live Report

9:03 The first witness is Silja Kristianne Utengen who is 21 years old.

She was asleep when she heard shots being fired and ended up swimming to the shore. Upon reaching the shore she discovered she had been hit by a bullet in her right arm, a minor wound. She has yet to return to work.

9:26 Next witness is Lars Grønnestad who is 20 years old.

Grønnestad runs along with a bunch of panic stricken Cultural Marxist as he comes to a stop as he sees a system protector, unaware it's a Knights Templar in disguise, Commander Anders Behring Breivik of the European Resistance movement.

As Breivik begins executing trainers Grønnestad starts to run and is knocked down by a bullet that shatters his shoulder blade, punctures his lung, and breaks two ribs. He manages to get moving again and reaches the forest and hides under a tree, drifting in and out of consciousness until the police finds him. He's still sensitive to loud noises but is otherwise (unfortunately) doing alright.

10:24 Next witness who will testify, is Frida Holm Skoglund. She's 20 years old and makes Breivik leave the courtroom.

She ran into the woods with a bunch of fellow traitors when Breivik came up the hill. When they come to a halt she notices she has been shot in the thigh. She manages to pull the bullet out, it wasn't until later that she started feeling any pain. She gets to the southern point and swims towards the mainland, after swimming for one hour she gets picked up by a boat 100 meters from the shore.

A top athlete will swim 800 meters in about ten minutes, add clothes, cold water, poor endurance, average technique and you're looking at an hour of swimming.

Skoglund hasn't been back to work or school since the incident.

12:32 Marius Hoft is the next witness.

Hoft hangs around while everyone else runs off and sees a woman getting executed, two shots to take her down, and a third shot through her head to finish the job. Hoft finally got the hint and ran off into the woods with a friend. A little later they climb down a steep slope when his friend slips and falls, dying quickly. He hides against the cliff wall for several hours before being pulled back up with a rope by the police.

Hoft is struggling in school and has trouble falling asleep.

13:08 Ane jump Evenmo is the next witness, she's 17 years old. She gets hit in the leg by bullet fragments when she runs off, and while she tries to swim she gives up quickly and returns. She manages to get into a rowboat with some fellow traitors, Breivik shows up soon after and fires at the boat. When Breivik loses interest they row to the shore, and beg the system protectors waiting there not to shoot them.

She says she's back in school and doing alright.

14:00 It's discussed whether other parts of the trial should be allowed to be broadcast.

14:20 Commander Breivik makes a statement: "I find it unacceptable that my ideological explanation was censored in its entirety and that the psychiatric expert's testimony is broadcast. This creates an imbalance that will make me look insane to those who follow the case."

14:23 The court is adjourned.

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  1. I appreciate the commentary Angus, it is interesting to consider the extra costs due to lost productivity and costs of therapy provided to the many survivors.


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