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Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Monday April 23 (Day 06)

09:00 Start of trial. The prosecution continuous to question Commander Breivik about Utoya, who is consistently referring to the people on Utoya as men and women, rather than boys and girls. From a biological perspective humans are mature at age 14, though the system prefers to keep its subjects docile and infantile from the cradle to the graven.

The prosecution keeps reiterating topics that have already been discussed, as if it's a police interrogation and they're trying to catch Breivik in a lie.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-04-23 Live Report

09:23 Breivik talks about sparing the life of a 10 year old, and wondering why such a young child would be at a political indoctrination camp.

Calling Utoya a political indoctrination camp is a slightly ineffective as the indoctrination takes place in schools, the news, movies we watch, music we listen to, and pretty much all aspects of society. It's a carefully constructed prison for our mind, by the politically correct, for the politically correct. Indoctrination was already successfully completed for these traitors, Utoya is probably best described as a political training camp, intended to give its most loyal and dedicated followers the necessary tools and skills to further the Cultural Marxist agenda.

09:53 Breivik states he intentionally portrayed his friends and family as supporters of multiculturalism to avoid having them be the victim of a lynch mob. It's hard to predict the social reaction if Breivik had actually succeeded in exterminating over 500 traitors.

10:00 Breivik mentions he studied how to fly a plane, upon which the defense sarcastically responds that Breivik called Viking Rescue for assistance with putting his rental car in reverse but thinks himself able to fly a plane after watching a Youtube video. Breivik responds that there was no mention of putting the car in reverse in the manual.

If you ask me I'd say that stealing and flying an airplane seems less involved than single-handedly building a car bomb big enough to level a government building.

10:05 Breivik's boots are discussed, they had spurs mounted on the back so they could be used more effectively in close combat.

10:10 A Knights Templar coin is discussed. Breivik states it's a good luck coin. It obviously worked.

It's interesting they take the time to talk about Breivik's good luck coin, but didn't want to give him more than 30 minutes for his opening speech. That's 23 seconds of speech time per person killed.

10:15 The KT Skull Emblem is discussed which Breivik created in photoshop.

As Commander Breivik stated in court that he sees himself as part of an alliance of National Conservatism, National Socialism, and National Christianity. If symbols were to be picked to represent opposition to the Social Democratic alliance Humanism comes to mind as a better alternative to the swastika. While I reject many aspects of Nazism there are quite a few aspects that I agree with.

When asked what the emblem represents Commander Breivik states it symbolizes that Knight Templars fight to the death.

10:45 Breivik states he would have decapitated Eskil Pedersen if he'd had the chance.

10:50 The prosecution asks Breivik if he thinks his ancestors would be proud of him for killing children.

If Breivik wasn't trying to be declared sane he might respond that back in the Viking days people rarely lived passed age 40 and someone above 12 was subsequently considered an adult.

11:20 The prosecution brings up the perfect knight, which Breivik responds to that a perfect knight is the same as a perfect foot soldier.

11:30 The prosecution quotes a passage from 2083 out of context in an attempt to ridicule Breivik.

The underlying motive here is to get Breivik declared insane as the system is undoubtedly unhappy with Breivik's correspondence from jail. As a matter of fact, they've already started the construction of a high security psychiatric ward, I guess they feel it'd be a shame if it wasn't put to proper use.

This line of questioning continues for a while.

13:30 Breivik explains that he psyched himself up by picturing the downfall of Norway in order to make the first shot at Utoya. This seems to be an integral part of his meditative effort to stay focused and motivated. It is easy to lose sight of the big picture and forget that we await the same faith as South African whites, an oppressed minority.

14:00 Breivik explains the main purpose of the police uniform was to get onto Utoya.

14:05 Breivik states that anyone who works at a government building willingly puts themselves at risk of becoming collateral damage, as such he feels no remorse, and puts the blame at the media for creating the illusion of peace.

14:09 Hallgren: Then there's the child. He has seen you execute five people. Is it not natural that this child gets apology from you?

14:10 Breivik: What I hear is that all the associated ministries should give a big apology to my sisters who are raped by Muslims.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

14:15 Breivik mentions that everyone visiting Utoya is searched for weapons.

I wonder if that included lighters. :D

15:07 Breivik states that he did not laugh or smile while at Utoya. According to Breivik one girl wrote on her blog that she had heard him laughing, and that the story spread.

Commander Breivik did scream that they were all going to die, this in an attempt to chase people into the water.

15:13 Larsen: - In the expert report No. 2, answer if you have created KT as a fiction?

15:13 Breivik: - There are three options: One is that what I say is correct, the other is a delusion, and the last thing that I am lying.

That's what it boils down to, clearly he's not delusional, so it must be one or the other. Even if the KT existed beforehand it wasn't a notable organization until July 22. One objective appears to be to communicate to the masses that there are other resistance fighters out there, something the mainstream media wants to deny at all costs, which confirms that political activism has become the main purpose of the mainstream media. Another objective is to create a clear crusader identity for the European Resistance.

15:39 The court is adjourned.

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