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Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Friday May 25 (Day 25)

8:59 Commander Breivik is present and the show can begin.

Today we have one traitor taking the witness stand, as well as a handful of system protectors.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-05-25 Live Report

9:02 Adrian Pracon is called to the witness stand.

Pracon watches Breivik execute a girl in a jogging suit and runs off in the initial wave of panic ending up on the south side of the island where he begins to swim, but gives up after 100-150 meters and heads back to Utoya.

As he begins to drown he realizes he can stand, and manages to make it to the shore, where he comes face to face with Breivik who yells that everyone is going to die, this in an attempt to demoralize his opponents. When Breivik sees Pracon he takes careful aim at his head, upon which Pracon begs Breivik not to shoot him, and Breivik complies, turning around and walking away.

Soon after Pracon joins up with a group of people and has a second encounter with Breivik where he decides to play dead. Breivik executes several people, and shoots Pracon in the shoulder. Pracon gathers with fellow survivors and waits for help to arrive.

His shoulder is permanently damaged and he's suffering from anxiety. He indicates he wants to continue committing treason.

A system protector takes the witness stand.

On July 22 he stays at work after his shift to watch the news after the bombing. As the phones begin to ring it quickly becomes clear that someone in uniform is executing people on Utoya. He grabs some armor and weapons and heads off to Utoya seven minutes after the first call. He arrives at Utoya around 17:52, about 30 minutes after the first shot was fired.

He hears alternative shots by two different weapons and assumes a single highly skilled shooter is at work. A wooden boat with several survivors reaches the mainland, the people on board being scared when seeing system protectors, afraid they will be punished for their crimes against the Norwegian people.

He decides to secure a boat for Delta, but his statements become vague after this and it seems like he stands around while accomplishing little though the translation is rather unclear as well. He sends one boat to Storøya, an island north of Utoya, from which Delta will eventually send a boat. All in all he comes across as incompetent and overwhelmed by the situation, possibly the reason he's remaining anonymous.

12:27 Sergeant Hans Mattis Hamburg is the next to testify.

He's in charge of seven men and meets up with an emergency squad of eight under the leadership of Havard Gåsbakk at Storøya, the island north of Utoya. Gåsbakk is in charge from there on. They send out one boat which ends up having engine problems, two civilian boats are send out to take the eleven stranded system protectors to Utoya, the fastest boat landing at 18:27 with four people on board. Soon after Breivik surrenders to the system.

13:00 Next witness is Havard Gåsbakk, performance director at Hønefoss police.

He's informed of the situation at 17.43 when he checks his answering machine and leaves port with his crew soon after. After the engine problems he arrives in the slower second boat. They quickly run into Commander Breivik who immediately surrenders.

Breivik claims he's the 2nd cell and that the 3rd cell will soon activate, this in an attempt to create additional chaos and panic. Breivik is ready to start negotiating immediately, and a bandage for a cut in his finger is the first bargaining chip, Gåsbakk doesn't quite know how to deal with the situation and walks around with some medical supplies instead. Armed system protectors looking for other resistance fighters cause mass hysteria among the survivors. Soon after volunteers begin the evacuation process.

13:37 Next witness is Klevengen.

He was originally in Oslo with the emergency squad when he was ordered to head out to Utoya. Several boats land on Utoya within a ten minute time span, putting 25 system protectors on the island. He sets up a control center on Utoya and gets reports that there are several perpetrators with guns on the island.

About 50 minutes after the landing they send a sniper up in a military helicopter and are on high alert until past midnight. Breivik at one point informs them that it was just him, but they do not believe him.

14:42 Oliver Tombre is the next witness.

He's called around 19:20 with the request to travel to Utoya to talk with Breivik. Breivik tells them it's alright if they want to execute them, but it's presented as if Breivik is afraid of getting executed. Breivik also worries for his family, which is justified as he didn't know how many people he killed. The cut in his finger is a recurring theme, if it didn't stop bleeding by itself it wasn't a minor cut and a bandage would be the proper response, if it stopped bleeding by itself no bandage would be needed. It's silly to question someone while they're distracted by blood dripping on the floor from an open wound. According to Breivik he lost about half a liter of blood from this 'minor cut'.

They strip Breivik down to his boxers, in response Breivik poses for them in the assumption they are taking pictures, but apparently none are taken. According to Tombre it's pleasant to talk to Breivik, and his message was clear. Most of this content is contained in the psychiatric report which is available here:

Anders Behring Breivik Psychiatric Report 2011-11-29 Chapter 2.4 Breivik’s statements to the police

15:24 Tombre finishes his explanation and Breivik wants to make a comment, but the Judge does not allow it.

Next witness is Asbjørn Rachlew, a police sergeant at the Oslo police.

He was tasked with questioning Breivik and obtain as much information as possible. Breivik was interrogated 31 times for a total of 220 hours resulting in a 1200 page statement. He says the following about Breivik:

We have followed him closely in court. The Breivik you have been familiar with, is the same Breivik we have seen. We have more nuance and had more time with him. He is quiet, restrained and hardworking. He arrived with his role and to respect ours. He is careful, including fluid intake. He is reticent when it comes to KT and the other cells. In addition, some aspects related to the family. This, he reasoned. Otherwise, he has been cooperative. He is good at explaining himself. Initially, some use of English words, less later. He is easy to follow when one puts his world view to reason. He is analytical and strategic. He has good memory with unusual detail. He is cold and pragmatic, especially when it comes to Utøya. He is strong in the faith. He may be selfish, but also self-critical. He is concerned to justify his actions, which he describes as cruel. He has shown self-irony.

Rachlew explains that Breivik's threat that 300 more would die was taken serious, and as a result Breivik was granted several favors, like a computer in his cell, and other luxuries.

Rachlew states that the existence of the KT network couldn't be established, Breivik's response to this was: "If you do not believe me, it is an advantage for me. As the shock will be even bigger the next time it slams."

16:35 Breivik gets the chance to make some brief comments:

I go back to the police superintendent first NN (who interrogated Breivik on Utøya]. First, there was no questioning on Utøya, it was a conversation that was taped by the police without a permit, which lasted eight hours. And in those eight hours there were hundreds of pages of information that was conveyed.

And the five points that the prosecutor initially specified, they give a completely wrong picture of the conversation. When it comes to dehydration that I was afraid to die, it was a very short sequence in the beginning, that was not representative of the conversation. And it is possible that the heart will stop if one does not get enough fluids when having taken ECA.

And it was not really an indirect way of saying I was very thirsty on. Had I just said I was thirsty I would have not gotten anything. But it is indeed possible that the heart stops if you don't take sufficient enough. It was just two seconds out of an eight-hour interrogation. So it was that my family could be exposed to violence.

And .. There I said it is not unnatural that there will be a lynching mood for this were exceptional circumstances and that it is difficult to predict what happens. There were a few seconds of an eight-hour conversation. Bleeding is also a breeze. It is indeed said that it was an advantage if the bleeding was stopped, for I had lost half a liter of blood.

I just mentioned it. When it comes to specifics regarding the two cells which I am associated with and the KT network, then it is something I stand for and that is correct all the time, but it's true that I do not want to convey information leading to arrests, but there is something I stand for.

KT network exists, it has made all the time, but it does not mean that I want to convey information about it. So the five points that Holden has chosen to focus on, well they tell more about the intentions of Holden than anything else, and it is ridicule. And perhaps it goes on sanity.

16:40 The court is adjourned for today.


  1. Pracon is a very likeable, engaging young man, I can see him becoming Category A one day.

    Also a very interesting statement from Asbjørn Rachlew.

  2. I agree, Adrian Pracon certainly seems like he could easily become a Category A in the near future. That he could stand in Breivik's presence was commendable (as most everyone else cowered like wounded animals), but it was also futile, as his argument that he is now even more interested in "democracy" showed an obvious weakness on his part, and a clear victory on Breivik's part. He, and most others may remain ignorant to Breivik's message now, but sooner or later they will come to the cold and unavoidable truth, that will hit them so hard that all they would be able to do is stare and wonder what happened. I speak from experience when I say that if the muslim immigration issues aren't resolved in the near future, all of Europe will suffer, much like my country is suffering now. I am from Bulgaria, the land that was once great many centuries ago, before we fell under muslim control that lasted over 5 decades. We are long since free of muslim control, but they obliterated most of our culture and language, and now they populate my homeland and are left to their own devices, as my government sits comfortably on its corrupted throne of former glories. Whatever it takes, we must not allow this to happen to the rest of Europe. I will not see it fall the way my country fell.

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