Sunday, May 20, 2012

Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Friday May 11 (Day 17)

9:00 The court is set.

Another 12 autopsy reports today, and two witnesses will testify.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-05-11 Live Report

11:08 Hayder Mustafa Qasim from Iraq yells 'Go to hell you murderer! You devil!' and throws his shoe at Commander Breivik, hitting one of Breivik's defendants.

I don't quite understand Qasim's outrage, he must know that immigrating to Europe is the equivalent of playing Russian roulette with four bullets. As Commander Breivik stated, a civil war is inevitable, and a lot of people, both Europeans and Muslims, are going to die before it's over.

Qasim's shoe throwing is followed by applause, this is understandable as only system approved journalists, survivors, and relatives of the victims are allowed into the court room. As Cultural Marxism tends to run in families the audience primarily exists of category B, C, and D traitors.

Breivik addressed the court as proceedings resumed after a 10-minute break, stating "If someone wants to throw something at me, you can do it when I walk in or when I leave, thank you."

12:00 The government presents a proposal to change the law relating to mental health care. 

One of the changes is that it allows for psychiatric patients to be kept in isolated confinement. It also allows keeping a patient locked up indefinitely if they are deemed dangerous, possibly regardless of their mental health.  

This new law, called 'Lex Breivik' is most likely put in place because they fear Breivik will continue to release propaganda from the asylum. This being the case they need the means to monitor and censor his calls and mail. It's also unclear if he'd be allowed to use the internet, as psychiatric patients have more rights than prisoners. They could also restrict access to individuals who encourage a patient's "delusional thought universe", meaning that if Breivik is declared insane he could be fully censored, something that isn't possible in prison.

The system is also likely to fear that Breivik will pretend to be sane, which is quite easy as he is in fact sane, and achieve an early release. As such they'll either need a law to keep mentally sane but potentially dangerous people locked up, or a law that allows keeping people locked up who would likely be killed if released, of course for their own good.

12:50 Commander Breivik states that someone threw something at him and hit him in the face. In addition, he didn't shoot one of yesterday's witnesses, most likely Lars Henrik Rytter Øberg, because he was out of ammunition.

13:01 The witness Eivind Rindal takes the witness stand.

Rindal explains that many people fled to limestone caves on the west side of the Island. Eventually he escapes with some people in a row boat, about 100 yards out Breivik shows up, calmly takes aim, and  empties a clip on the boat before walking off. Like other survivors they were scared when seeing system protectors upon getting close to the mainland, unsure whether they were friend or foe.

14:25 The next witness is Osman Humed Munir Jaber.

Jaber ran around for an hour and managed not to get killed. He tries to come across as cool by claiming he saw Breivik smile when he looked at him through a window, and that he thought Breivik's uniform looked fake. I think he's making up both statements, I tend to take a testimony of a Muslim with a grain of salt as their culture and religion encourages lying, especially when dealing with dhimmis.

15:32 The court pauses to 15.45. Next, the court shall treat an application from the media to broadcast the shoe throwing scene in court earlier today.

16:05 The court is adjourned for the day.

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