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Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Friday April 20 (Day 05)

09:00 Commander Breivik enters the court room, like yesterday he doesn't give the Knights Templar salute.

Read the full (though not word by word) transcript here:

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-04-20

09:05 Breivik starts out by explaining nationalists haven't had freedom of speech since the end of WW2. All media organizations are anti-nationalistic, support multiculturalism, and project a warped view of reality where Islam is a religion of peace and nationalists are evil.

09:13 Breivik mentions that "Children of the Rainbow" by Lillebjørn Nilsen is a Marxist song used to indoctrinate children. Six days later 40,000 people showed up at the Youngstorget Square in Oslo to participate in the singing of the song. A clear victory for Commander Breivik, as such a Marxist show of force will only polarize the political spectrum in Norway.

09:25 Breivik states he wouldn't have carried out the attacks if freedom of speech and freedom of press existed. Without these freedoms a democracy cannot exist, and is in fact a totalitarian state because the people are incapable of making an informed decision. Realizing that all peaceful means of resistance were futile Breivik concluded that violent resistance was the only remaining option.

09:30 Breivik describes the desensitization and dehumanization process required to break the spree killing world record.

09:45 Breivik cites Japan and South Korea as examples of examplary monocultural states.

10:00 Breivik is asked to explain how to manufacture bombs, as fully detailed in 2083. This may be part of the defense strategy to make it clear that Breivik is an intelligent and rational person.

10:50 Breivik: Weakness of communist political violence groups is that they fear death. They do not believe in an afterlife. It is their major handicap.

Breivik explains he wants to create a European version of Al-Qaeda. One possible flaw in that logic is that the most radical European factions, Communists and National Socialists, are Atheist. He explains that single cell resistance fighters have the lowest chance of detection, while detection is over 90% with three or more persons in a cell.

11:00 Breivik explains that it's important to keep a low profile to avoid being flagged by intelligence agencies.

11:27 Breivik: I have absolutely no vague identity experiences. It is a universal principle in sales that you have to make weight. I use "we" to show that there are many of us who believe this.

This includes Angus. There are tons of people on Youtube calling Breivik a hero as well. Youtube's unwillingness to go into full censorship mode, like Facebook, will likely result in the promotion of a PC alternative by the MSM.

11:39 Breivik: Fjordman .. There are five other writers like him, who has published essays I could use. It was just a coincidence that I used him. We have completely different views.

11:46 Breivik: The heart of the Norwegian culture is the Norwegian ethnic group.

Breivik sends a complex message by taking an Ethnic Nationalist stance, while at the same time calling himself an anti-racist. What it seems to boil down to is that he doesn't consider himself a White Supremacist and acknowledges the right of other ethnic groups to form their own nations, with Israel as an obvious example.

13:08 Elgesem: If we look at the jacket noticed you had a picture in the compendium. It says that you have "Multicultural Traitor Hunting Permit" for A, B and C. Who gave you permission?

This is a silly question. The logical answer is that anything that is right for one group to do, is right for one individual to do. It should go without saying that the ultra-left will eventually strike back and start executing Nationalists. The assassination of Pim Fortuyn in 2002 is a good example of this. 

13:50 Breivik: I saw when MS Thorbjorn came after a few minutes. It was a woman, Monica Bosei. I told the same story. She wondered why they had not been told. I said it was chaos.

Breivik starts talking about what happened on Utoya, many details are censored and I haven't been able to find an uncensored version. George Orwell warned us of Big Brother, instead we have Big Mother, a large pacifying government (the system) who treats its citizens like little children, and they behave accordingly, as the vast majority fails to take responsibility.

14:07 Breivik: When I was at the pier, I heard that the captain said they had ran away. They were scared and ran out from the island. I thought it was a big mistake to let the boat go away.

I wrote about this in a blog post: From Category A Traitor to Category A Coward

14:19 Breivik: I went to the Love Trail. A group of about 10 people have stopped running. I go straight to them and shoot them all. They were paralyzed.

This in part explains the high number of deaths. Breivik didn't move very fast because of the heavy gear, several people survived by simply staying out of the line of sight.

14:52 Breivik: I would pour diesel around the houses and set fire to it. But in retrospect, I learned that diesel is not flammable, so it was a mistake. But I had no lighter.

There were about 40 Cultural Marxists who had barricaded themselves in the house.

15:19 Breivik: I see a group of six people, and realize that they're Delta. I throw away my rifle.

15:22 Breivik: I thought they would do anything to get information from me. I said if they were going to execute me, they could do that.

This statement was later used against Breivik in the first psychiatric report, making it seem like Breivik was worried they were going to execute him, while in his own words he gave them permission to execute him if they wanted to.

The defense reiterates a few points they find of interest until the court is adjourned at 16:00.


  1. Where's the link, Angus?

    I wonder if ABB is pleased to have survived.

    1. Thanks for reminding me about the link.

      I think all in all the trial is a success as it created additional exposure. The next step has been detailed in 2083, escape and carry out a bonus mission. I hope Commander Breivik watched Prison Break in preparation. ;)


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