Monday, April 16, 2012

Trial is starting tomorrow

Commander Breivik's trial is starting tomorrow, some things I'd like to point out.

As is to be expected the mainstream media is trying to undermine Breivik in various ways.

  1. Breivik is accused of 'rambling' in his manifest in hundreds of articles. I'm not sure who instructed the usage of that word, but they're certainly trying to make it stick.
  2. The MSM consistently refers to the victims as children, and doesn't report on the fact that most of them were leaders and members of local, county, and national political boards. These weren't children visiting a youth camp, they were aspiring politicians visiting a Marxist political training camp. Apparently you can't leave the destruction of your nation to chance.
  3. CNN has withdrawn it's request for an interview, this likely indicates the decision of a total blackout. This is further supported by ABC not publishing the letter that was sent to them by Breivik that addresses the 2011 psychiatric report, though it might not have arrived yet. Expect minimal coverage.
  4. Breivik made it clear in his manifest that the Knights Templar didn't have an organizational structure, and that part of the purpose of 2083 was to define it. The MSM now claims that Breivik 'lied' and is now confessing he made it all up. The truth is that Breivik stated from the beginning that the rituals, organizational structure, and commendations of the KT are his creation. Intellectual dishonesty by the MSM at its finest.
Keep in mind that Commander Breivik may still be declared insane by the judges based on the 2011 psychiatric report, though this is unlikely as there wouldn't have been the 2012 psychiatric report if the system didn't realize that too many people would reject the report, and in doing so, reject the system.

The 2012 psychiatric report classifies Breivik as a Fanatic narcissist. This is an individual whose self-esteem was severely arrested during childhood, has strong paranoid tendencies, and holds on to an illusion of omnipotence. Fanatic narcissists are fighting delusions of insignificance and lost value, and try to re-establish their self-esteem through grandiose fantasies and self-reinforcement. When unable to gain recognition or support from others, they take on the role of a heroic person with a grandiose mission.

While this matches Breivik to some degree the truth remains that Breivik was greatly respected by his friends and colleagues, earned large amounts of money, has a modest self image when taking into account his accomplishments, and yes, he likes to think big.

All things considered Breivik may be one of the few sane persons left, as everyone else is either actively or passively committing collective suicide.

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