Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kevin Forts endorses Commander Breivik

Eirik Mosveen who works for the Norwegian tabloid newspaper VG had to travel all the way to the United States to find someone who openly supports Commander Breivik. Why the United States? This because the United States is the only Western Nation left that has a semblance of freedom of speech.

While hate speech and glorification of terrorism isn't illegal, this doesn't mean the Marxist leaning authorities won't try to arrest Kevin Forts for tax evasion, it worked for Al Capone after all. For a while the US government thought it could assassinate White Nationalists, take Ruby Ridge for example, until freedom fighter Timothy McVeigh made it clear that two can play that game. Needless to say that Cultural Marxism has gained a significant foothold and will likely destroy the US before the end of the century.

Kevin did very well in this interview, presenting clear and concise arguments. Of course inciting violence is illegal under US law, as such Kevin states that Utoya was only necessary once to get the message out, which is a very clever move. Kevin also confirms that all money gifts are confiscated and put into a fund that goes to the victims, the vast majority of which are traitors as it looks like the only innocent person killed was Kai Hauge.

According to some sources Kevin received a letter from Commander Breivik and quoted the following line from the letter:
I have received letters from supporters in 20 countries, but you appear to be someone who can write well. Yes, I am absolutely interested in discussing ideological issues with you and am thinking about how we can work together.


  1. hi angus,

    can u help me with one thing? I want to write letter to mr anders but I dont know how, i mean i dont have adress and do i need stamps? how can i get them if i live in poland? cheers mate

    1. See following link for how to write to ABB


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