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Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Wednesday April 18 (Day 03)

I'm way behind in covering the trial, but here are some highlights and my thoughts.

09:00 Commander Breivik gives the Knights Templar clenched fist salute.

09:04 Prosecutors Inga Bejer Engh continues questioning Commander Breivik. She focusses primarily on his visit to London and Liberia, with the intend of making it seem like Breivik didn't meet anyone on these trips.

Her intentions are clearly political, then again, so are Breivik's. She does a particularly poor job as she has no evidence that Breivik did anything other than what he claimed he did, but the left leaning press will of course make it seem like she's doing wonderful. Breivik gets aggravated eventually as this continues for hours.

Breivik points out that 2083 is the truth, though he added quite a bit of glitter. I personally don't see the need for this, there is nothing more appealing than a self made hero, or four sweaty guys in a cellar conspiring to free Europe from its Cultural Marxist totalitarian rulers.

The full court transcript is available here: Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-04-18 (Day 3)

11:30 Breivik explains that during the London meeting it was decided to reject National Socialism to appeal to a larger audience. Christianity was chosen as a cultural heritage and as such function as a unifying force. The Crusader identity was adopted to encourage self sacrifice. A leaderless single cell organization was chosen as it was deemed that large structured organizations were too vulnerable.

11:55 The court now has to break untill 13:00

13:01 Breivik has taken the witness stand and District Attorney Inga Bejer Engh picks up where she left off.

13:49 Breivik explains that a cell Commander is a foot soldier who is connected with two other resistance fighters. He makes sure to mix quite a bit of propaganda into his responses, probably aimed at those who haven't read 2083.

14:17 Breivik states that all militant nationalists have much to learn from al-Qaeda. Although we want different things, they have had success with the methods. We will have a European version.

14:27 Breivik states that there are only two fair outcomes of this case, an acquittal or the death penalty. He does not want to be sentenced to death, but had respected it. He states that 21 years in prison is a pathetic punishment.

14:32 Breivik tells Engh that one of the 8000 who received an email with the compendium is part of the KT network. This seems in line with the strategy to create a witch hunt, and subsequently increase pressure on conservatives and nationalists, polarization, and as such hastening the onset of armed resistance.

14:42 Brievik said in the first police interviews that if Norway introduced the death penalty and torture he would reveal the two other cells. But he rejects this in court, saying that he would never have ratted on the cells.

15:18 Breivik: - We want a Christian heritage. I believe in God, but I'm not particularly religious. I believe in an afterlife. Beyond that, I have no comment.

15:30 Breivik explains the legal clause of the manifest which allows it to be redistributed and modified freely.

The pictures in the manifest were still banned from Wikipedia because leftist administrators claimed that the license was confusing (it was to some degree though the intention was clear), and that it couldn't be confirmed that Breivik was the one who published 2083 and as such copyright status couldn't be established, which is a ridiculous reversal of the burden of evidence, and proves that politically incorrect works have no legal rights because no politically correct judge or organization will uphold them.

To give the left a harder time you should as clearly and simply as possible state that you release your work into the public domain. Commander Breivik could have done this as following:
I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby dedicate the work to the public domain by waiving all of my rights to the work worldwide under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights, to the extent allowed by law. 
You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.
The original reason Youtube banned Commander Breivik's Youtube video was because it contained copyrighted music. Subsequent re-releases without music were banned for inciting violence. In a similar fashion Germany claims to be the copyright holder of Mein Kampf and forbids it from being published. This of course only works in nations under Cultural Marxist rule that acknowledge this ridiculous and illegitimate copyright claim.

15:39 Breivik: - I have started a witch hunt for moderate cultural conservatives. It will contribute to increased polarization and radicalization. Better results than expected.

15:46 Breivik: - I have a duty to prevent my ethnic group from being destroyed. It is a human right.

There is an argument to be made that armed resistance is a human right when confronted with policies that will inevitably lead to genocide. An insightful article IS RESISTING GENOCIDE A HUMAN RIGHT? has been written about this subject, and while the Cultural Marxists will disagree, it seems clear that the genocide of the native European population is inevitable unless drastic action is taken.

Obviously the judges won't consider Commander Breivik's defense, and either ignore it or politely reject it.

15:54 Breivik: - I can accept eg 2 per cent. But Norway will not become a dumping ground, as it is today.

Breivik states that he wants 98% of Norway's population to be Norwegian. The remaining 2% should be comprised of cute East European mail order brides or equivalent European stock.

15:55 Heather: - What makes a nationalist militant?

15:55 Breivik: - Militant means one is an activist, or that you sympathize with them.

This was a much needed clarification. The number of militant nationalists is around 4% and quickly rising, though the vast majority are sympathizers who don't partake in armed or civilian action. This percentage seems low, but if this 4% is comprised of combat capable white males we're halfway there.

15:57 Breivik: - Fjordman is a nationalist, and I am an ultra-nationalist. He supports democracy and opposes violence. I am a militant.

16:01 The court is adjourned and set again at 09 on Thursday. Commander Breivik will continue his testimony.

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  1. "Breivik points out that 2083 is the truth, though he added quite a bit of glitter. I personally don't see the need for this, there is nothing more appealing than a self made hero"

    I very much agree. Breivik did not have a chance to get feedback our outside input, and as such the manifesto does occasionally veer off course. It is impossible to please everyone to begin with, but he also had no opportunity for market research whatsoever. It appears that now he concedes some strategic mistakes, is adjusting his message accordingly, and providing some clarifications.

    I really think the trial is NEXT LEVEL SHIT, it has reinforced his message many-fold. I'm very glad he wasn't martyred, we're blessed with a living hero.


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