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Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Thursday April 19 (Day 04)

The court transcripts I've used previously were far from accurate and often summarized. I've switched to the word by word transcript and will try to retroactively update the other transcripts and related blog posts.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-04-19 Live Report

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-04-19 Word for Word

09:00 Commander Breivik starts the trial today without giving the Knights Templar salute.

According to some news sources the families of executed traitors have complained about the salute. My best guess is that Commander Breivik is lenient and cooperative in order not to be declared insane. If this is the case he might give a final clenched fist salute right after the verdict, we'll see what happens.

09:05 The prosecution questions Breivik about his activities as a Freemason, relatively uninteresting stuff.

Breivik mentions that the Freemason picture he included was part of a strategy to confuse the media and make it harder for them to demonize him. Breivik looks somewhat silly in the Mason uniform and as an Atheist I find it difficult to relate even though I consider myself a Cultural Christian.

09:15 Breivik's financial situation and the sale of fake diplomas is discussed. Breivik explains that he declared bankruptcy instead of terminating the business to save about 100,000 Kroner.

09:30 Breivik talks about his one year vacation in 2006 playing World of Warcraft 16 hours a day. This opposed to working 12-14 hour days in the years before. He compares it to taking a year off to sail around the world.

It seems like the system wants to portray Commander Breivik as a gaming addict who lost touch with reality. I think the most neutral observation is that Breivik doesn't do anything half-assed, which extends to playing World of Warcraft.

10:00 The naming of Breivik's guns is discussed. He called his rifle Gungnir after Odin's spear. He called his Glock Mjølner after Thor's hammer.

10:30 The compendium is being discussed. Breivik repeats that he doesn't want to give out any information that might lead to arrests.

11:00 It's discussed that Breivik originally intended to spread the compendium using a multitude of blogs. He later abandoned this strategy. Breivik explains that the Marxist domination of the press necessitates the use of violence to spread an urgent anti-Marxist message. He confirms that he's selling a message.

Breivik identifies three ideologies, National Conservatism which Breivik himself stands for, National Socialism, and Militant Christianity. One of the goals of the compendium is to have the various right wing factions fight under a single Crusader banner.

11:15 Breivik states the compendium is a work in progress which others can develop further if they wish. He later states he agrees with 90-95% of the content of the compendium, but not all of it. One difference Breivik describes is that he views himself as more capitalistic.

11:30 The psychiatric report is discussed. Breivik states that the report's claim that he didn't decide to become a martyr until 2009 is a fabrication.

13:00 The topic is changed to Utoya, and Breivik estimates that 50% of all militant nationalists support the executions he carried out based on reports he received by mail. The plan was to make a video recording of himself decapitating Gro Harlem Brundtland while reciting a prepared speech.

Goal number two was the execution of Eskil Pederson, who committed political suicide as he fled the island.

Goal number three was to get people to flee and use the water as a weapon of mass destruction. Several strategical errors were made however, no buildings were burned down which would have created a greater sense of panic, and Breivik avoided patrolling the coast line facing the mainland out of fear of snipers, allowing civilians in boats to rescue most swimmers. Only one person drowned, one fell down a cliff, and all other deaths were the direct result of bullet wounds.

13:30 Breivik states that his goal was to kill everyone, though in the police report he stated he decided to surrender after he was convinced he executed enough people to create sufficient publicity for his manifest. Commander Breivik's message to militant nationalists is clear though, no mercy for traitors.

Breivik then explains he'd like to see militant nationalists adopt the practice of decapitation as a powerful psychological weapon. I'd like to add that in some circles it's common practice to execute traitors by means of a shot through the neck, as decapitation is a rather messy and labor intensive effort unless you carry around a guillotine.

13:40 Breivik says he obtained information that 44 of the 69 traitors he executed on Utoya had a position of leadership, making them Category B traitors.

Based on my own research this is correct. It looks like Utoya was primarily attended by leaders and board members of the political committees of the labor youth. Some weeks ago I compiled a list to determine the traitor status that is available here:

Detailed Oslo bombing and Utøya massacre victim list

14:00 July 22 is being discussed in greater detail. Breivik states he couldn't have carried out the executions without using Bushido meditation techniques to suppress fear. It seems important to Breivik to stress the importance of meditation and mental preparation. This line of questioning until proceedings are stopped

15:00 Breivik talks about the delays that caused him to set off the bomb after working hours.

15:15 Breivik explains that he has partial memory loss for the period following the lighting of the fuse, he explains this is a known condition when the mind perceives a strong existential threat and enters a different mode of operation.

15:30 Breivik explains that all journalists support multiculturalism, making them political activists and potential targets.

15:45 The court is adjourned.


  1. Hi Angus, could you link the full transcript?

    But the whole purpose of decapitation was for the
    psych effect, so a shot wouldn't do.

    "Breivik states that his goal was to kill everyone, though in the police report he stated he decided to surrender after he was convinced he executed enough people to create sufficient publicity for his manifest."

    As I mentioned last time, he is refining his message. A statement like "the goal was not to kill 69 people at Utøya. The goal was to kill everyone." is incredibly authoritative.

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