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Anders Behring Breivik Trial - Monday April 16 (Day 01)

The Clenched Fist Knights Templar Salute (tm)
8:00 Dressed in a dark suit, Commander Breivik smiled as a guard removed his handcuffs in the crowded courtroom. The 33-year-old resistance fighter then made the clenched fist Knights Templar salute, before shaking hands with prosecutors and court officials. 
8:10 Breivik's first words in a calm and serious voice were:
I don't recognize the Norwegian court because you get your mandate from the Norwegian political parties who support multiculturalism. And furthermore it is known that you are a personal friend of Hanne Harlem, the sister of [former prime minister] Gro Harlem Brundtland.
According to some sources he stated in addition:
We are not raising any formal objection, it's just for your information. I am notifying you that I don't recognize the court.
  The female judge asks if he wants to plead guilty, completely or in part, to the charges. Breivik replies:
I acknowledge the acts, but I do not plead guilty, and I claim that I was acting in self defense. 
8:12 The judge asks for Breivik to stand and give his name and date of birth, next asks if he is unemployed, to which Breivik responds:
That is incorrect, I am a writer and I work from prison.
 8:15 The prosecution begins reading the Indictment against Anders Behring Breivik which contains a list of those who were killed and seriously injured. The indictment doesn't contain the traitor status of the victims, this information is available in the Detailed Oslo bombing and Ut√łya massacre victim list.

While the suicidal humanists and cultural Marxists are horrified Commander Breivik remains outwardly impassive as the indictment is read. His official statement on the matter is that July 22 was the worst day in his life, that his mission was gruesome but necessary.

9:20 After about an hour the indictment has been read. Most of the victims were executed, by means of two shots through the head.

9:25 The court takes a break.

9:50 The circus continues.

9.54 Judge Wenche Elizabeth Arntzen warns that some of the film footage to be shown on video is too shocking to be broadcast outside the courtoom in the most free nation of the world. Most likely they show the zoomed out footage of dead bodies that is all over the Internet.

9.55 The next four hours the prosecution will make its case. They start out by stating they do not believe the Knights Templar organization exists.

10:06 Prosecutor Svein Holden highlights Breivik's initial career in telephone marketing, the failures of the three companies he set up in the early 2000s, followed by his more successful venture selling fake diplomas, committing minor tax fraud, and laundering money. There's also mention of Breivik's involvement in the freemason movement.

10:10 Breivik's one year vacation period as a full time WoW player is discussed. Breivik grins widely as they show a picture of his World of Warcraft character, Justicar Andersnordic.

10:15 A picture of Breivik's bedroom is shown, which contains a bed, some art work, a computer, and a safe.

10:20 Breivik tries not to smile as a picture of him in uniform is shown.

10:40 Breivik's fertilizer bomb is discussed, as fully detailed in 2083.

The cameras are switched off and the 12-minute-long video, 2083 - A European Declaration of Independence by Knights Templar: Andrew Berwick is shown. Eight minutes in Commander Breivik becomes emotional as the video reaches the battle of Vienna in 1683, a date of great relevance to him. It's unclear why the Norwegian authorities are trying to censor the video, it's all over the internet, but it probably violates some law forbidding hate speak.

Breivik later explains that he cried because his country is in the process of dying, in combination with the songs. The original video was deleted from Youtube because the music he used violated copyrights, other versions that were uploaded without music were deleted for encouraging violence.

11:00 One hour lunch break.

12:00 A presentation begins describing the Oslo bombing in detail. The faint of heart are given a few minutes to leave, most likely humanists. Back in the days crowds would gather to watch a convicted criminal's head get chopped off with an ax, the difference with our pacified society is stark.

12:16 Videos of the explosion are shown.

12:20 The trip to Utoya and the executions of category B and C traitors are described in detail.

13.10 The court reads out Breivik's second call to police:
My name is Anders Behring Breivik. I am a commander of the Norweigain resistance movement. Please could you give me the head of Delta...Yes, I am at Utoya, I am a person who wishes to surrender. Knights Templar is the name of the organisation but we are part of the anti-communist movement.
I have just carried out an operation on behalf of Knights Templar Europe and Norway
Breivik smiles when he first hears the call.

13.59 The prosecutor has confirmed he will call Breivik's mother Wenche Behring as a witness, a move many Norwegian commentators had not expected. Breivik told police in interviews that his greatest fear was that she would be called.

According to the psychiatric report Breivik provided for his mother when she became seriously ill, and skipped military service in order to take care of her.

14:00 It's time for Breivik's defence team to come in action.

Lawyer Geir Lippestad says Breivik will invoke self defence and will expand on that in the coming days.

Lippestad says Breivik has a "basic right" and a "human right" to give a statement. It is also the "most important piece of evidence" that will be given to the court, which will help them decide whether he is sane.

He also says Breivik wants to use a written document to give evidence tomorrow, which will take 30 minutes to read aloud.

14.13 Lippestad will call witnesses to determine if Breivik is the sole holder of the view he presents in his statement, or if there are other subcultures who hold such views.

He wants the right to request extra time to demand a postponement and call further witnesses as a result of large amount of additional evidence received as late as Friday

In the closing statement, he says Breivik wishes to be sentenced as a "legally sane" person.

14.17 The court closes. The circus will continue tomorrow with Breivik's statement, this according to judge Wenche Elisabeth Arntzen.

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