Monday, February 20, 2012

Is Europe ready for revolution?

A poll on a Dutch free speech haven, primarily frequented by Geert Wilders supporters, showed the following outcome.

Hail Breivik, 57 votes, 13,16%.
Breivik is right, 73 votes, 16,86%.
All blame lies with the left, 120 votes, 27,71%.

Too disgusting for words, 70 votes, 16,17%.
Breivik is completely insane, 90 votes, 20,79%.
All blame lies with the right, 23 votes, 5,31%.

Total votes: 433.

The poll was later deleted, undoubtedly for showing 30% of the poll takers to be in outright support of Commander Breivik, people might start to get ideas.

Trying to find noteworthy online opinion polls is difficult, the handful of polls that show up on a Google search typically have less than 10 votes.

Upon further investigation it appears that Stormfront, a White Nationalist web forum, has almost completely censored Breivik related content. Analyzing cached pages shows a confrontation between Breivik supporters and opponents who view killing Whites and supporting Israel as morally wrong. Order was restored after the banning of a couple of dozen users and the deletion of posts in support of Breivik, followed by the removal of pretty much anything relating to Breivik some weeks later.

Looking at Hashkafah, a popular Jewish web forum, shows an even stricter level of censorship, with not a single mention of Breivik being allowed.

What's left is VNN, an uncensored Atheist White Nationalist web forum, where in a poll with a small sample base roughly 50% of the voters declare Breivik a hero.

YouTube allows for giving commentary a thumbs up or thumbs down, and analysis of high traffic Breivik related videos shows the tendency of someone to declare Breivik a hero and getting pushed to the most popular comments spot. Sometimes there are two pro-Breivik comments, sometimes it's a stalemate with one pro, and one anti comment. In some cases the top two comments panel has been disabled, or isn't shown for some obscure reason.

The original Knights Templar 2083 video uploaded by Commander Breivik has been deleted due to copyright claims regarding the background music he used.

The video 'Anders Behring Breivik Crusaders', which is a genuine Breivik Tribute, had at one point 21,160 views with 654 likes and 154 dislikes before it was tagged as offensive, and was later on removed from Youtube for depicting harmful activities. I'll link the video below.

Anders Behring Breivik Crusader

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